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located in Woodbury, South Carolina, a part of The Claiming, one of the many universes on RPG.

Woodbury, South Carolina



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With the way Dean had been pacing the floor, he was going to wear out the soles of his shoes, not to mention the hard wood floor beneath him. A million questions of his own started to race in his mind. When are we having that damn meeting? Where are the others? How is this going to play out? Will she forgive me? Will I forgive myself? And so went the vicious cycle, repeating itself endlessly in his head. This wasn't as easy as Lucian said it was.

Sighing in defeat he took a seat of the sofa. Silently he looked into the fire, watching as the flames danced back and forth. The sound of the crackling from the charred logs brought a certain peace to his mind. The warmth radiating from the hearth was also soothing, lulling him into a calm state of mind, his usually state of mind. For a while, he sat there like this. Not thinking about anything, just clearing his mind. It was almost like a meditation, and he was falling into a trance. The silence was comforting him. When his mind wasn't racing and no body was there to bother him, it set him at ease... if only it would last for more than five minutes.

He heard the footsteps then. His immediate thought was to Aurora. About to get up, he looked at the entry way and saw Remmy. Oh it's just him. "What up, ass butt?" Relaxing back into his seat, he covered his face with his hands, massaged his temples, and groaned. "That is the most ridiculous insult, I don't understand why you insist on calling me that." Taking his hands off his face he looked at Remmy who was rummaging through the shelf. He wondered how he was fairing with his human. He was just about to ask when he noticed that the footsteps hadn't stopped. That can't be Aurora, I locked the-- no I didn't.

He grabbed Remmy by the shoulder then and dragged him in tow, "come," he said simply. Hopefully the boy had enough sense to not disobey his Beta. Following the sound of the falling footsteps they made their way through the endless halls. If she was trying to be sneaky, it wasn't working. The floorboards creaked and her light tred sounded like stomping to his hypersensitive hearing. They were approaching from behind when they saw her trying to make her way down the steps. Not wanting to have to face her again, he pushed Remmy in her direction with a look in his eyes meaning, "you deal with it." He didn't want her to hate him anymore than she already did.