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located in Bannock, Ohio, a part of Hello Heartbreak, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bannock, Ohio



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Character Portrait: Roman Bates Character Portrait: Liam Kale Character Portrait: Bellamy Marie Character Portrait: Reece Kitts
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{ June 4th, 2014 | 10:45 A.M. | Memorial Park | Day 1 | 395 }

Roman gave a deep laugh, and hugged him back. This was really helping his tough guy exterior. Walking along, he listened to his best friend, Liam, chatter along. Boy came and went, running after the stick Rome kept throwing for him when he brought it back. Rolling his eyes as Liam nudged him, he gave a small glance at him and said “I get all the bad ass girls, ones who will do anything. Need I remind you some find the way I am appealing?” In his regular deep tone. Pushing up his black sunglasses a bit more as they slipped on the bridge of his nose, he shrugged at the next question. “Ana’s good, still having trouble fitting in at school though.”

It was true. His kid sister was more odd out of the bunch. She, despite using some of the little kid lingo or ways of words, was rather intelligent. She wasn’t one to necessarily play with barbies or talk about doing hair, no, she wanted to talk about books or poetry, or about cool science facts no one her age understood. Hell, Roman had no idea what she babbled on about half the time.

“Mom’s trying to push her to be more like the other girls.” He scoffed a little upset. His Mom wasn’t really his favourite person. She tried to do what she thought was best, but what she thought was best was to help herself. She was a wealthy business woman, who saw Roman and Anastasia more as accessories or conversation pieces about how much of a nice person she was because she was a mother.

Pushing back all that was Roman and his wonderful life, his attention was grabbed by the play being put on. Romeo and Juliet, a classic. One that everyone in school was forced to read at one point in their life and to cry in unisons as the Childs love ended in such despair. It wasn’t Roman’s favourite play. Turning his attention back to Liam, he stated “I’m serious though, Romeo. Just find another girl, a nice one this time probably. You’ll forget about she-voldermort in no time.” Roman was silently pleased at himself for the nickname he just gave Rose.



{ June 4th, 2014 | 10:45 A.M. | Memorial Park | Day 1 | 420 }

Bellamy gave a small giggle at her friend. Just the thought of Reece on drugs was something that seemed out of this world. It wasn’t alien even, it was just... nonexistent. “Reece’s pieces,” she laughed, often giving dorky and random nicknames to her friends, “I’m sure your mother would notice! It would be hard not to. I just don’t think your mother worries too much about you getting into trouble like that; she knows how smart you are.” It was true, Reece was a bright young girl who almost never did anything wrong or anything to get into trouble. She was pure good.

Glancing over to see the pages of the fresh book, she read along, a small smile playing upon her soft face. Her hazel eyes flickered as she read from word to word.

Once finished, she smiled and said “You’ve really been into these romancy types of novels lately, haven’t you?” and studied her face for a second, before being taken aback by her next question. Laughing, Bellamy exclaimed “No of course you don’t look like a deer! Besides, the girl in the novel can’t be completely innocent. She blushed, and to quote Jean Jacques Rousseau, Whoever blushes is already guilty; true innocence is ashamed of nothing. The girl in the novel just likes the boy. She’s more of a timid or shy puppy than anything. Also, deers can get quite aggressive and aren't super innocent.”

Glancing around the park, she noticed that it was a little bare, probably because it was still morning time. Old couples walked around, almost nostalgically; there were two boys who also walked along with a dog. In the theater, a play of Romeo and Juliet was showing, personally one of Bellamy’s favourites. But then again, if you where into the whole romance thing, it was hard for it not to be. Shifting her gaze back to Reece, she smiled, and pulled out her sketch book and showed her the just recent drawing she drew of Reece under the tree. “I hope you don’t mind, it was just an interesting image.” Bellamy said, pondering the lines of her own work. She still felt the urge to draw something else, but she didn’t know what. To be truthful, it might have been because of the nagging fact of her parents constantly trying to set her up with this boy, and Bellamy wanted to get her mind off the fact. It was a little like Juliet and Paris, now that Bell thought about it. Odd.