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located in Woodbury, South Carolina, a part of The Claiming, one of the many universes on RPG.

Woodbury, South Carolina



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Character Portrait: Nathan Evans
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It was a surprisingly productive day and Nathan was currently sitting on the couch of his drunken idiot friend Kyle's house in his favorite Kimi Ni Todoke shirt and sweatpants, probably looking like a twelve year old nerd and not really caring about it. He'd been working in deep concentration on an outline for a new chapter of his webcomic that was due soon. During his year off of college, he'd decided to start different art projects before he went back, and enjoyed the amount of freedom he now had from not having to go to his classes. He'd been spending a lot of time with his friends, but promised to visit his family soon. He imagined his little sister Lea would probably excited, even if his mom wasn't.

He bit his lip in anticipation of finally finishing early when he his friend Kyle loudly entered the house, slamming the door behind him. Nathan winced at the noise and gazed at his friend, slightly concerned but also confused. "What's up Ky?" He and his friend Kyle were joined at the hip, which made a lot of people think they were together, but Kyle was as straight as they come and the thought of dating the guy made Nathan cringe. Kyle brought back a two liter bottle of of soda and a bag of sour patch kids, that he tried to impress his girlfriend with instead of following Nathan's advice and doing something more personal for her birthday. Although, it was a suprise that he hadn't given her Vodka for her birthday like he did for almost everyone's birthday so Nathan was kind of proud. Kyle plopped down on the couch next to him."You were right I'm not good at romantic shit, and now Eva's mad again. I could seriously use some magical Disney movie cheer right now." Nate laughed and put his outlines and notes on the mini coffee table next to the couch. "Fine but I'm not cooking."

Kyle rolled his eyes and looked off into space, staring at the black tv screen in front of them, trying to think of a way to solve their laziness. He smirked,"Rock, paper, scissors?" Nate grinned like a five year old as they both held out their hands, he liked the idea of not having to cook for once so he accepted. Instead of saying "Hell yeah" like he intended, it came out as a weird indescribable sound that made the both of them laugh for a good two minutes. After the second round of their game, Nate lost and walked over to the kitchen pouting. He got out two bowls from the cabinent above his head, and poured cereal and milk in them. He came back to living room, and placed the cereal on his friends lap while putting his down on the table in front of the couch. "Bon apetit", he said as he reached for the remote in one of the couch cushions.

Kyle groaned and hit him playfully. "Ughh Nate you ass, why are you such a terrible house wife?" Nathan shrugged and gasped when when he saw that the Little Mermaid was playing. He turned to his friend who was howling with laughter, when he saw King Tritan appear on the screen."Eww he looks like a bara." Nathan giggled, "Buff daddy Tritan, pimp of the sea." Kyle shook his head as they started crying from laughing too hard, trying to catch their breath. More terrible jokes and laughter ensued, as they ate they their pathetic substitute for dinner (Sour patch kids and cereal).

It was getting late and they'd gone through a ton of Disney movies, leaving the living room a complete disaster, with scattered DVDs and cups of orange soda on the floor. Nate passed out on the carpet, and somehow rolled off the couch in his sleep while Kyle was now taking up the entirety of the couch they'd both been on.