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Season of Giving 2020

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located in Freymere, a part of Pandemonium's Gate, one of the many universes on RPG.


The Ardarian Capital city


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Before Akuma could even lead the Venterans to the hall she sensed that something was wrong. She could feel the souls of every living being and she kept a special watch over the demons' souls and their locations. Now she sensed a demon had left its camp near the Gate and was dangerously close to the Justicars' camp. The demon soul had encountered a human soul, most likely a Justicar and shortly after she could no longer feel the presence of that human. The demon was now even closer to the camp but it had nt made a move to enter it yet. Normally she would have ignored it. One demon against a whole camp of Justicars was hardly anything to get worked up over but this felt different somehow. This demon did not travel as a normal one would. A normal demon would tke the direct route to its target, killing anything it met along the way. This demon however always seemed to stay away from the direct path, it traveled erratically, almost like it was trying to avoid any living thing.

An alarm sounded in her head and she knew something was afoot. She had to get back to camp as soon as possible and deal with this demon herself. She sighed, her peace making mission would just have to wait. For now she had to save her own people and ensure their safety before she could try to stop these nations from destroying each other. She stopped walking and turned back to the Venterans, speaking quickly. "I'm terribly sorry but it seems that something has come up at the Justicar camp and I'm needed immediately. I beg your forgiveness and hope that we can organize a proper meeting sometime in the future." With a hasty apology and a hastier bow she spread her wings and took off towards the camp. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, this demon was going to be trouble, she could feel it. While she flew she kept her senses tuned to that one demon as it grew ever closer to her camp. She hoped she would make it in time to stop whatever the demon was planning from happening and save her people.