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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Tristan and Soran

A door closed down the hall and Victor came out to the living room, he went into the kitchen and was raiding the refrigerator as he was telling Alauric how Tristan was, "He will be fine, you got a tough kid in there."

At the sound of the door closing, Soran looked up and watched as Victor moved down the hall and into the kitchen. Though he couldn't hear the words, his heart pounded hard in his chest as he was wondering about Tristan. Even so he couldn't get himself to move, fresh tears burning his eyes and falling a lot easier than they were before since he'd been crying this whole time to begin with. Shaking, he stood up slowly and went up behind Victor just a bit. His voice was very soft, hardly audible as he spoke.
"Can I... see him?" he cringed half expecting the answer to be no.

Victor looked up as he was chowing down on what looked like most of a chicken (it was cooked earlier). He stopped to swallow and looked at the boy's father. Alauric turned to Soran, "Go ahead, but make sure you get healed later, you are still hurt aren't you."

Soran flinched slightly, his hand just barely rising before he quickly stopped it from touching the area. He frowned down at the floor. He thought about lying, saying that he was fine, but the blood on his shirt was probably a good enough give away. So instead he settled for nodding his head though he really didn't think he had any intention of seeking out either Kilia or Victor. Soran took a step back and moved down the hall to Tristan's room, the room they had been sharing for a while. He hesitated for a long while before he opened the door and quietly stepped in. It was dark in the room and he could hardly make out anything for a moment.

When his sight adjusted, he looked at Tristan who was lying up on the bed sleeping as it seemed. Soran shook his head a bit as he bit his lip, hard, and tugged at his hair. He slid down the door and leaned against one raised leg as he cried softly.
Something must of disturbed him because Tristan opened his eyes a minute after Soran came into the door. Someone was crying, he could hear the soft sobs nearby. He recognize those even before he could see who it was across his room in the dark, "You know," his cleared his throat realizing that he sounded sort of gravely, "you aren't doing me much good over there, would you please come here."

The little blonde hiccuped on a gasp as he sat there. He lifted his head and looked over to where Tristan's voice had come to him. Even as the other Seer asked him to go over there, Soran didn't move. He bit his lip again and winced, his teeth had definitely broke the skin a moment ago, "I... wouldn't do much good... even if I went over there," he managed between soft gasps of air as he struggled to reign in his crying. It wasn't doing him any good except to give him a headache and probably make himself sick. Of course the little dip in the water earlier, the run through the cold night air, and then getting stabbed probably wasn't going to help in that department either, but whatever. He wasn't thinking about that anyway.

Tristan sighed, "screw it," he said as he sat up winching slightly. His head was throbbing from losing to much blood and to much energy. He wasn't really seeing straight but if he had to get out of bed and drag the other closer to him and stop his pity party then he would. He put his feet on the floor, "You really going make me get out of this bed, Soran."

"N-no!" Soran half cried out in fear as Tristan moved suddenly. Worry pulsed through him and he lurched forward just barely managing to keep his own feet. He moved, "Please... don't, do that," he said, "I'm sorry... I didn't... mean to. I just... why?" he was speaking as he moved slowly to the boy. He was starting to feel dizzy, really tired and unbearably hot, "Why aren't you mad... at me? Alauric... he hasn't said a word to me either. I... can't tell if he's mad or not," he hiccuped lightly, "I can't handle this. I shot you, I almost got us killed by a god, you're injured severely... Rethyn just about died! I can't... believe you're not mad at me..." he paused as he got to the bed, breathing heavily he just stood there.

"Oh...I am mad at you, I am mad that you are acting like a fool at the moment. I know why you shot me, and don't worry about my dad, I will tell him what happened. I mean we might be in trouble for sneaking out of the house...," yeah that really didn't have anything to do with what he was saying. "Rethyn, the idiot that he is, was doing his job and protecting us." Rethyn wasn't really an idiot, but Tristan sort of just got use to calling him that. "Soran...just come here and stop please. I can't handle it when you cry, but you are punishing yourself for no good reason." Tristan shook his head, he had acted like that too in the past, remembering how he was when Soran was brought back from his house.

Soran licked his lip, tasting coppery blood there and frowned. With a slight nod of his head, he moved and climbed up onto the bed. His fingers sought out Tristan, tugging at his arm to get him to lay back down as he swallowed down his apologizes and anything else that he may have thought to say at the moment. Tristan was worried enough, there was no need to make him worry more. All he wanted was to sleep, and be next to something warm. It was far too cold in the room. His body seemed to settle finally, though he still sniffled a bit as it took a slight bit longer to settle from the damned crying. He definitely hated that. Soran shivered a bit, shaking against Tristan.

"Cold..." he uttered, "Damn... remind me... we're never going swimming at night again..." he said with a partial grin as he snuggled against Tristan's side.

Tristan was better as the other came and crawled into bed. When he the tugged he laid back, probably a little slower then he should have been. As the other curled into him, he smiled finally, yet he could help his next question. "So...Rethyn is going to be ok," he asked the other. "Wait who healed him," he asked slightly curious.

Soran took a breath. He was trying to remember who healed the boy. In all honesty he'd been too lost in his own little world to have paid attention, though he'd heard voices. He sighed a bit, "I... don't know. I think Cryio maybe. It would make sense, Victor was... sort of busy with you," he uttered the last part very softly and shifted around to pull the covers up over his body better in an attempt to do something to keep his mind off that lingering pain.

"Cryio healed him," he repeated, and then it started, he got the chuckles from out of nowhere. He couldn't stop..., "Oh gosh...that means...oh poor Kilia." He had gotten the idea something was going on between those two, not that he had any kind of conformation on that.

A yawn pulled at him, sleep starting to take over. Sooo tired... was his last thoughts... well, last coherent thoughts anyway, "What are you laughing at..." the blonde mumbled sleepily. It was about then that he realized he was still fully dressed, partially wet and most likely getting blood on the bed. He didn't care though. He was too damned comfy. Stretching out one arm across the other boy, he tried to hug Tristan closer as if he were a giant freakin' teddy bear. He was so warm... "You're really warm..." he muttered, "I'll... fix the bed... tomorrow," he said slowly as he was beginning to drift off to sleep.

Tristan eyed the other, he didn't mind how close Soran was getting, "What do you mean, fix the bed tomorrow." He asked, his question though was soft, he then realized what a mess Soran was, again he'd get first prize for not noticing the blaring obvious. "Damnit," he cursed to himself, the other had probably not been healed yet, and Tristan guessed it was mostly Soran's fault in that.

"And I thought I was stubborn." He knew he wasn't really going to relax now, mostly because he was afraid of moving any and hurting the other. In fact now he was slightly tense, and it wasn't helping him in the least with his head or other aches.

Soran's fingers tapped him lightly, mumbling as he shifted and got comfortable again. He was sprawled out across the boy for sure now, "Sleep..." he uttered softly. Then he gave a slight hum of contentment. It was probably the last time he moved at all or said anything, cuddled up in the blankets and his lover. Finally warm, for the most part, and comfortable with no pain since everything was numb by now. He was out cold soon enough.

Next morning

He was sick. Knocked down by the freakin' flu of all things. Lying on the bed still clothed, it was rather early in the morning when he'd woken up to a pounding headache, an awful taste at the back ofhis mouth and feeling like hell has just worn over him. Everything ached. He was cold one moment, burning hot the next, and probably driving Tristan insane with his constant moving, though he desperately tried not to do so. Cuddled up in the covers yet again after having thrown them off not but five minutes ago, Soran closed his eyes tightly to try to sleep again, "Can survive gods attacking... Deriea's insane training... running for our lives... and the fucking flu puts me down like a light," he muttered to himself and coughed, groaning afterwards. Maybe he should tell Tristan to get up so that he didn't catch this too... unless of course it was already too late. He had slept with the boy all night which had been the initial start of the sickness. It was a little while after that when Soran fell asleep again. He was a bit fitful, tossing the covers on and off, but for the most part he didn't move as moving too much hurt like hell.

Tristan mumbled, having must have drifted off at one point, god he was hot, he understood the other had practically wrapped himself around him, but he was to hot. "Soran...what's wrong, are you burning up." Tristan asked wondering how he even had that coherent of a sentence coming from his mouth. He hadn't gotten much sleep at it was, but he wasn't going to mention that.

Soran didn't make to answer. He was sleeping. Well, if one could call it sleeping. He didn't move, aside from his eyebrows which twitched every now and then in response to an ache somewhere along his small frame. Should he have been awake he would have said that he hated being sick because he always felt like crap. But that would come later. For the moment, he just lay there as if he were nothing but a limp pile of a Seer. Swept up in a dreamless sleep, he didn't hear Tristan's question at all.

"Soran...," Tristan tried again, ok so he didn't mind the other being there, but if Soran was sick, he needed to mention it to someone. He sighed, he had other reasons why he needed to move, but he doubted the blonde was going to be happy with him if he did. "Why did you have to come to bed in wet clothes you noodle brain."

He unclasped the arms of the other from around him and gently pushed him away. He got up slowly, which wasn't at all in the least what he wanted to do. He had to steady himself for a second before he walked to the door and opened it.

He stopped at the bathroom first trying to wake himself up first. He walked out to the living room and turned his head when the sunlight came through the window. He went into the kitchen and found his father sitting there, "Why are you out of bed," Alauric asked him. "Something is wrong with Soran, he feels like he is burning up, maybe has a fever." Tristan walked to the fridge and opened it, but instead of going for something he just leaned in and stood there for a second. "Tristan, don't stand there with the door open." Tristan grabbed some juice from the fridge and closed the door. He also grabbed an apple from the a bowl in the middle of the counter. "Why didn't you make him get healed before he came to see me." Alauric looked at his son with a quirked eyebrow, "cause there wasn't anyone to heal him, cept for the god." Tristan looked at his father for a second before turning away and blushing really red, he knew what happened the last time Soran was healed by Cryio. He poured the juice in a glass and drank it pretty much all down before stopping for a second.

"Well someone needs to heal him, or at least take a look, Victor up." he said, and then he grinned slightly, "or Kilia." Alauric shook his head, "I haven't seen the girl since last night, and Victor is still in bed." Tristan sighed, "look what happened last night...don't be mad at him, he was only doing what he thought necessary. It was partly my fault as well..."

"Tristan I am not mad at him, and yes it is partly your fault," Alauric answered him. "And don't think for one second that you two are out of trouble, I should just let River handle this, she can be pretty creative in her punishments...but we both agreed that I would handle it."

"Punishments...really dad aren't we a bit old for punishments," Tristan said but decided against continuing when he saw the look in his father's eyes. Maybe they deserved something, but he wasn't going to think about it now.

"Oh ho," River's voice came from behind Tristan as she leaned against the door to the kitchen, arms crossed over her chest as she gave him a sour look, "So, now you're too old hu?" she asked with a frown on her lips, "You're both only a few weeks into being twenty years old, to me and your father you both are still kids. What the hell were you two thinking?" She said, her voice rising a bit, "Just because we're out here and hardly have had any contact with Gods, doesn't mean we're a hundred percent safe!" River moved so that she was in front of Tristan now, "I know how my son is, he's like me. He's insistent and he's stubborn. But if you're anything like your father, you'd be even more stubborn. Why did you let him convince you so easily?" she narrowed her eyes at him.

Not giving him a second to answer just yet, she continued a little more to drive her point a bit. She was upset, irritated and though she said she'd let Alauric deal with it, hearing Tristan's that moment had sort of set her off, "And what would you have done if one of you died last night? Think about it, Tristan. You almost died, Soran could have easily lost his life if he'd hit that wall any different than he did, and Rethyn! Oh my god, you're so damned lucky. He was the worst one out of all three of you! If we hadn't found him when we did last night, you wouldn't have a Guardian right now. So tell me now. Do you think you're too old for a punishment?"

Tristan paled when he heard River's voice, he couldn't say anything to her, she had every right to say what she was saying. "no ma'am," he said softly. He didn't say that to be rude, he couldn't even look at her, especially when she mentioned the what ifs. "I am sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect," he still couldn't look at her though. He thought about it, last night when Soran turned to him and begged him to go had he even been coherently thinking at the moment. He had been so tired from the training that day, so maybe he could blame the exhaustion and not wanting to fight with the other. He actually didn't think that sounded so good in his own head, and there was no way he was going to voice that out loud.

River frowned, her fingers tight on her arms, "Tristan," she said, her voice just a bit softer but still hard enough for him to know she was dead serious, "My son, is all I have left. He's yours to take care of. Remember that alright? For next time when he decides he wants to be stubborn," she rolled her eyes as she released a heavy sigh, "Tristan, look at me please, I'm not going to bite, I swear..."

Tristan looked up at her, his eyes guilty. She had sort of stabbed him in the heart with her words, but he only left a indication of that in his expression.

"I'm not mad that a God attacked you. I'm not mad that you all fought. What I'm angry about is that you left the house to begin with. You know where the barrier line ends. If you wanted to look out side so damned bad, do it in the front yard safely within the barrier. As for your punishment, we both agreed on one thing, though I had plenty of ideas for the two of you," she said as she lifted her head a bit, her fingers tapping her arm, "I'll leave it up to your father when it'll start, but you're both sleeping in separate rooms. Two weeks, both of you." she said, her stern glint returning to her eyes, "Clear?"

Tristan slightly cringed, but nodded his head in response, "Yes," he answered her, "um..," he was going to have to tell her that Soran wasn't feeling well, "I think he is sick," Tristan said softly. Now he felt even worse then he had earlier.

Tilting her head she eyed him, "He's... sick? Like... sick how?" She asked, worry filling her voice. Was something wrong? Terribly wrong? "Did he get his wounds healed last night like he was supposed to?!" she asked suddenly, fear driving her question as she looked over to Alauric, eyes wide slightly, "That little, sneaky.... He didn't, did he. He said he was going to," River was angry yet again as she made to storm out of the kitchen.

Alauric stood, "I am going to go wake Victor, before she throttles him." He left Tristan standing in the kitchen. He had gone pale again, "she is really scary when she is mad," he said to himself. He left to follow his father.

Peaking her head around the corner Sina bite her lip lightly as she overheard the conversation of which was taking place. Unlike last night she had placed upon herself a pair of jeans and a pink v-neck of which looked flowery on the arms and collar. Tilting her head she could tell the tone of the conversation wasn't good, but she hadn't heard much as she had just started listening in. A part of her wanted to stay while the other was to check on the others. Biting her lip she turned away as she instead chose to walk to there room where Rethyn and Kilia were.

Kicking her foot not too hard against the door three times she said.


Kilia startled at the sound. Wrapped up in Rethyn's embrace she had been so comfortable. More comfortable than she'd ever been before. With a slight gasp, she jumped at the noise. Only to find that it was Sina who was the culprit as her voice came through the door, "Sina!" she hissed, "I swear I'm going to stuff you!" she was trying not to wake the sleeping Guardian next to her.

Speaking to the door Sina hummed. "In all seriousness though you two should probably get up...However if you want to "stuff" me you'd better wake Rethyn up for assistance~! Anywho if you both wanna get up at some point today that's your choice! After training today I got a plan for us all~!"

With a light hum Sina moved away from the door as she begun to go for the stairs. She knew she was going to have to go and continue her planning for the day for a bit before it's presentation. With one last look to the room she shook her head and smiled before chuckling to herself.

Kilia's face had turned a brilliant red in color and she wasn't too sure what to respond with as Sina's snappy remark threw her off. Damn that girl! Kilia thought as she was flustered and all sorts of tongue tied. With a somewhat frustrated growl and sigh mixed together, she moved around a little bit. Wiggling to get into a better position, she cuddled up with Rethyn once again and decided that, for today anyway, she wasn't planning on getting up early or doing anything. She was tired, and she also knew Rethyn was tired too. After all, he'd lost so much blood last night. Her face heated at the memory of what happened after Cryio had healed him.

Kilia moved again a bit, this time to free her arm as she recalled something. Opening up her pad, she pulled up the original spell, worked in the last few details and then drew it from the pad. Pressing her hand against his chest, the golden light whirled around him, lacing his frame as she put the protection spell over him. She was only just barely reminded of it when she'd thought of how injured he'd been last night. She was going to work on that protection spell, make it stronger to hopefully help him better in the future. Once that was done, she reached up and ran her fingers gently through his hair.

After a long while Rethyn opened his eyes. He had gained quite a silly amount of bedhead on the left side of his head as it stuck up strangely. As he felt Kilia's hand running through his hair he leaned into a little. A bright blush was upon his face as the magic had ran it's course as was now gone from him. He felt a slight soreness from his chest and muscles, but they had become more bearable than before. The obvious signs the nightmares were relieved from him by Kilia brought a since of security through him as he no longer had to be back in that strange world in his mind.

Offering Kilia a small smile he said with a yawn. "Good morning cute girl..." He wasn't really sure if she'd like the little name he had come up for her on the spot there and debated dropping it. He couldn't help but think about how nice she felt against him where they lay. He really didn't want to get up though for if he moved his head he still felt the dizziness as his body needed time to regain the blood.

Lifting his head up a little he aimed a little light kiss on Kilia's lips before lowering his head back down. The thoughts of last night had begun to carry his attention away from the current moment as he thought about what he'd done. He was happy he'd done it, but in his mind he couldn't help but get the sinking feeling he might of moved a little too fast. However, at the same time she didn't seem upset or anything. After a moment he nuzzled against her as he wrapped his arms around her lightly to cuddle.

Quietly he asked the question of which he felt was poking at him to get out.

"How're you feeling?"

Kilia shifted, her gaze lifting up a bit to look up at him before she put her head against his shoulder and let out a sigh of contentment, "Fine," she giggled a bit, "Really, that's the first thing you're going to ask me?" her finger poked his side as she lay there, "And just so you know, you're in trouble."

To the first part of Kilia's words Rethyn answered a very simple "Yes." to her. However upon the poke a small smile seeped out as he raised a brow to her. "How so?" He responded with a light tone. He found himself curious as he laced his hands behind the back of his head as he continued to look at her with his smile.

Kilia frowned, "Because. You," she shifted so that she was leaning over him, hands crossed over his chest, "You decided you were going to go take on a god last night by yourself," her narrowed eyes were a good indication that she was not happy with him, "I should smack you," she said with a shake of her head and instead leaned forward to give him a small kiss before she pulled back and rested her head on her hands that were using him as a pillow.

Rethyn begun to open his mouth as he tried in the moment to come up with something quick to say back but failed. He knew she wasn't happy with him, but he didn't know how to explain the actions he had preformed the previous night. In his mind he felt like he was in the right for moving the god back far enough so the two others could get back towards the retreat. However, at the same time he had indeed put himself in a situation where he would of died. She was correct too, neither of them were wrong, but he didn't know how to say it.

"Save the smacking for training..." Rethyn within a yawn as he still felt tired and weak from both the training and blood-loss.

"Oh, I will smack you. You're going to get your butt handed to you in training," she said, her voice speaking of her promises as she settled against him. His yawn invoked her own yawn, "But... for now," she took a breath, "I'm tired. You wore me out."

"You talk as if you didn't tire me as well." Rethyn said with closed eyes and a small smile. "I must of been terrible with all that lack of blood."

Kilia's face reddened, "S-shut up... And... you weren't terrible," a bit of a giggle escaping her. One finger went to her mouth where she nibbled on the nail as she looked up at him, "It was..." she smiled as she leaned up to his ear and whispered a few things in his ear, when she finished she came back and was laughing as well as blushing furiously.

With his own chuckle and raise of brow, Rethyn listened to her as she whispered into his ear. As his own blush grew upon his face he looked to her and laughed lightly himself before finishing with. "I didn't know I had that in me."


The door burst open and River moved into the room, a yell on her lips that quickly died out. Twenty years was enough time to know when a child was feigning sickness and when they weren't. Soran was sprawled out on the bed, the covers toss off of him as if he were thrashing a bit earlier. Both eyebrows curled downwards in a look of discomfort. There was sweat on his face, his mouth opened as he panted a bit. His shirt was wrinkled to all hell, stained with blood as well. The sheets were blood streaked too, and filled with dirt. Her son, who was usually pale skinned, was dirty as if he'd taken a mud bath. Blood streaked his face from several cuts.

She moved into the room as she called out into the hall, "Alauric! Get Victor!" her voice was loud through the house as she moved over to her son. Touching his head she hissed as she withdrew her hand. He was so hot. She needed a thermometer. 'Mother mode' kicked in as she adjusted her son on the bed to try to make him more comfortable. His hazy green eyes opened up just a bit as she moved him. Soran gazed up at her, his breathing heavy.

"Momma... this sucks."
"Yup, I know. Well, you're fault for running around last night baby."
"Of all things... the flu..."

Victor came through the door a minute later, "What's...oh," he didn't need to ask as he looked at Soran. Alauric was standing a little ways in the doorway, and Tristan was outside not coming in. "Ok no worries, even though a change of clothes would be a good idea at some point," Victor said to her. He pulled a spell from his pad, and it green at first but sort of hovered there only for a second before turning blue. "Ok this shouldn't take long," he said as he cast the spell over Soran. It quickly reduced the fever, and started to heal the wound, after he was done, Victor pulled the spell. "Probably just some rest, would be good, and some food...speaking of which what is for breakfast."

Alauric laughed at followed the other out of the room, leaving the door slightly open. Alauric noticed that his own son had slide to the floor again and had his head on his knees. He sort of wondered if the boy had fallen asleep, but didn't want to disturb him for some reason.

As his fever was calmed, Soran let out a sigh of relief, though he still felt horrible. Being sick was never fun and for him, he was often put down in bed for several days. He sighed as his mother ran a cloth across his face, seated next to him now, "You're going to have to get up."

He moaned, "I don't want to."
"Soran," her voice was clipped, motherly of course, but with no room for him to argue.
"You're dirty, there's blood all over you, and I have to clean this bed that you ruined. So, get up and go bathe yourself."
"No. No pity. This is your own damned fault. You two boys are in so much trouble."

Soran winced a bit as he lay there. He looked away, not really wanting to be reminded of that. He didn't say anything as his mother sat there, rubbing the dirt off his face. The little Seer wasn't sure what kind of trouble they were in, but he was sure he didn't really want to know. On the verge of tears again, he sat up slowly, "I'll go wash," he said softly to her and pulled himself off of the bed. Slowly edging his way out into the hallway he spotted Tristan and he bit his lip as he noted how he was sitting. That was a familiar posture, and he often did it himself too. Moving over to the red haired boy, he touched his shoulder.

"Hey..." he said softly, "You... okay?"
"Soran!" his mother's voice called from the room, "Bath, now."
"Okay! Alright... I'm going..." he called back, and tugged at Tristan's arm, "You too."

Tristan looked up slightly, he must have dozed off or something. "I am fine," his voice was soft. He slightly looked to the door that Soran came out of and cringed, "Um...go ahead, I don't want you to get in more trouble."

He hadn't actually looked at Soran, he really didn't want the other to see that maybe his eyes were slightly red, nor how tired he looked. He really had the thought of just crawling back into bed, but his bedsheets were being washed and well he didn't want River to think he was being lazy.

Soran nibbled on his lip and then slowly nodded his head. Releasing Tristan's arm, he went to the bathroom, shutting the door and was soon in a hot shower. River, who had stripped the bed completely came back out into the hall and set eyes upon Tristan. Man... this is why I hate punishing kids... they look so pitiful... she thought to herself as she gazed at him, the pile of dirty sheets in her arms. With a sigh, she shifted the bunch around and addressed him.

"Tristan, go sleep. I already said that your father is going to decide on when your punishment is going to take affect. You're not banned from seeing him, you know. You're just not going to be allowed to stay in the same room for a while," she sighed again, "I swear you both are acting like we've just chopped off an arm or something."

Tristan looked up at her, and couldn't find the words to say. " okay." He would go find somewhere else to sleep for the time being. He didn't feel like saying anything that would make her mad anyways. He got up and turned to go find someplace quiet.

Later that Day

After the shower, a longer nap, some food and medicine that River had to just about force down his throat, Soran was seated at the table with a cup of tea between his fingers. He was still feeling horrid, his nose was slightly red from tissues and had a slight cough that he was battling with the lemon tea. A long black sweater covered his frame, pants and his boots, but once they were done at the table he was straight off to bed with strict orders from his mother to have more medicine and drink more tea. He groaned inwardly, ducking his head down into the thick turtleneck of his sweater. Sucks... he thought to himself. Maybe it was karma... definitely karma. Catching the flu like that after getting them into trouble.

Sitting at the table with Soran were Tristan and his father, the two had already told the older seer all that had happened the night before. Alauric was sitting there quietly for a moment, taking all the details in, he noticed two things about these two. One was that both were trying to say it had been mostly their fault which, was rather amusing, and two he sort of didn't want to punish them after hearing the story. He shook his head finally, "Well, you are both to blame for leaving the house in the first place, and for that I do think some time apart would be the best solution. So two weeks, the sleeping arrangements will be different, I am not saying you can't see each other, because in this house that would be rather difficult not to do. But you are limited to training and eating and well group social interactions." So in others words, they weren't allowed to be alone together at all, Tristan had already known this was what the parents came up with as punishment, but something told him he might be getting a little extra on the side, especially for his earlier comment about being to old to get in trouble.

Soran looked up at Alauric with a bit of a small gasp, his eyes wide. Not... be with him... apart...but... he nibbled on his lip again. He was going to cry, so he bowed his head and shut his eyes tightly. He took a deep breath. These next two weeks were going to be very long. His fingers tightened around the cup, "I'm... sorry," he muttered. It wasn't going to change anything, but he felt it had to be said -again-. He felt like a teenager again, being grounded. Yes, this was definitely what it was. He gave a soft nod of his head in agreement, knowing that fighting was going to make it worse. He lifted his head just briefly to glance over to Tristan before he lowered his gaze again.

Tristan heard that small gasp but didn't look in the direction of its maker, two weeks seemed like a long time to him as well. "When will the punishment start," he asked. His father hadn't actually said that, Alauric looked at Tristan for a second, "Oh," the man actually looked over his shoulder for a second, "Its starts tomorrow." Tristan looked at his father weirdly, why did he whisper that last part.

"T-tomorrow..." Soran muttered softly, as if he hadn't heard right. He glanced up at Alauric, his fingers pulling from the tea cup to wipe at his face. It was a nice surprise, at least he'd get to sleep with Tristan for one more night before the dreaded two weeks of not being able to see him, or touch him, or kiss him, or... Soran quickly snuffed out that thought and looked down at the table.

"However I would still be careful," Alauric was again talking in a whisper, Tristan shook his head at the man. He got the gist of what Alauric was trying to do, but then he had to remind them that others might not even be happy with that...and the why, Tristan really wanted to know, but then again maybe he didn't. Alauric looked at Soran, "I would still do what your mother asked you to though, medicine and tea I believe it was." He stood up and gave the two a small smile. "But really try and get some sleep, you both look zombie like." He didn't leave the kitchen but only walked over to the fridge and pulled out a ice cream bar.

Soran watched Alauric with a confused look on his face. He glanced over to Tristan but then upon the words of having to do what his mother had said, he grew red again and he gave a sort of horrified look. Turning slowly he looked around the room almost as if he expected his mother to suddenly be standing right there with her scrutinizing gaze. He cringed, "But... the medicine tastes horrible," he gave a pitiful looking face as he pouted. Maybe Tristan would save him from the medicine. Right?

"Tristan..." he said softly, trying to test the water with the red haired boy.

Tristan caught the chuckle in his throat when he heard the other complain about the medicine, but then he heard his name. He sort of wanted to turn and make it looked like he hadn't heard him, yet for some reason his body went in the other direction and he was looking at the other with a curious look on his face.

He tried his best to win over the taller boy, "Tristan... that medicine is horrid..." he complained and leaned across the table, wrapping his fingers around the boys arm. His hands were almost all the way covered by the long sleeves of his sweater, the finger tips just barely peeking out from under the thick, soft cloth, "If I just drink the tea... and go to sleep, I'll be fine. I'll get over this stupid flu in no time."

Slinking into the room Sina held something behind her back as she begun to lightly hum. She was trying to catch the eye of either of the boys so she could spring upon them the idea she had held throughout the morning. She even help a small playful smile across her lips as she tried to give an innocent look of which was obviously a giant lie.


Tristan was going to remind the other what drinking tea the night before had accomplished, however he saw a certain dark-haired girl out of the corner of his eye. She looked like she was up to no good...or something. When she meowed though, he rolled his eyes. So he turned and looked at her, "Sina, is there something that you want."

"Is this a bad time? I can always leave and come back when you're more open Tristan~" Sina purred as she begun to turn to leave the two boys. Behind her back was a rolled up piece of paper of which something seemed to be written on the inside. However, on the outside it looked like part of marked map was there. In fact, it looked very similar to a folded up map that had always been in one of the offices through the house.

Tristan was going to go back to the conversation with Soran when he caught the sight of the rolled up piece of paper in Sina's had. "Hey where did you get that," was his first question, the why was going to be the second but for some reason he held off, asking her any why questions was a dangerous thing.

Without turning to look at Tristan she answered with a sweet tone as she hummed. " I found it in one of the old offices. And don't worry, I made sure it wasn't your father's main office or anything like that. I couldn't in good heart ruin something he'd been using." Her head was facing away from Tristan or he'd be able to see the catty grin growing.

Tristan listened to her again debating on just letting the whole matter go, "Sina...what do you want, and what do you have, just get it over with okay."

"Mmnn later." Sina softly spoke as she slowly walked out of the room and around the corner with a little swing to her hips with each step. She wasn't just going to give the information on command like that, she wanted him to from demanding out of frustration to pleading out of curiosity. Was she going to get that? In her mind she knew most likely not, but she had her hopes.

"Gosh, she is more irritating than all my sisters combined," Tristan mumbled and looked at the blond again, "Now back you just drinking tea, isn't that what you said you would never drink again before going to bed."

Soran blushed a bit. He was curious as to what Sina had, and though Tristan had handled her quite well... he was rather... curious. It was an awful trait of his. River was like that too. Curious and mischievous. A horrid combination and definitely something he inherited fully. Which was probably half of the reason why the two boys were in trouble as it was. He frowned then as he looked down to the tea cup, "Uh... mother's orders," he mumbled, "This tea isn't the good kind. No sugar, no nothing... it tastes horrible and it's really bitter, here see!?" He stood up, putting the cup under Tristan's nose, "Just smell it. It's awful!"

Tristan had to back away a little, "Thanks like I needed my nose full of tea smell," he said. Tristan was looking up at the other boy, "Soran...I am not going be your...get out of jail free card," he thought that was a lame example though. And he had already gotten it from River twice today...or was it three times. Not to mention his father, "and if you want to be mad, go ahead and be mad."

Soran's eyes grew wide and then narrowed, "Well that was rude," he muttered to himself, "You could have just said no," he pulled the cup away and set it none-to gently onto the table. Putting both hands up to his face he coughed and then made his way to the door, "Whatever, I'll just... go be mad then. And here I thought that you'd want to spend a little time together before I crash out," he continued as he left the kitchen and made his way back to the room where the awful medicine was waiting for him. One dose of that stuff and he was going to be asleep in a half an hour and out cold for several hours after that.

Tristan caught up with Soran in the hallway, attempted to grab his arm and push him up against the wall.

Soran let out a slight, startled gasp as he was literally whirled back around on the hell of his foot and he ended up with his back against the wall, "Tristan..!"

"You know what...I am fucking done with being in trouble today, I do want to spend time with you before I am not allowed. But I am not apologizing for what I just said." Tristan crowded into Soran's personal space and took the others lips in a kiss.

He trembled at the words that were said, and then even more when he was kissed so suddenly. It was slightly rough, but not without passion as their kisses always were. Soran stood there in shock for a moment. Then he put his arms up around the boys neck, holding him tightly and returning the kiss with as much passion as he could muster. When he pulled away, he was short on breath, both because he couldn't really breathe through his nose at the moment and from the kiss, "Hey... you know... you could get sick."

"I don't care," was all Tristan said in response, maybe if he did then at least he have something to occupy his time. Yet even that thought was a bit strange, "Lets go, and hope that your mother...isn't around anywhere."

He nodded quickly and started working his way towards the room, but his arms were locked around the boys shoulders, his lips constantly seeking Tristan's. For some strange reason he was eagerly wanting Tristan's touch. The thought of not being able to do so for the next two weeks was killing him. For a moment he laughed, "Can you imagine what we're going to do, after two weeks is over?" he breathed heavily as his fingers reached the door and opened it for them to pass through.

The door opened, well maybe that was a good sign that the woman wasn't in there. Tristan was feeling a little guilty that he felt like they were sneaking around again.

Closing the door, he tugged at Tristan's arm, "I think... I have to admit... this is a little bit more... exciting," he said with a small laugh and between his short breaths, he eyed the bed, the medicine right next to the bed, "Think we could get away with a little bit of... fun before I take that? It's gonna make me sleep in thirty minutes..." he grinned, "Unless you think you're good enough with just thirty minutes," he teased.

Tristan looked at the blonde for a second, " little, I am not going to fall for that twice." He let the other pull him to the bed, "Fun...and then you are taking that, is that a promise." Tristan wasn't really thinking about the medicine though, he started to nip slightly at the others neck. "So back to your earlier question, what are we going to do after two weeks are over," he whispered this into Soran's ear.

Soran bit his lip, breathing heavily as the other nibbled at his neck, "I... promise," he panted in return. He could hardly concentrate as he lay underneath Tristan, the boys voice whispering to him, "Oh.. I have plans," he answered as he pulled Tristan down to him. His teeth found the red head's ear, then his throat, the collar bone next as his fingers fell down the boy's chest and to the edge of the shirt where he started pulling it up, "I'm going to tease you so badly, that you won't think straight," he said with a grin against Tristan's neck.

"I can't wait," he said after his shirt was thrown to the floor. "So maybe I should get my turn now." He leaned in and whisper in Soran's ear, exactly what he was going to do him. Maybe it was the sense of urgency that Tristan felt, but yes this was indeed more exciting.

"T-Tristan... you..." Soran's fingers sort of clawed at him, trying to bring him closer, "So mean," he uttered softly and turned his head to try to get a kiss. He was going to have to come up with some rather evil things to get back at Tristan with for the next two weeks.

With several blinks, Rethyn opened his eyes as he looked slowly around the room. With Kilia still on him he didn't sit up, but he did hear the sound of his stomach as it growled at him to get something to eat. With a glance over to Kilia he made a face of uncertainty. She looked so peaceful when she was asleep and he didn't want to take that from her.

Slowly Rethyn begun to inch as he tried to move to not awake her. In his mind his plan was to make the pillows move to where he laid so she'd remain comfortable. With each inch he swore he was coming closer and closer to waking her as she had established her spot quite well and movement would be obvious. He felt a little pain nip at his abdominal as he tried to slide again. With a little wince this time he felt a little dizzy as he moved. A whole night and half a day by and his blood still hadn't refilled. With a look of confusion upon his face Rethyn thought to himself "Damn, how much blood did I lose?"

"Mmm," Kilia shifted, a soft sound spilling from her lips. Her 'pillow' was moving. She heaved a sigh and then her eyes opened up slowly. She looked up at Rethyn and yawned heavily, "Hey," she said with a smile, her fingers starting to trace circles, "How are you feeling?"

Rethyn begun to speak, but before the words could come out a growl came from his stomach. His face turned lightly red as he had both awaken her and had his stomach make a scene. With a little smile of his own playing at the corners of his lips he eyes her fingers for a moment as they traced circles on him. After what seemed like a long moment he spoke to her quietly as replied with his own awkward "Hey."

Running a hand down to her left hip, Rethyn enjoyed the softness of her skin as he sat up slightly to kiss her on the forehead before planting a gentle kiss upon her lips. With yet another angry growl from his stomach he broke the kiss as his face remained red. "Yeah..." He spoke after a long moment. "Maybe I should try getting up? If that's okay?"

"If you feel like you can," she answered back, "Food is probably a good idea for you. You lost a lot of blood," she frowned at him. After a moment, she pulled herself up and stretched, her lithe frame bending backwards a bit, "Let me dress and I'll help you," she said with a yawn and quickly began pulling on her clothes.

Rethyn couldn't help but give Kilia a look up and down as she stretched out. As he tried to get up himself he had to catch himself with his arm to the side of the bed as he felt light-headed. However, by the orders of Kilia he went no further as he didn't move from the spot as he sat up-right and just breathed. "You're the best." He said as he took some slow breaths. The thought of a gift traveled through his mind again as he tried to think about what he could do for her. Several ideas went through his mind, but none of them seemed all too amazing as he closed his eyes briefly for another deep breath.

She smiled at him, "Alright, come on," she said as she offered her arms out to him, "You'll need to drink a lot of water, probably some soup to start with first. Definitely something warm. Maybe I will ask Cryio how to share energy with you. I have plenty," she said with a laugh.

"Y-yeah, just need to get my clothing on first." Grasping at the side of his head he knew this was going to be a challenge. The thought of Kilia having to help him change brought a violet shade to his face as he begun to feel helpless. Taking her arm he looked down as he didn't want to ask for help in changing into a outfit for the day. "Can I make you dinner sometime?" There it was, the idea of which Rethyn spawned. He wanted to give something back to her , but out here at the retreat he didn't know what he could do besides something like cooking.

Rethyn's face had turned tomato like as it had become so red. In contrast to his blue eyes he looked kind of funny in the arms of Kilia as he stared to his dresser. The feeling of helplessness had engulfed him and even though he remained silent the redness gave away his feelings better than any words.

As Kilia helped him, she smiled warmly, not minding at all that he needed the help. In fact it made her feel needed and she sort of liked that. When he suddenly asked her if he could make her dinner, she paused in her work, which was to get a shirt for him now that he had pants on. She turned a slight bit red and then looked up at him with an almost childish excitement, "Yes," she said eagerly, "I would love that," she said and her thoughts wandered on what it was he would make her.

Once he was dressed, she led him to the door and out into the house. It was a bit slow going, but she didn't mind at all. The kitchen wasn't too far anyway and once he was seated safely, she left him to make something to eat and gave him a glass of water, "Drink it slowly," she said firmly, "But you have to drink it all."

Kilia's stern gaze was betrayed by her smile though.

Looking over to Kilia Rethyn merely stared at her as she begun to make him something. As he weakly raised an arm and scratched at his head he said "Thank you." to her as his face was still bright red. Looking to his glass of water he took it by hand as he opened his mouth again to ask Kilia. "How long do you think I'll be like this?"

Taking a sip of water his mouth went from dry to normal in seconds. However, without even really noticing he went against the word of Kilia as he drank the water down rather quickly. She hadn't even given him a meal yet and his glass was already empty. Taking note of this Rethyn tried to give off an innocent look as he bit his lip.

Turning back around, she noted the empty glass. A frown pulled on her lips, "Jeez... Well, it shouldn't be too long. If you eat and drink lots of liquids you'll probably start feeling a bit more normal by tomorrow. Nothing strenuous though," she said with a meaningful look. Taking his glass she refilled it and gave it back to him, "You soup will be done here soon, alright? Take it easy to day and tomorrow, maybe even the day after. And I mean that, Rethyn," her voice was leaving no room to argue as she stirred the food in the pan.

Looking to Kilia, Rethyn gave her a little smirk as he tried to respond to her but failed as she had left no room to argue.
After a short moment, Rethyn replied with. "Well, I guess you're going to have to be on me then cause I don't know if I can wait three days."

He gave her a little smile before looking back to his glass of which was now full. As he attempted to take another sip it turned into a gulp and before long the glass was empty again. Giving a little look at his glass he briefly looked annoyed at how fast he was drinking it. For some reason or another his mind and body weren't really working together and it bothered him he couldn't just slow down with the water.

With a small rub of his forehead he quickly tried to glance over to see his soup, but felt a bit of dizziness as he nearly fell out of chair. As a bit of redness crawled over his face he tried to play it off like it didn't happen as he steadied himself. Shaking his head he tried to forget about it as he eagerly awaited his soup.

His stomach rumbled again and caused Rethyn to sigh in embarrassment.

Pulling a bowl from the cupboards, she spooned the soup into it. Setting it in front of Rethyn, she put on hand on her hip as she picked up the empty glass, "Didn't I say 'slowly'?" she shook her head and refilled it yet again. This time, though she sat in front of him, "You better not make me be on your case for the next few days. You'll be in so much trouble," she teased and then leaned forward to run her hand through his hair. Pecking his cheek, she gave him a long look and then gestured to the bowl, "Alright you, eat up. Take it easy," she said with a warm smile. She actually was sort of looking forward to nursing him back to health for the next few days... But she would never say that to him. Her lips pulled up in a bigger smile as she watched him.