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located in Irisu, a part of Where Have You Been, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tannin de La Roche Character Portrait: Alissa Millaris
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Tannin had risen that morning before most others. He had quite a bit to do, as had become the norm for him as of late. He had wanted to train Alissa himself though had set Litania upon the task. He'd decided that it was a good would help the younger girl to get used to the idea of the Princess remaining with them until the threat of Lorn had passed. Tannin spent the entirety of his early morning in a meeting with Kaya and Verrengar. They'd gone over much of what Tannin had missed in his absence. As he'd been healing, Tannin had been forced to keep all of his meetings short. He'd not been able to leave the Guild, being forced to remain hidden away. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been able to even spend time with Alissa.

When he wasn't busy with the day to day duties that he was required to perform, Tannin had spent the time resting, trying to recover. He had to admit that he was glad that his wound was now completely healed. Nothing was holding him back. Currently, Tannin was walking with Kaya and Verrengar through the Guild. The two that knew him best..those that he'd chosen to oversee the Guild beneath him..The two that he trusted above all others, including Litania.

The two that were walking with him, each on one side of him, spoke with him. Tannin was more than happy to continue the conversation. He'd been gone for some time during the time he'd gone after Alissa. The small group made their way through the Guild, heading towards the large training room. As they neared, Tannin could hear Litania's voice. The child was loud, as she tended to be. However, Tannin could easily pick up her words.

"Again! Your enemies will not go so easy on you!" The young girl's voice brought a small smile to Tannin's face. Though, none could see it. The three friends came to a stop at the railing and looked down as Litania and Alissa continued their training. Tannin looked down calmly, noting that neither of the females noticed his arrival. Litania continued at Alissa relentlessly. Tannin was quick to see that the situation was quickly becoming dangerous.

He was unsure what had set the girl off though he knew that he would have to intervene soon before Alissa was hurt. He excused himself from his friends, slowly making his way down to the open floor. By the time he arrived, Litania was getting ready to attack Alissa once again. However, this time, Litania's attack was different. There was rage and anger behind it. If she was to reach Alissa, there was no telling what would happen.

Tannin moved quickly. The young girl's wooden sword was coming down towards the Princess as Tannin came to stand in front of Alissa. It was far too late for Litantia to stop her attack. However, the Guild Master did not seem bothered by it. He lifted a hand as the wooden weapon got too close, stopping its movement.

Litania was suddenly looking up at Tannin in shock and surprise. She seemed at a loss. It was obvious that she'd not expected anyone to interfere. The young girl released her grip on the weapon, taking a step back and then bowing to Tannin. However, regardless of the respect she was showing, Tannin knew that it would only be a moment or two before she did something rash.

He allowed the wooden weapon to fall to the ground just as a shining dagger came flying at his head. He quickly slid a foot backwards, behind one of Alissa's, forcing her to the ground quickly. Almost immediately after he was sure she was out of the way, Tannin bent backwards, the dagger flying just over where they'd been standing.

Tannin rose quickly, his gaze falling to the spot where Litania had just been. The girl had disappeared though Tannin was fairly sure he knew where she would go. He turned quickly, moving. He knew that Alissa would follow him and so he did not wait on her. He took off at a run towards the tables that sat before the wall. He lept upon one of the tables nearest the solid wall and then lept towards the wall that connected with the railing. One of his feet landed and he pushed off, allowing himself to be able to to reach the railing. He quickly pulled himself up. The moment his feet touched the ground, Tannin took off running through the Guild, towards his office.

It took him only a few minutes to reach his destination. As always, the two guards stood watch. He was quick to inform them to allow none save for Alissa to enter until further notice. Litania was standing before his desk, waiting. "I knew that you'd know where to find me." She said. Tannin sighed, lowering his hood and mask. Of course he knew where to find her. "Tell me, what has you so upset."

Litania was silent for a long moment, as if trying to decide what to say. When she did finally speak, her voice was not as loud as it had been earlier. "She doesn't belong here and you know it. She is doing nothing but slowing down my training. She is a burden.."

Tannin was quick to silence the child with a wave of his hand. "You know not what you speak of. Alissa's presence has done nothing to hinder your training. Though she is not one of us, that does not mean that she doesn't belong here. She is in need of our help and until such a time that she is able to return to the capitol, she will remain. I suggest you get over whatever problem you have and move on. We will not be having this discussion again."

He made his way towards the pillars that rose from the deep water, simply gazing at them for a long moment. Litania said nothing, glancing to the door. "It's not polite to spy on people when they're having a conversation." Tannin was certain that Alissa had finally joined them and had no doubt heard at least some of what had been said. He turned towards the door, gazing steadily in the Princess's direction.