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located in Woodbury, South Carolina, a part of The Claiming, one of the many universes on RPG.

Woodbury, South Carolina



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Image It was like any other day at work. Go to the locker room, put away you stuff, fix your tie, and put your lab coat. Then you had to go to your floor, get the daily report, see if there were any changes in the patients, and finally check up on each patient. This was his daily routine, yes it was tiring, but he wouldn't change it for anything. He actually liked the hectic pace of things, and nothing compared to getting someone who has been feeling, at one point simply awful, to feeling better than they ever felt before. For someone who could easily break someone in half, he loved caring and tending to people.

Dean was just checking up on a patient's medical history when he saw Mrs. Daniels walking out of one of the operating rooms. "Working hard, or hardly working?" he said over the paper work he was flipping through on his clipboard smiling broadly. She was his favorite nurse, she knew how to fill out the correct forms, a tedious task doctors hated, and was always on time for everything."Oh you know me, always working, always on the move," she replied. She turned around then heading to one of the supply closets when she suddenly turned around, "my daughter is going to be swinging by later, you know, Aurora? If you see her just let her know I'll be in surgery basically all day." "Sure thing," he replied quickly heading back to his floor.

As he was heading back to his floor he saw a blonde head, weaving through the throng of visitors and staff members. He knew exactly who's head that belonged to, Aurora. It wasn't just the familiar sight of the top of her head, he was quite tall and that was normally his view of everyone, but it was also her scent. It was a sweet floral feminine scent, it was very... pleasant. She smiles at a few people as she made her way through the crowd saying hi to a couple of the staff she had become familiar with thanks to her mother. That's when she saw him and waved slightly, naturally he waved back smiling crookedly. That was how it went between them too. A simply wave hello, sometimes a "how are you today?" or "have you seen my mother?" It was becoming just as routine as his beginning shift routine.

Lucian had been reminding him constantly that he had to pick a human to 'claim'. Truthfully he hated the idea; he didn't want to claim anybody. He didn't want the responsibility of another person, not when he already had all his patients and pack members to take care of already. Plus he didn't want to rip someone unknowingly from their lives. It just seemed inhumane, but tradition was tradition, and Dean didn't want to push or question anything. He's been thinking for awhile on who to claim. He was thinking about one of his patients who had no family, that way they wouldn't have anyone to question their sudden disappearance, but then again he didn't want to be responsible for that particular person. Dean knew who he wanted to claim now though, he was looking at the back of her head now.

Aurora was walking down to hall to drop off her mother's lunch at the reception desk as she normally has for the past couple of weeks. During that time, Dean has come to know she is a very sweet girl who is always quick to smile. From his observations and from what her mother had boasted about her, she was an easygoing, caring individual with nothing but kindness in her heart. That was the type of person he wanted to claim. How much troupe could she cause for him anyway?

He had about 3 minutes to execute his plan. It was already set in motion, he had the sedative in his pocket and she was already making her way back down the hall. Dean was in an empty linen closet and was waiting for her to pass by. The hallway had cleared up significantly so no one was there to watch. Just as she was making her way past the door, he reached out grabbing her by the arm and injected the fluid into her neck. Slowly she began to crumple to the floor, grasping at whatever there was, which was Dean. "I'm so sorry," he murmured softly to her, stroking her head gently. She was out cold. Now he had about an hour before the drug wore off.
Placing her on the stretcher and throwing a blanket over her, she appeared the normal patient. He strolled out easily from the hospital, having already punched out for the day, and made his way to his car. Placing her gently across the back row of seat, he sat in the drivers seat, started the car, and pulled away.

On his way back to the pack house he got a call from Mrs. June, "Luke wants you to sign some paperwork." "Of course he does," he said laughing, "I'll be home soon, and hung up. Arriving home, he grabbed Aurora from the back seat and tucked her head against his shoulder. Making it up the stairs quickly he placed her in the room adjacent to his. Covering her with a blanket, he left and went to Luke's office where he sat at the desk and began to sign the papers in front of him. He had a feeling that his day was just beginning, rather than ending at this time as usual.