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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Max honestly wasn't at fault this time. All he had been was hired for was to follow the husband of a wife who thought he was cheating, take some pictures, and and show her who he was cheating with. Max had to say he was surprised though, because this man, who he may currently have neglected to mention was the deputy in town, an Officer of the Law, managed to cheat on her with three different women. One of them being his Math Teacher. And he visited them all in the same night.

Max supposed that is why this Officer was faking charges to keep him quiet. "Say anything and I tell everyone I caught you tresspassing". Which was a lie. He was on public property the whole time. By the street, on the sidewalk, in a park, up a tree next to the road. Not a single time he trespassed. But this officer was mainly just trying to keep him quiet. He supposed that is why he decided to call his hour later after he shoved him in a cell.

Max could have easily broken out, filled the room with shaving cream, and left him outside naked in handcuffs. But that would require too much public display of magic. He could get away with the shaving cream though, he did it without magic once. He could do it with magic.

The calls Ary would get would be like this. "Yes, Mr. Daniels? We have your brother here down at the police station. If you would please pick him up and tell him to keep away from other people's businesses and property, that would be nice".

He had taken one of his cellphones, but he had a second to use to text Ary. "Officer is lying. WIfe hired me to find out who he is cheating on her with. He has three lovers". Max had the pictures to prove it, he removed the SIM card and hid it magicly. He also had it wirelessly sent to his laptop at home. SO the Officer would be out of luck. ANd have his couch filled with shaving cream.

On a side note, if someone didn't come to rescue him, he would break on his own and Hex this guy so much he won't remember what happened to him for a week and wake up in pain every day.

(Sorry for the delay, was busy)