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located in Misaki Creek Academy, a part of Misaki Creek| An All Boys Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Misaki Creek Academy



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Character Portrait: Ethan Malcolm
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Ethan awoke to the loud sound of the hotel's alarm. He opened his eyes halfway though very quickly shut them again. The alarm kept ringing so he buried his head underneath one of the pillows, refusing to get up to turn off the alarm. He knew very well that this was the first day of school but this didn't stop him from wanting to keep sleeping for the whole week. Once a few minutes had passes the obnoxious ring of the clock had stopped. Only thirty seconds afterwards, however, he heard the click of the door closing. "Ethan, get up!" He heard his mother call and only let out a muffled groan and pulled the blankets up further. he was soon being pried out of the bed and forced to his feet with much persistence. He glared through his messy black hair at his mother as he grabbed the school uniform off of the hotel dresser and headed into the bathroom.

After a quick shower that only barely made him more awake, he got dressed in his wrinkled uniform and put in the small black hoops and studs that go in all the piercings in his ears along with his contact lenses in his his eyes. He shuffled out of the bathroom and collapsed back onto the now made bed but was almost immediately pulled back up. "Come on or we'll be late," Ethan's mother warned.

"We're not going to be late," Ethan grumbled as he put on his black cardigan that was bunched up in the corner of an armchair. He grabbed hold of his suitcases and they headed down to the lobby and out to the rental car.


Ethan glanced out at the Academy through passenger seat window of the rental car his mother got. While he did go to Misaki Creek for both his freshman and sophomore years, he spent the whole summer in America so he would have to get used to living in Japan all over again. As soon as the car rolled to a stop, the car door opened and Ethan climbed out. The hurried click of his mother's two-inch heels against the pavement soon followed, heading towards the rear of the car. She was spewing out words, reminding Ethan of his dorm number and reassuring herself that they hadn't forgotten anything. "Mom," Ethan interrupted in the middle of one of her short rants, "I'm going to be fine." He was immediately enveloped in his mother's arms.

"I'll miss you," she said as she let go of her son. "I'll be here for the rest of the week in case you need anything."

"I'll be fine," he reassured his mother with a slight bit of annoyance. She nodded and hugged Ethan one last time before pulling his suitcases out of the trunk of the car. He hastily grabbed hold of the suitcases and took off after waving goodbye. It took a few minuted of pacing along the hallways to find his dorm. When he got inside he just dropped his suitcases onto one of the beds and headed straight out the door. It was about 7:30 by now and he was hungry and wanted breakfast. He would have time to unpack and whatnot later. Now was the time to eat. Even though he was hungry, he did not walk quickly. His tiredness outweighed his hunger so he was trudging along at best. It took him almost ten minutes to reach the Dining Hall at the pace he was going. When he got there he just moved into the line to get his food.