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located in Woodbury, South Carolina, a part of The Claiming, one of the many universes on RPG.

Woodbury, South Carolina



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Character Portrait: Dove Whitmore Character Portrait: Lucian Hunter Character Portrait: Peregrin "Pip" Uzaium
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Dove’s heart pounded as Pip sat up in bed quickly, bumping his head on the headboard in his attempt to get as far away from her, as quickly as possible. She could see the panic that was taking over him, and hear his heart race. His eyes finally found her, and she tensed slightly.

She winced, as he started ripping off the bandaids she had just put on him. She was sure that it hurt to do this and she wanted to help him, but there was nothing she could do. her stomach churned nervously, and she starting biting on the edge of her lip again. She jumped when he let out a small yelp, wanting to help, but she decided to stay in her seat.

He kept his fearful gaze on her unwaveringly for a moment, and her big blue eyes were full of guilt. She felt so horrible for putting him through this. As she spoke, he seemed to realise everything that had happened before he woke up and his expression remained completely blank, just for a moment.

His expression quickly changed to anger, and her heart sank even further. ”What the hell!?” Pip yelled at her, causing her to flinch and jerk back as though he had slapped her. He kicked the sheets away from himself, pressing his form against the wall to get as far from her as he could. Her put his hands up to cradle his head, and she felt her heart breaking for him.

She could tell he was in pain, and his panicking was just going to make it worse. She had done this to him (well not directly), and she had to help him. She wanted so badly to do anything to ease the pain he was feeling. she stood up and opened her mouth to speak, but just as she was about to he snapped.

He snarled at her, scooping up and throwing the bedside lamp at her. She gasped and jumped back, but it barely even touched her, and when crashing down to the floor. shards of glass went flying.

Dove gaped and looked up at Pip, but her heart broke again when she saw him. HIs face was buried in his hands, and he had started to hyperventilate just a bit. she could see he was falling apart, and she wanted to cry. [b]”
He murmured, gentler this time.

Her heart hurting, she turned away from him and stepped over the broken glass. She opened the door to leave, and paused in the doorway. “I’m so sorry this had to happen to you.” She looked at him for a moment sorrowfully, before shutting the door behind her.

With a heavy sigh, she leaned against the door with a light thud before sliding down and hugging her knees to her chest again. She buried her face in her legs, and let out a light whimper. When she heard someone coming up the stairs, she quickly scrambled up.

She smiled, seeing that it was Luci, but she bit her lip when she realized he had probably come up because he heard things being broken and Pip yelling. “O-oh don’t worry, he’s fine everything is fine I just wanted to give him some room.” She told the male quickly, pressing her back against the door and biting her lip as she looked up at him. She had been chewing her lip so much, she felt a drop of blood welling up.