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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2521094

located in Freymere, a part of Pandemonium's Gate, one of the many universes on RPG.


The Ardarian Capital city


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Character Portrait: Akuma Sayako Character Portrait: Sergei Kottorov
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Lauryn Auriol
Setting: The night when she was confronted by Akuma, In the palace; her private chambers.The time Roughly Midnight.

Lauryn sat looking down from the large battlement of Freymere's fortified city walls. She looked upon a massive demonic army; the grotesque creatures coming in all shapes and sizes... they seemed as endless as the sea that often smashed against the docks and piers of her fair city. Yet her mind noticed the little and less important things around her...

Her eyes shifted to the horizon at which point she had a flashback of her looking at the beautiful yet seemingly endless expanses of green fertile land full of trees and teaming with wildlife. Now she looked with sadness in her heart as she saw the once fertile and vibrant place stained with blackness of corruption and watched as fire blazed intensely.
She then looked out towards the many cities that once dotted Advara's landscape, even from so very far away the sheer amount of smoke rolling of from the places were a clear give away that the once lively and populated places where no more, she knew in the back of her mind the foul creatures before her wouldn't have spared any of them. She then looked in the direction of Advara's mortal rivals. She knew that she couldn't see the country but she knew in the pit of her stomach that they country had to have fallen to the creatures.
Lastly her eyes shifted to her immediate surroundings of the her men and behind her the capital and its inhabitants. Behind her she saw the denizens of Freymere. They were all reacting to the realization there there doom was imminent in many ways. Some sat praying to the gods that they felt had abandoned them, while others panicked running around the city attempting to flee to the docks or lock themselves within the churches and their own homes. She noticed some of the inhabitants already dead, there corpses covered in sores and puss with looks of agony froze on there now cold, still bodies. She looked away from this as she could no longer stand to witness it. Her gaze now shifted to what remained of the once great armies of Advara. Men and women surrounded her, many were injured covered in cuts and bandages some hardly even to hold their weapons. Some lined the wall armed with bows and other projectiles and the greater amount behind the great gates below. She watched them all, and she could tell that they were scared and had lost all hope. What was there to be hopeful about though?

All of these things she observed had taken their toll on Lauryn, tears started to run down her cheek and she knew deep in her heart that on this day that she and all these innocents would die. She knew that there was no hope of victory against such odds. So she sobbed quietly not letting her men see her like this. Only one thing went through her mind though as she sobbed and prepared to face her imminent death.If only I had known... What could I have done to stop this!.

Then the ominous sound of thunder echoed and balls of fire rained from the sky; the demons shrieked and screamed hatefully as they charged the gate brandishing the weapons madly. Lauryn stood atop the wall blade in hand as she shouted "For Adava-" she stopped speaking and grew in a labored breath as she looked down blood running down her torso, a demons arrow had founds it way into her heart and she awoke from the terrible dream...