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Snippet #2524562

located in Mars- Correct Century, a part of Gundam Correct Century: Mars, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mars- Correct Century



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Character Portrait: Joe Blue Character Portrait: Seph Asuno Character Portrait: Kia Galette Character Portrait: Aiko Zala Character Portrait: Noa Yamato Character Portrait: Isamu Katashi Asuka
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Seph didn't mind leaving the office with Aiko. In fact, he was counting on leaving sometime sooner or later. It wasn't that he didn't like the man, but he'd rather not deal with him so early in the day. It also didn't hurt that the girl was touching his wrist, which he kept looking to the right of him, just in case she turned around to see that he was blushing. When she explained her views on Harry and her's relationship, Seph couldn't help but to chuckle. He had always wanted a sibling of his own. Someone who could replace him should he retire. Someone he could show the ropes of life. Without thinking, he placed his hand on Aiko's head and patted her. "Seems like you're working pretty hard. Hehe." It was a mix of a compliment and a tease. He stopped as she looked him seriously in the eyes.

Once she was done talking, Seph gave her a warm smile. "You don't have to worry about me, for I have you're back against the Blue Cosmos Remnant. I'll make sure they won't lay a finger on you for being a Coordinator. In return, I'm counting on you to watch my back against the Anti-Natural League. I know as long as we're together no one will take us down or our colony. So you don't have anything to worry about okay?" After petting her head one last time he turned around and started walking. He only stopped to turn towards her and say, "We should get something to eat now I suppose. It seems we have a whole day of briefings to look forward to." Afterwards he put his hands in his pockets and kept on his path. It didn't bother him so much as to think that those who were against naturals would try to harm him. In his eyes if people couldn't handle natural talent, then they weren't even worthy of living. Though, he was more worried about the Blue Cosmos Remnant. Anytime they were in on something it was never pretty, and since they had a thing against people who weren't natural, like coordinators, they posed a threat to Aiko. He wouldn't let them get anywhere close to her. At least, that's what he had planned on.

"Yeah I know.... Sure see you there."

Joe hung up the phone and stood up, stretching like a lion. "Hey, you wanna go out for tea?"

"Tea?" Kia replied. "You don't like tea."

"Yeah, well maybe I'll like tea at this place."

"Where is it? Downtown in the Usero District?"

"No. We're going to the BCT."

Kia watched as Joe changed his shirt and put on his jacket. "Why are we going all the way over there?"

"You know. You ask a lot of questions. Are you going to come or not?"

"Well of course.... Did that girl ask you to come?"

Kia continued playing twenty one questions while Joe tried his best to ignore her. She seemed more like a sister to him than anything else, even though he knew of her puppy crush on him. Though he just couldn't bring himself to think of her as anything else than a sister after thinking of her that way for so long. Deep inside, he wished that she would one day find some other lad to be obsessive about. Though, her watching out for him probably wouldn't change due to the fact that she and him were pretty close. Joe didn't know when, but some time while he was trying to keep his distance from others he got close to a lot of people. Being a loner wasn't as easy as it seemed.

"Joel, you pilot this thing way too recklessly," Kia pouted.

"My bad. This bird was meant for flying in space, I can't help it if its fast on colony ground."

Joe and Kia continued their back and forth talk even up to the point where Joe got lost. He knew about the location, just not the actual store. Celestial Brew was actually pretty hard to find, especially to someone who hated asking for directions. Though, after awhile, Kia decided to be the one to ask and they found the place thanks to her. Upon entering and seeing Noa and Isamu, Joe was taken back by how he was greeted. "Um hey. You know, Joe is fine," he said with a smile before nodding to Isamu, someone he respected for being a hard worker and a good pilot. Plus, in reality as long as it wasn't anyone from Orb, he didn't mind them. "Hey Isa, you planning on winning this year or you gonna leave us all hanging again?" he asked jokingly.

Kia, on the other hand, bowed down respectfully to Noa and greeted her with, "Greetings Ms. Yamato." before turning to Isamu and saying, "and you too, Mr. Asuka."
She then sat down across from Isamu and noticed his face was red. "Is something wrong? Are you sick today?"

Joe looked more closely at him and noticed, but didn't say anything due to not wanting to interrupt. Maybe Isamu could do it. He'd finally be free. Not only that, but it was better Isamu than someone like Seph. Oh how he really didn't like that guy. "Well... What are we to discuss today" he asked, striking conversation.