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located in Wing City Police Department: First Floor, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Wing City Police Department: First Floor

A right madhouse, the first floor is where the grit and guts of the WCPD. Many offices branch off from the main hall, doors slamming open and shut all day, cops running in and out, and smoke wafting around from cops constantly taking a breather.


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Character Portrait: Dark *Darkness* Soul Character Portrait: Logan Alpaca Pizza
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"I am Logan Pizza and meet me at the garden and I am going to bail you out." Logan Pizza said. he walked over to the counter and said to the person at the counter "may I bail Dark Soul?" The person at the counter said " Sure but you have to pay us $1000 and sign the paperwork. "Sure." Logan Pizza said after paying the money and signing the paperwork. He then went to the gardens