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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Cariad Daniels
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The unnatural light of the screen illuminated Cariad's face. Like most nights, she spent it in her spinning chair across from her trusty computer. The desk that it sat on was organized. A keyboard, a cup of different sized pencils, and an electric drawing pad were the only other things on the white desk. The desk's drawers were a different story though. Drawings, paintings and old homework papers had been shoved in the two drawers.

Moving her gaze, she looked at the title of the website she was on, Carrie's Commissions. 'I should probably change that soon.' Carrie thought. The name had come to her when she first first set up the site but she wasn't too fond of it anymore. She had been making small revisions here and there on the site to give it a cleaner look. Well, an online buddy did all the revisions. Carrie just told them what she wanted done. Taking a break from working she had checked out the "new" site.

It had turned out better than expected. Sure it could still use more help, but for now it was good. Carrie made a mental note to send an email to her friend thanking him for what he'd done. Exiting out, the computer showed Carrie her desktop. A picture of her and her family was covered in many different programs and documents she had saved over time. The picture had been taken only a few years ago, she had been the age of her younger brother, Max. Her parents smiling faces made it feel like someone had just ripped her heart out. Carrie spun the chair ripping her gaze from the screen. Thinking about her parents' death was not something the teen girl wanted to do. Reaching over, she grabbed her book bag from the bed.

Earlier in the day Carrie had run out of her favorite red candy. On the way home after school, she had made sure to make a quick stop at a convenience store to pick up some Twizzlers. Pulling them out from her bag she finally unwrapped them. Some of the twisted ropes got up and started to jump up and down. Knowing this was just one of her own illusions she closed her eyes shut and reopened them to find they were laying the bag again. She grabbed one and stuck it in her mouth.

Carrie sat back in her chair. The sound of the front door shutting made her look at her own door. She guessed it was Ara but she still got up to investigate. Halfway down the hall she heard someone yell they were home. 'Juniper...' Carrie thought, turning back. It's not that she didn't like her sister, she just didn't feel up to making conversation tonight.