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located in In the Mansion, a part of Vampire Mansion Trap, one of the many universes on RPG.

In the Mansion

You are in the mansion.


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Character Portrait: Zerax Xiozak Character Portrait: Xoraiz Xilaw Character Portrait: Emily Willowood Character Portrait: Roxy Fray Character Portrait: Zoey Ootori Character Portrait: Xavier Sohma
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Roxy Fray
"Great I can't believe we have another ditsy floozy " She motions for the other girl to follow the blonde one and herself. She sees the man writing in a journal. Roxy hears him call out and she enters the room "I would like to talk to the head of the household if you will" Roxy said clearing her throat and straightening herself out the best she can. "The three of us are very confused and personally do not enjoy arriving in a poof of smoke with out any notice." She then starts looking around the room checking in boxes and glass vials "I assure you we would greatly enjoy getting out of your hair as soon as possible" She opens one jar and gags a little, she crews it back up and continues wandering the room like nothing happened.

Emily Willowod
Emily soon grows tired of remembering fond times and heads towards the cellar, hoping to gather some left overs before she digs in to one of the new guests.