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Snippet #2525356

located in A small midwestern town, a part of Dead Nation, one of the many universes on RPG.

A small midwestern town



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Character Portrait: Jim Samson Character Portrait: Rachael "Ray" Nicole Sherman. Character Portrait: David Reichart
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Jim turned to the now speaking David as Pops quickly made his way past the beer carrying newcomer, the old mans mind completely ignoring him and everything he said as he made his way behind the old counter top. In mere moments Pops had an ancient looking phone in his hand, the beige piece of plastic was so old it was still connected by cord and had a turn dial. As Jim realized just who was asking what the hell was going on he could hear Pops's fingers dialing for the sheriff, the familiar 'chuck chuck chuck chuck' of the obsolete turn dial sounding in the quite store.

Jim sighed inwardly as a particularly loud bang sounded from the door, one of the things outside having slammed itself against the glass without any regard to its well being. With the extremely bizarre events unfolding outside Jim cursed his bad luck, of all the people in this small town it just had to be David Reichart standing in front of him-the fact David was carrying a case of beer didn't surprise him in the least. The way Jim's eyes darted to the alcohol and his eyes narrowed it was clear he didn't think much of Davids habits.

"Honestly Dave?" Jim said turning his attention back to the door, the faceless lady now smearing her skinless face across the glass as her teeth clicked away, a black reddish smear left behind in her wake. "I've no fucking idea."

No sooner had Jim finished speaking than Pops spoke up from behind the register, his old wrinkled face white with worry. "Sheriffs office...the dang line is busy every time I try calling!" He said his voice cracking slightly at the end as he slammed the phone back on the receiver with a loud clatter.

Having been a deputy for over three years Pete Kleinman knew just what to look for when dealing with drug addicts. Sure, the town of Dry Gulch was small, but just like anywhere in america drugs had somehow slithered their way in. It was pure coincidence that he had spotted the girl sitting in her car high on god knows what. Coming from the local post office he had just happened to notice her on the way to his car, and even though he was off duty for the day he couldn't help but confront the woman.

"Hey lady." Pete said forcefully in what could only be described as a 'cop voice', his large right hand rapping loudly on the drivers side window. It was true he was in his civilian clothes, a dirty white tshirt and faded blue jeans, but nonetheless he still spoke with all the authority of a man in blue. It helped his confidence that he always carried his gun and badge on him. "I'm gonna need you to step out of the..." He was cut off as an unusually loud banging noise sounded in the air immediately catching his attention, his eyes quickly tracking the sound across the street to Pop's Convenience store. There four figures were, as his mind described it, trying to beat down the door.

To Pete the possibility of a violent crime took precedence over some junkie. Ignoring the women he had planned on turning into the sheriff he made his way across the street quickly into Pop's parking lot, right away noticing the blood stains on the black asphalt next to the spilled bag of groceries. That's when he decided to draw his nine millimeter handgun. "Hey! You! You four! Step away from the fucking door!" His voice roared fearlessly as he stood mere feet away from the violent group. Almost in perfect unison the group turned, their cold dead eyes and bloodied bodies headed straight for Pete. "Hey now I don't want to shoot..." Pete said unable to comprehend what he was looking at as the group drew nearer, he was now taking a hesitant step back.

Through the glass door Jim could hear Pete say "I'm warning you!" as the faceless women, the quicker of the shambling four figures, bum rushed the off duty deputy-four loud booms responded to her attack. Pete knew he had hit dead center of where he was aiming, all four bullets ripping through the chest of the blonde woman. And yet somehow she kept coming, her first bite tearing out a particularly large part of Petes neck. "What the fuck!?!" Pete roared in surprise and horror as he shoved the woman violently to the ground. The second woman, who Pete straight away recognized as Mrs. Barrow (she had afterall babysat him as a kid) was also making a quick beeline for him-her jaw working up and down as her pearly white teeth made a constant 'snap snap snap' sound. Apparently she too intended to take a bite out of Pete. Unloading the rest of what was left in his pistol seemed to do nothing to the now bullet riddled Mrs. Barrow who just kept coming. That's when instinct took over and Pete sprinted faster then he was pretty sure he ever had in his life, mere seconds later he was opening the passenger side door to the ladies car he had almost arrested moments before.

It took a moment for him to freak out. But it was only a moment.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?!" He shouted wide eyed at the girl he didn't know as if she had all the answers. Again he shouted 'what the fuck' as the color drained from his face, his left hand clutching the large open hole on the side of his neck that seemed to be spreading blood all over himself and the passenger seat. His right hand still tightly clutching the now empty pistol in his hand. Normally Pete was a rather well looking man, the solidly built type that took care of his body and and had what many considered a 'handsome' face, but sitting here covered in blood in a strangers car he was pretty sure he felt like an unrecognizable mess.