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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Maxwell Daniels Character Portrait: Ara Daniels
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Maxwell had been there for awhile when Ary got there. He knew the accusatory look was coming, and he was ready for it. With the truth even.

"First of all, that officer is lying. I was never on private property, unless sidewalks, roads, and trees in public parks were private property. Because that was where I was. Secondly, this is just him trying to keep me quiet about his three girlfriends to his wife. Speaking of which" he pulled out a SIM card, plugged it into his phone, and uploaded the photos to a secure site. A notification confirming a large cash deposit came after. "So tell me, who are you going to believe? A guy who is cheating on his wife with three people, or your brother who, as you know, can force the truth out of...eventually".

He added eventually to indulge his pride. "Oh, and did I mention they waited an hour to call you after he put me there?" He went in closer and whispered. "When you know I could have easily escaped that place and memory wiped them to get out. But I didnt, because what I am telling you is the truth".

Max was a lot of things. Reckless, headstrong, stubborn, prideful. But not stupid. He knew how to play his cards, and how to twist facts to his favor. Though here he was being truthfully honest. A cop walked over to them. "You know, if you happened to have some photos to prove your case, this could be easier for you". His tone certainly wasn't masking his threat, or demand. But it was more of a threat.

Max reached into his pocket, and gave him a pair of handcuffs. "You forgot to take these off when you put me in there. And if you are going to threaten me, you might wanna improve on it. You know, while your wife is divorcing you. I doubt you will get any fake charge to stick when it's revealed you, the arresting officer, had a severe conflict of inter..."

Max was also two smart for his own good. He intended to scare him off, but that fear made him defensive which turned into anger which resulted in him punching Max right in the gut. "You shouldn't threaten a police officer" he said, before walking off. Max looked at Ary.

"Can we just go home now? Otherwise I may not be able to resist putting some nasty hexes on him".