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located in Woodbury, South Carolina, a part of The Claiming, one of the many universes on RPG.

Woodbury, South Carolina



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Character Portrait: Remus Jaeger Character Portrait: Benjamin Hall Character Portrait: Dean Murray
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Remus Jaeger

"Seriously? Who even does this!" Benjamin shouted, "I thought we were friends man. Why am I here and what could you possibly want with me...of all the people you could have kidnapped."

Remmy rubbed the back of his neck and almost involuntarily smiled at Benji's reaction, almost he caught it just in time by biting his lip, "Actually you would be surprised at who does this kind of shit," Remmy answered thinking of his kid sister. With another swig of beer Remmy looked at Benji, trying to make eye contact, "I'm not really supposed to explain this to you yet, but I think it's better if you have time to process it on your own. Listen, this may sound completely deranged, but I assure you it's all true. I'm not what you would call 'human', I'm actually a werewolf; you know, turn into a wolf every full moon the whole shebang. This whole kidnapping thing isn't my idea, the alpha of my pack ordered it for whatever reason, but what's going to happen to you is-" He got cut off as there was a loud ruckus coming from Dove's part of the house.

Remmy stopped talking for a while and listened to the commotion to hear for Dove's screams for help if there were going to be any. When it stopped and he didn't hear any cries for help from his kid sister he breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to Ben. "As for why you, it's because I like you man. I think of you as a friend too; you know enough about literature that you can actually hold a decent conversation and you know who you are, not many people know that about themselves especially at your age...anyway..."
He sighed and rubbed his eyes.

"I hope...I hope that eventually you can forgive me. We really could be the best of friends, but I understand that right now I'm the enemy. Just know that to me, you'll always be my friend," Remmy said, looking at Ben with his sad, puppy eyes while he fidgeted in his seat. Even though he had, no words were necessary to ask for the forgiveness he wanted as his eyes were doing most of the asking.

"Chick flick moments aside I-uh-I'll be back up to get you soon. I'm making dinner, I hope you like cheese and wine because there will be a lot of that in the food. I'm cooking a French meal tonight," Remmy said, jumping up, a dog-ish smile on his face at the thought cooking something delicious for Ben.

Just as he was about to close the door Remmy turned around, "Oh and Hot shot, I'm sorry." The awkward apology didn't last long before Remmy closed the door, locking it behind him. He walked down the hall whistling to himself, but stopped for a second. He couldn't really be sure, but he thought he heard footsteps and breathing. If he had dog ears they would be perked up right now, Remmy was listening so closely he had to close his eyes, but he didn't hear anything. He shrugged it off and continued to whistle, swinging the key to Ben's room. His feet were a little heavier than normal at having put Ben through this situation, but he knew that there wasn't any "good way" of going about this, they would always be scared, always be crying, it was the normal response to being kidnapped and no amount of explanation or promises was going to change that, but all the same he still didn't like it.

Remmy headed down to the room, beer in hand, key in his pocket. However once he arrived inside and saw Dean there he had half a mind to walk right back out. Only he needed his cookbook which was in here, so he just walked in.

"What up, ass butt?" Remmy said, not looking in Dean's direction for a second, "How's your blond doing?" Remmy knew that his comments sounded insensitive, but Dean always rubbed him the wrong way. That was about the only explanation Remmy could give about acting this way towards Dean. He continued to rummage through the bookshelf looking for his cookbook.