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located in Clarkton, a part of The E.T. Project, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Julian Meyer
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Ian woke up with a start, his body lunging forward as the car came to a sudden stop. He yawned, rolled his neck, stretched his arms, and checked his right cheek in the rear-view mirror for any marks his seat-belt may have left while he was asleep. The scorching heat of the Arizona sun rushed in and quickly replaced the cool air the car's ac had provided as a bulky, stereotypical agent man (whom Ian identified as his driver) pulled the door open. "Thank you, sir." The man nodded sharply in response. Ian's home for the next whatever amount of days was large, lacking nothing in terms of security, and unfriendly as far as he could tell. In a nutshell, the place was basically - no, literally - a prison. The government man signaled for Ian to follow him with a slight wave, and placed his sunglasses in his back pocket as he whispered to one of the guards. Ian's fingers twitched as he eyed the glasses, and he promptly shoved them into his pant pockets. Refraining from stealing was going to be tough.

Ian's eyes were torn away from the glasses as the government man pulled him to the side. The large gate swung open to reveal the stunning city it protected, causing a whirl of dust where it met the ground. Ian squinted to keep the sand out of his eyes and took his first steps into the secret base. He took a look around, hardly noticing the government man's departure, his mouth opening slightly in awe. The place was far more fanciful and expensive than it's outside suggested; a large school-like building, several beautiful houses, and a showy angel fountain completed it's fancy look. He put his luggage down and rolled his shoulder.

"Welcome," the unidentified man paused to look at the clipboard he carried with him, "Mr.Meyer." Ian turned to his left to see a man dressed in a long white lab coat, with several different colored pens tucked into his jacket pocket. Ian held his hand out as the man approached. "That's me, it's a pleasure to meet you." The man eagerly took his hand and shook it several times before letting go. "I don't believe your partner has arrived yet, but you can go ahead and wait in the dorm building over there,"The scientist pointed in the direction he was to go. "Thank you." Ian swung his bag over his shoulder and began his short walk towards the building.

By the time Ian had arrived at his destination a period of at least ten minutes had passed, including the time he spent using his hands to splash water around in the pool. Upon opening the door, he found that the building's interior was just as extravagant as the city itself. The inside was decked with everything he would have expected to have seen in a home decor magazine; it was complete with several couches and a large flat-screen T.V.. Ian continued upwards, to the second story of the building. He traveled down the hallway until he came to a door that read Julian Meyer and Asa Lluic. He turned the handle and pushed the door open, making his way into his room. Similarly to the rest of the place, his dorm room did not fail to impress. The room's floor and ceiling were made of smooth wooden boards, and came with a spacey bunk bed, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Ian sighed, and officially claimed the upper part of the bunk bed by placing his luggage on top. The peacefulness of the place as nice as it was, bored him, and Ian promptly made his way downstairs and turned on the T.V. to break the bothersome silence. He sat down on one of the couches and began flipping through the channels offered. Figuring no one else had arrived yet, as the place was practically devoid of sound, he turned the volume up and leaned back into the couch.