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located in Justicar Base Camp, a part of Pandemonium's Gate, one of the many universes on RPG.

Justicar Base Camp

The camp where the Justicars stay, hidden from the demons on the border of Pandemonium.


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Character Portrait: Akuma Sayako Character Portrait: Phoenix Mortre
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As Akuma walked towards the small demon she knew she had been spotted, good. Maybe the little thing would scamper back to wherever it came from and leave her people alone. That hope vanished as she saw the demon dash off in the direction of the corpse. She ran after it as fast as she could but the demon was small and could navigate the woods more easily than her. When she got out of the woods she could see it sprinting towards the camp with one of the corpse's arms in her hands, still trailing puss and blood.

It was then that she knew its plan. It was going to spread whatever horrible disease had taken that man's life to the rest of the Justicars. The Angel couldn't let that happen, if the Justicars succumbed to this plague it would ruin everything she had worked so hard to achieve in this world. She flew off after the demon, getting lower and lower the closer she got. Just when she was almost close enough to snatch the arm away the thing tossed it towards her camp and ran in the other direction. Akuma thought fast, she grabbed the arm in midair before it could reach the camp and quickly summoned a small dragon. "Destroy this." She said to the dragon, dropping the arm at its feet. "Once you're done go back down this path and you will find a body in a similar condition to this arm. Destroy it as well and report back to me once you're finished. Make sure to destroy every single piece of it and bury the ashes."

She took off after the demon once the dragon had its orders. It may have been smaller but on open ground Angel had the advantage of longer legs. She could sense the demon was nearby in a small copse of trees. This time her approach was slower, quieter. She could see the demon now, not too far away resting against a tree. It began to take off and she was just about to fly after it when it suddenly disappeared. She raced to the spot only to find a big hole. She couldn't see it at first, it was blocked by a bush but once it was out of the way the hole, and the demon inside, became quite clear. The demon didn't look too bothered by the hole but Akuma could change that quite quickly.

She stood over the hole, weighing her options. A simple rain spell and she could drown the thing. If it tried to climb out it would be no trouble for her to slay it. In the end she decided it wouldn't hurt to try and reason with it. She might even be able to get the it to tell her just what the demons were planning. They usually didn't resort to biological warfare to get their killing done. And even if they did, why would they send such a scrawny looking demon, it seemed like a suicide mission to her but then again this demon had killed one of her men. She was on her guard when she spoke to it. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right here, right now."