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located in Clarkton, a part of The E.T. Project, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Despite his efforts to improve his situation, Ian, once again, found himself completely and utterly bored. There was absolutely nothing going on, and Ian became fully aware of the chic, minimal design clock ticking away as several minutes (Ian felt like they were hours) passed by. The T.V. was doing little in keeping Ian amused, and the channels it provided were fairly limited, so it was turned off very shortly after being turned on. Ian sighed and wiggled his toes, patted the couch, practiced rolling his 'r''s, and basically did anything he could to keep himself amused for the time being. He was so preoccupied in entertaining himself that he hardly noticed a fairly average height, average weight, and overall average looking young woman let herself into the building, go down the hallway, disappear for a few moments, and then reappear in the lobby.

"E-excuse me. You're Julian that correct?"

A young woman tapped his shoulder, making sure she had his attention. Ian glanced up and quickly got up on his feet and put his hand out in greeting. "Yes, nice to meet you..Can you with something?" The young woman was dressed in a lab coat, loose black pants, and a pair of plain brown shoes. She ignored his outstretched hand and looked aside. "There's been a slight change of plans. Your new roommate will be "Toddle-ick, T-Toddl-ak, Todd--Mister Lorav." She blushed at her slight struggle with pronouncing his name, and left quickly. Ian stretched and looked around the room, though he knew there wasn't anything new to look at. "Huh." The woman's sudden appearance wasn't that big of a deal, but it was one of the most interesting things that had happened to him all day. "Oh," the woman appeared again, apparently with something extra to say, "and, but, well, your room is still the same so don't worry about it. Thank you." "No, thank yo-," Ian began to reply, but the strange woman had already left.

Ian took another glance around the room, and wondered whether or not his partner was already here. Curious, he began making his way down the hallway and back to his room, taking his sweet time to read the names of the other participants. "Cypher Maimo...Ecru Dichro...Asa Luic...,"Ian continued on, stopping when he go to the door that read "Julian Meyer" and "Toddlk Lorav". Ian paused before the door, and used the shiny doorknob to check his reflection. He played slightly with his bangs, rearranging them in several different ways before giving up. He ran his finger across the name "Toddlk Lorav" and practiced saying it, in the case that his partner was in fact, already in the room. He remembered his mother repeating over and over again that "First impressions are everything." Ian fixed his bangs for the five hundredth time, and then resumed his practicing. "Todd-lick Lorav. Todd-luk Lorav. Todd-lack?" Ian sighed. Despite being an expert conversationalist, and a full-time social butterfly, he found himself getting nervous about meeting someone for once in his life. He rolled his shoulders, took a deep breathe, and placed his hand on the doorknob.

"Hey, what's up. I'm Julian but you can call me Ian."

Ian smiled brightly as he entered the possibly empty, possibly occupied-by-an-alien room. Ian looked around the room, and smiled as he caught the eye of a small, petite-looking boy with large violet eyes. The boy - no, alien - appeared to be around 12, 13, maybe 14 years old, and Ian struggled with the thought that this, this child was an alien. If anything, the only thing that really hinted he wasn't from earth, was the boy's bizarre taste in clothing. "So are you really an alien? Or is this some huge, complex, practical joke?" Ian made himself comfortable on the floor, waiting for his roommate's answer.