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Snippet #2529738

located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kilia Yve Linovahle Character Portrait: Soran Feliy Reigailia Character Portrait: Tristan Belvedere Character Portrait: Rethyn Jadgarus Character Portrait: Sina Virye
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Cryio motioned for Grayson to put the boy up on the earthen bed that Deriea had constructed. She lay in the moonlight, too tired to do any teasing at all tonight. He eyed the guardian carefully and frowned, "This will take a while," he said softly.

Kilia nodded as she cupped her hands over her mouth, Rethyn's injury fully exposed for her to see now. So deep... she thought in fear. Tears were falling now as she couldn't stop them. She watched as Cryio blew at Rethyn's face, the silvery dust coating him. He did this several times before he even started the healing process. Cryio was doing what he could to lessen how much it may hurt to get healed. After all, he'd been unable to get the boy to eat any of those herbs that Soran had before.

His hand lifted then, and from it the silver strands of light slowly reached down and wrapped around Rethyn lightly before sinking into his skin and starting the process of healing the deep wound. The light wrapped him up much like it had Soran a while ago, and Cryio kept up the silver dust in Rethyn's face to help ease the process.

Shallow breaths came from Rethyn as he looked pale from the blood loss. With hair still dripping from the water of the mountains, the young man looked dirty from the bank of the lake. On his left cheek a bit of mud was peasant just below the ear. From him the smell of a pond was prominate as his damp clothing was only just one indication of where he'd been. Access to the wound had been made simple as his shirt had been flayed open from the slice of the gods attack. Every once in a while there would be a twitch of gripping closed eyes as a little pain would hit the unconscious boy. And lastly, his legs seemed to shake a little from cold mountain water of which aided him in his escape from the god.

Cryio worked smoothly, all the while Kilia made soft sounds of her own every time she saw a twitch of pain. Still, at least he wasn't screaming as Cryio had done an exceptional job at keeping it minimal. Her eyes watched as the wound slowly closed across his chest. The beauty of Cryio's healing was that no scar would be left behind and he was always thorough. In which healing other scars were usually what he did as well. Hence the reason for Soran's pale skin looking like it had long before his brother had marred it and the scars from that terrible night had added to him.

When he finished, the silver light faded and Rethyn's body was placed back upon the mound of dirt where he'd started at. Cryio leaned back, having finally stopped blowing that dust in his face and looking rather tired himself, "There," he said softly.

"Cryio..." she said softly, her voice trembling, "Thank you!" she rushed over and leaned over the mound to gaze at Rethyn as she waited for him to wake up.

After what seemed like a fifteen minute wait the young Guardian slowly blinked opened his eyes. Wherever he was for the moment he couldn't tell for his blurred vision needed to adjust. All he could tell he was comfortable but cold at the same time. Was he dead? His hollowed eyes begun to make shapes as he looked around from where he was. Despite the shape of the room he only managed to make out two humanoid shapes from his initial glance. With a few more blinks he begun to see the pink hair and the lovely eyes of Kilia looking down upon him. Near by he caught glance of one of the other friendly gods of which had recently joined them. He had a hard time telling from sight which one this one was. After a moment of peering eyes he quickly picked up that is was Cryio. Opening his mouth just a small bit the words quietly pressed out.


"Hey, Rethyn," she replied with a bright smile, "You scared me! Jeez," she said and though she wanted to smack him, she refrained from doing so, just happy to see that he was awake and alright, "You must be cold, come on, I'll help you inside," she said offering her hands to him.

As his vision restored itself from the blurs his hollow blue eyes seemed to turn soft as they gained focus on KIlia. Taking her hand he did not rise as he merely looked into her eyes for a long moment with a light blush growing upon his face. Pulling her hand to his lips he kissed it twice softly as his breath slid against her hand. "Kilia...You don't need to take me inside to warm me...come here." Shivering slightly from the cold, Rethyn extended his other hand out as he tried to reach for Kilia.

As her fingers were drawn to his lips, she felt her face heat considerably. His words came next and she was pretty sure that her entire head had turned bright pink color, with the darkest of reds coloring her cheeks and nose. Rethyn's other hand reached out for her and she let out a small breath. Her fingers tightened around his and she leaned over him to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, "H-hey... it's cold out here," she said, trying to make him see reason, "W-we should... go inside..." was she even managing to say the words in the first place? Her voice sounded far too soft and shaking to be comprehensible.

Sitting up, Rethyn didn't seem to respond as he slowly inched his face closer to her as he went in and nipped gently at her ear. With his other hand he gently brushed an index finger alongside her jawline on the opposite side. For a moment he didn't seem to move as he gently held on with his nip, however after the moments pass he let go as he leaned his cheek against hers as he spoke the words. "Wherever you would like my rose..." On the inside Rethyn was trying to come to terms with where he was and the situation. Was he still asleep? Should he get control over himself?

Stopping himself from speaking even more, Rethyn could not help but feel the yearning for Kilia as he felt his other hand slip down to her hip. Closing his eyes he nuzzled her a bit as he tried to come to terms a little.

Kilia let out a squeak as he nibbled at her ear, and then a gasping intake of air, her fingers reaching up to grip his shoulder tightly as the other was still held in his hands. She could feel his teeth on her ear and she was trying her best not to squirm, "R-Rethyn..." When he did move and speak she thought she was going to die. The way he was speaking to her... made her weak. Rethyn moved again, one hand holding her around her hip, his head tucked neatly against her neck and into the warmth of her long hair that spilled over. Kilia was struggling to regain normal breathing, as well as think straight. Neither of which were working out too well for her.

"R-Rethyn... U-uh... inside... warmer... and... easier...I-I mean! Better... Oh.. god, no... um... we should really... move to the... room... your room... wait..." she was flustered now and trying to make things come together in a way that wasn't... insinuating anything. Not that he was helping the situation, "Your room for you to sleep in... because it's better... for you.... yes..." she tugged at him, taking a step back to try to get him to follow her, "I-I'll help you go there... so that you can... sleep..."

Bringing his voice to a low whisper Rethyn said. "Will...will you stay with me?" He wanted to desperately to spill out the other reason why he wanted her to stay, but the back of his mind kept knocking at him as he felt something upon him. It was both natural and something he truly did want, but at the same time right now it felt like something had jinxed him into releasing himself upon her in such a manner.

Rising to his feet by her tug, Rethyn couldn't help his eyes as he weakly gazed her over. It was like the attraction was increased tenfold as he paused there for a moment against her tug as he merely looked at her with deep eyes. Eventually however he begun to follow her, but not without stepping in closer to her. He wanted to be just as close as he was to her before, and her walking ahead of him made his body crave the closing of the gap between them. As she walked him along several times he squeezed upon her hand as he would try to get closer again. For some reason or another it seemed like he wanted to nip her again in the same spot as several times he became sucessful.

Sina snickered as she watched the two walk past her. Speaking in a very flowery voice with a wink she drew a circle on the ground with her toe as she said to them both.

"Maybe if we all stick'll be for the better...Let's slide some beds together."

She sort of was teasing and sort of wasn't as she too missed the comfort of laying with another, but at the same time was interested in "Princess" Kilia's reaction to her.

Kilia, though she wasn't unwanting of his touch, was trying to fend him off as best she could because they were not in the safety of a room just yet and he couldn't seem to control himself. She was almost at her limit as he kept nibbling at her ear and bringing her closer, "Rethyn..." her voice was hardly a whisper. One hand was up on his chest, trying to keep a little bit of distance as it was rather hard to walk with him, the other gripped tightly in his hand.

To make matters worse, a slight snicker filled the air and Kilia nearly went as still as a statue. As it was she gasped -loudly- and then whirled to see Sina was the culprit for that laugh. The woman then offered to join them, even pushing the beds together which made Kilia flustered even more and her face was probably so red it may as well looked like she turned into a freaking lobster. She stuttered, trying to get words out and failing each time.

Finally, she just settled for tugging at Rethyn who seemed completely oblivious to Sina's presence and reached the door of the room she'd been trying to get to. Shoving it open rather harshly, she pulled Rethyn inside and sent what was supposed to be a glare at Sina which was probably more like an unbelievable kind of look instead, "Do not come in here," she said sternly, finally finding her voice. She was even going to lock the door, which she did as she closed it... and then she realized she'd just locked herself in with Rethyn... Kilia's eyes were wide as she stared at the door in the darkness of the room. Crap... she thought to herself as her heart raced again.

"Hey..." Rethyn said softly to Kilia as his eyes glowed through the darkness onto the back of her head. The inner Rethyn was doing his best to pull the reins on the horse of which was his body as he seemed to hesitate just like Kilia. For a long moment he just seemed to stare at her before he took only a single step forward. As he did his flayed shirt from the fight seemed to get in the way as one entire side fell from him. Without much thinking, Rethyn ripped the last bit of which was holding the shirt together before he wadded up the shirt and threw it towards the corner of the room.

He shivered. It was rather cold. Seeing Kilia as a source of warm he slowly came up behind her as he slowly wrapped his left arm around her waist as he pulled her close and leaned into her a little. With his lips against the back of her neck he squeezed a little as he wrapped his other arm around her just at her lower ribs. He kissed her briefly before moving his head back a little as he spoke to her. His breath would tickle the back of her neck as he said to her.

"I'm sorry."

His skin was cold; she could feel it through the back of her shirt. No wonder he was shivering. As the only other 'warm' thing in the room he had gravitated towards her like she was a beacon or something. As his arms wrapped around her, she felt a chill down her spine and another heat wave across her face. His breath on her neck was about the end of her though, her eyes fluttering shut and from her lips a release of air that she hadn't known she'd been holding the entire time. Rethyn's words, though, had her eyes opened again. She turned in his hold, her hands settling against bare skin and she almost forgot what she was going to say.

"R-Rethyn..." both hands and eyes dropped a bit, a single deep breath pulling into her lungs. She shook her head a bit and recovered slightly, "W-why are you sorry? For... what?" He was really close... insanely close. Too close. Maybe she should ask questions later? Her hands trailed back up over his chest and shoulders and locked behind his neck. She stayed like that for a long while, gazing up at him, almost lost in a trance in his glowing eyes that she always found so fascinating.

Slowly breaking the frozen moment, Rethyn leaned forward as he begun to gently kiss at her face. Between each kiss he would gently say something " I'm so sorry that I made you go through that-" Another kiss, Rethyn slowly slid his embrace further up as he added in. "I was scared...I feared if I didn't do it they would of been possessed or diced up..." He begun to kiss her again, light tears laced his eyes as he had feared earlier in the night he would never get to do this again. With both the near death experience and whatever was flowing through him all he could think of with his very being was Kilia.

Reaching Kilia's lips he pressed against them with a deep kiss. It wasn't like the other times as they'd been mostly pecks and simple kisses. The one in this moment was something of a mix of passion, lust, and pure emotion at his near death experience. He squeezed her gently with his embrace yet again as he held this kiss for a long moment before breaking the kiss off.

Kilia was definitely swept up by the sudden kiss. She could hardly keep up with his words. Yup... definitely talk later... she decided. As he pulled away after giving her a very passionate kiss that left her dazed and out of breath, she swayed slightly, unsteady on her feet. For a moment, she stared at him, her eyes only barely opened. Finally after a while, she breathed his name right before pulling herself up closer against him, one hand stretching down across his broad back that made her feel so small, the other hand tangling up in his hair roughly, but not enough to hurt him. She kissed him back with just as much as she'd gotten from him.

Yup, he had lost control of the reigns, he knew that much as he suddenly begun to move his hand to a better location for what came next.

Lifting up Kilia he held the kiss she had started again as he turned the two of them away from his door and placed her down upon his bed. Casted over her he held the kiss as he felt the back of his hands pressed into the bed and the palms against her back. For a briefly moment he broke the kiss as he nipped at that lower lip he always caught her biting before pressing his lips back into hers with a small smile. Just her presence had numbed the thickened shadows and creepy twists of what had came back with the wearing of her protection spell upon him.

Sliding a hand out from under her back he passed it across her leg as he would rub it from her hip down to just above her knee before gliding it back up again.

With yet another break of the kiss, Rethyn merely moved back just enough so his eyes could look into hers in the darkness as their noses touched lightly. "I'm so lucky." He whispered through the darkness.

Just outside the door, Sina held her ear up to the door. She couldn't hear anything and with that she held a look of disappointment. Then as an evil smile grew upon her face she knocked three times lightly against the door as she said. "Kilia how's it going in there~"

Kilia startled just a bit as she was moved from the door to the bed. Her legs wrapped around Rethyn's waist as they went. Lost in the kissing, her fingers dug into his hair, holding him tightly. His touch was so warm, he was definitely not cold anymore. A soft hum fell from her lips as she moved to accommodate releasing his hand from under her back. When he pulled away to talk to her, she smiled up at him, her breathing lost to her in short pants.

Those pants took a sharp turn as she gasped at the noise at the door. For a moment she thought that maybe Rethyn was going to kill the girl, but it wasn't a normal night for him. He was... well.. Preoccupied. So, with a heavy sigh that ended up in a sort of irritated laugh, she reached back and threw the first thing that came into her possession. Whatever it was, it hit the door rather hard before it thunked to the floor, "Go away, Sina," she responded. She would have added an 'or else' to that but she feared what the other woman would do with that and instead directed Rethyn's lips back to hers. She was going to enjoy this night, free from distractions.

"Tag me in when you get worn out~" Sina giggled against the door before she turned and slipped down the hall.

Rethyn ignored Sina as he place his index finger and thumb on the tip of Kilia's chin as he tried to make her head turn back to face him. When Kilia turned and redirected his lips back to hers he smiled against them as he made a little noise like a mix between a hum and a playful growl. His hand had settled upon her hip as the other cuffed Kilia at the back of her head gently as he ran his fingers through her hair.

Breaking away from the kiss he peck kissed her several times before settling his lips back onto hers with a firmer kiss of which he found himself smiling into. Upon his face a light blush could be seen below the ocean of which were his eyes as he held them open for a moment to gaze over Kilia before he would gently close them again during the kiss.