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Snippet #2528510

located in New Orleans, a part of Dancing with Demons, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Orleans

Welcome home!


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Shiloh just silently listened and watched as the other's interacted. As she listened to Deliah Shiloh's posture stiffened at the mention of a threat and she took a protective step towards Malakai. Like hell she would let anything happen to him or the other's. As Malakai showed her a picture Shiloh couldn't help but let a small smile grace her stoic feature's and she nodded at him in acknowledgement while her mind wandered. Who was after them? And why was Daliah so worried now? Why would anyone believe her kind still exists? The bloodied battle field of her home should have been enough evidence for any half witted human. Shiloh felt a growl bubble in her chest but she suppressed it. She nodded when Malakai asked her to help with his luggage and she carried what he had left on the floor and took it to his room, following closely behind him.

"Hey I'm gonna go for a walk, you know how I like to know my surroundings" Shiloh said gently to Malakai and went back down stairs, the light footsteps of Daliah following closely behind her.

"Shiloh I don't know if you should go out alone, it could be dangerous these woods are full of wild animals...." Daliah's voice was firm but weary, unsure rather or not Shiloh would give a damn what she said. And she didn't. With only a glare to answer for her Shiloh walked around the others that had grouped together chirping like little birdie's for food, went through the kitchen and out the back door. With her enhanced hearing she could still hear their voice's and it brought her comfort knowing they were all safe. Azalea and Hale, getting along as always, Archer demanding food and Malakai, Payton and Tyler being the same as they were when they were children. Shiloh's photographic memory was both a gift and a curse to her, for it is in those memories that were night terror's arrive and sweet loving images of her life before all the death. If only she could erase those bloodied, torn carcasses of her loved ones from her mind. How funny is it that death is what haunts her even though she controls it?

Shiloh groaned loudly and shook her head, coming back into reality only to realize she didn't recognize her surroundings. Great her day dreaming got her lost. Again! At least this time Malakai wasn't here with her unlike when they were kids. Its funny how he just tailed after her even though she had no clue of her surroundings being to caught up mentally. A smile appeared on her face when she imagined Malakai's big bewildered brown eyes when he realized Shiloh was in lala land and had no idea where they were and the big crocodile tears that followed when it started to get dark and they were lost. A soft giggle escaped Shiloh. Taking in a deep breath Shiloh sat down on a nearby fall tree and started to refocus her mind, expanding her spirit in search of the soulless. Spanning through all the forest she found the half eaten corpse of a coyote, a male wolf that had recently had its throat torn, a couple of doe's and bucks and then to her joy a large grizzly bear with a broken spine after a nasty fallout with another male bear and a mother cougar who had died from giving birth to two beautiful cubs. A sadness washed over Shiloh at the thought that those babies would be following their mother into the after life soon enough as they were only new born's.

Would Daliah mind if Shiloh adopted a few pets? Just until they were big enough to fend for themselves?

No she wouldn't mind.

With that thought Shiloh summoned the spirits of the dead animals back to their bodies, ordered them to guard to territory around the house then stood up and walked to short distance to the cougar cubs. She could now hear their soft yips as she neared the den. As the den came into view so did the dead mama cougar, standing protectively in front of the den, even in death shielding her babies.

"Leave" Shiloh commanded and the large cat snarled before it walked away towards the section of the land it would protect. Then Shiloh knelt down on all fours and crawled into the den into only her legs were seen from the outside. She took out her phone and turned on the flashlight app, the bright white light quickly filling the space and making the cubs hiss.

"Its okay babies come here" Shiloh cooed softly and reached forward until she wrapped her arms around the small shivering bodies of the cougar kittens, who being new born didn't even have their eyes open. Shiloh thought one was trying to bite her but when she felt the sucking movement she knew it was hungry. She quickly scooped them up and removed her jacket before wrapping them both up and rushing back towards the house, which was now easily seen as the sun started to set. Walking into the house Shiloh placed the kittens on the floor, since they weren't old enough to walk she knew they couldn't run away, and rushed to the fridge pulling out a carton of milk. It would have to do for now. Since she didn't have a baby bottle Shiloh grabbed a freezer bag and poured the milk in then cut a small hole in the bottom right and held her hand tightly around the corner, sealing the milk away from the hole. She then walked over to the kitten's and let them suckle on the corner of the bag, loosening her hand so the milk slowly leaked through the hole. It took about two carton's of milk but the kitten's were full and cuddled into her leather jacket before falling asleep. Shiloh smiled warmly as she cleaned up her milk mess and put the milk carton's in the recycling before she lifted the kittens into her arms, where they curled into her chest and nuzzled her.

"Shiloh?" Daliah's confused voice made Shiloh look behind her to see Daliah and the rest of the group crowding around the kitchen door. Daliah eyed the sleeping furry bundles in Shiloh's arms.

"Their mother died giving birth I had to do something" Shiloh said simply while giving Daliah a challenging look, a look that clearly said 'I dare you to say no'. Daliah didn't say anything.

"Umm we are out of milk." Shiloh said to fill the sudden silence.