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Snippet #2516317

located in Misaki Creek Academy, a part of Misaki Creek| An All Boys Academy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Misaki Creek Academy



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Character Portrait: Seto Viltrol Character Portrait: Christian Sinclair Character Portrait: Sorin Silivasi Character Portrait: Adrian Silivasi
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Bodies tired, legs sore, feet aching, the path to school was a long one. For Adrian and Sorin, anyways. Their house was several miles from their destination, Misaki Creek Academy. Before they left, their older cousin offered to give them a ride but they had to refuse. Adrian had a bad case of motion sickness, after all. Sorin had thrown a tantrum at the house, but Adrian didn't give in. There was no way he would allow his body to enter a vehicle that moved, ever. And splitting up on their first day of school was not an option so Sorin grudgingly followed his brother.

"My lungs..." Sorin gasped,"Collapsing!" He threw his hands onto his chest. Adrian rolled his eyes. The two had been walking a couple hours, but both were in fine enough shape to handle this. Especially since the pace of their walking was slow.

"Stop being such a baby, Rin." Adrian mumbled. He readjusted the straps of his duffel bag, making his light gray cardigan fall onto the ground. The cardigan belonged to his outfit given to him by the school as part of the uniform. He wasn't too keen on the double layers so he had thrown it over his shoulder until they got to school grounds. Sorin on the other hand was excited to wear his uniform. Unlike most mornings, he woke up early just to put on his uniform and look good for the day to come. Everything had been going good too, until he realized he had completely forgotten to tie a tie. So it was still hung around Sorin's neck, untied.

The sound of water running made the twins look up. The sound was coming from the creek that they both knew was located near the school. The twins gave each other a look, Sorin smiling. Adrian sighed and nodded his head up and down. It was a cue for Sorin, saying Adrian didn't mind if Sorin ran up ahead.

As Sorin ran down the last of the sidewalk to the school, Adrian bent down to pick up his cardigan. Times like this made Adrian wish he had as much enthusiam towards school as Sorin did. The two boys had different mind sets. All school did was make Adrian stress, and since he just bottled it up, it definitely was not healthy. The red-haired boy continued walking, watching his brother intently as he ran.

Sorin's feet slapped the sidewalk hard. His excitement replaced the exhaustion that had just seconds ago made him drag his feet. When the gates of Misaki Creek Academy came upon him, he turned. The wide expanse of school greeted him. Seeing the school again made him feel at home. Sure, this was only his second year of school here, but after having to leave his real home in Romania, it was hard for him. The year before MCA was the first year the two boys lived in Japan and neither one liked it. When they were accepted into the school, and Sorin made some friends, it was like being back in Romania.

The sight of friends made Sorin slow down to a jog. Making sure they didn't see him, he snuck up behind Christian, the older of the two friends. His body launched forward and onto the blonde haired boy's back.

"Boo!" Sorin yelled. To help from falling off, the blue-haired boy wrapped his arms around Chris' shoulders and his legs around his waist. As he attached his body to Chris', his twin brother walked up. Adrian dropped his bag onto the ground next to the bench that Seto was sitting on. The cardigan he had dropped early was now gently tied onto the strap of the black bag.