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Snippet #2526573

located in Creeds, a part of The Tale of Three Worlds- Before the Storm, one of the many universes on RPG.


Before you is a massive sprawling city scape, far beyond the eye can see and leagues down towards the earth. The passing sun sets thousands of reflective fires that dart about your eyes and the sounds of countless souls can be heard from within.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Dravon Morsano Character Portrait: Elruin Halfin
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With a mighty bang the sword unleashed everything it got and blew of a large part of the monstrosity exposing its core. The odd structure radiated power and now he could perceive it Elruin knew it was far from dead. The sound of the smaller but just as ugly abominations sounded oddly distorted to Elruin as he struggled to maintain his footing. The pus bags jumped down from their tunnels and with them the quit powerful artifact/spirit reformed its huge body. β€œJust once more.” Elruin fell to his knees paler than before completely exhausted. No sword and no more energy it seemed like he would be dead soon and it sounded like this monster knew of a way to take over magical energy from his corpse. It would be shameful to die feeding something like this abomination. After it had absorbed the black mist and formed a new crown the being said something but Elruin couldn’t get himself to focus properly. Elruin felt like he was intoxicated as everything around him was a blur and every sound was a distorted mess. The Ash fiend groaned as Dravon used some impressive magic to stop the huge creature for a moment opening it to attack but Elruin was definitely no longer able to do anything.