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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Rethyn and Tristan : near the end of the first week

Another sleepless night, and Tristan found himself in the training room, yet all he was really doing was working on his spell pad. After another week of training, pulling spells have gotten faster, yet having them perfected was another thing. It seemed Deriea liked to tease him about that jelly that he poured all over Valyn. He was sitting there just enjoying the quietness of the room he was in, yet he had a few things on his mind.

Rounding the corner, Rethyn quietly paced down the hall to the training room. Over the past week the young man had seemly begun to do better as he had started to regulate his sleeping much better. He would usually only do his late night routes for a few hours before going to sleep himself. With the thought of his training on his mind he nearly didn't see Tristan as he glanced into the room and found his Seer upon his magic pad. Raising his brow he spoke out through the darkness.

"Another night?"

He slightly chuckled at the sound of his guardian's voice, "Give me a break," he said but wasn't trying to be mean to the other. He wasn't at all going to voice why he couldn't get any sleep. Of course the whole thing was comman knowledge in the household. "Don't run off though, we do have some things to still discuss."

Rethyn had an idea of why his Seer wasn't sleeping, but he wasn't going to voice it as he knew that would only make Tristan dwell on it. However, the second thing took Rethyn by surprise as he stepped into the room and slowly took a seat against the oposite wall. He wasn't surprised by the fact that Tirstan wanted to discuss some things, but why he had waited the whole week. However, he took a guess the Seer had a lot on his mind during that week.

"What did you want to talk about?"

Tristan watched him come into the room and sit opposite him. "Well, ok, what was going on with you a couple of weeks ago." Yeah maybe Tristan waiting to long to talk to him about this, yet it just seemed like having a sit down talk with your own protector was a near to impossible task or something. He noticed the changes though, and well he actually was grateful for them. Something told him though it had to do with a certain pink-haired seer.

Rethyn found himself stifening up a little as he was asked the question. It wasn't something he exactly wanted to talk about, but he knew Tristan had the skill to tell when he was deflecting questions. Instead Rethyn seemed to try to drag out the response as he said quietly. "You will think I am insane."

Tristan quirked an eyebrow at Rethyn, he had trouble with thinking his guardian normal in the first place, so what could possible make Rethyn think that Tristan would think him insane. Tristan shook his head, trying to make sense of that thought. Tristan didn't want to be mean or anything so he tried a different tactic, "So you mean more insane then normal," he was teasing of course with a slight grin on his face.

"Yeah...more insane than normal." Rethyn took notice of Tristan's teasing, but at the same time he took a little offense as a part of him didn't believe it to be entirely teasing. He had never spent much time with his Seer unless his Seer was in need, he didn't blame Tristan however as he knew how he was when he first arrived to the group. It had not been a good time to meet people and give impressions. However as his eyes angryily bore into the mats of the training room he found himself tainted with a little spite as none of them had any idea of what the nightmares were like. Sleeping or awake they'd still get to you, even if you had been hardened in the afterlife they could break people. They'd almost broke him without the intervention of Kilia.

Tristan's grin went away, "I am sorry that wasn't nice," he said, he didn't know why but he got the feeling that went in an entirely different direction then the way he intended. "You shouldn't be this hard to talk to you, you've saved my life, or protected it multiple times, and yet having a conversation is almost painful. Its not like that for you with other people, I guess I am jealous in a way."

Without breaking his eyes from the floor Rethyn said to Tristan "You're jealous, but I've been here the entire time. Everyone else has put the the time in while you haven't. I know more about you than you know about me...I know I didn't make it easy when we first met. I am sorry for that." Rubbing the side of his head he knew he might of not made much sense to the Seer, but that's what came from his mouth. He wished he could take the edge off his words as his eyes softened, but he couldn't. He didn't like to bring any sort of pain to his Seer.

Tristan cringed slightly, the guy was right, he hadn't made the time...nor the effort either. "You have no need to apologize, and really I have no excuses for not making the time." Well it wasn't entirely true, he had only one excuse, but at the moment even that seemed not good enough in a way. He could have made the time, somehow, if he really wanted to. He sighed, "I am making the time right now, so tell me."

Nodding, Rethyn held up an index finger to Tristan as he breifly flashed out of the room then back into the room. His new adopted expression looked hurt as he slid a square photo frame across the room to Tristan. "When Soran was kidnapped I went home and got this the hour before the rescue was to be done. It's an old family photo, I am sure you'll reconize Kazar, but I on the other hand..."

Rethyn paused as he watched Tristan quietly.

Tristan took the photo, he looked at the family in the picture and yes he did recogize the sister. Yet as he passed over the other's he had to look twice to figure out if the guy who he thought was his guardian was really his guardian, "Your blonde in this picture...and," what he was going to say was about the face. Yet Tristan had a hard time with finding the right words to voice that difference, so he left his 'and' hang in the air.

"I'm not who I was." Rethyn said through the darkness. "My life name isn't even Rethyn."

"Life name," Tristan repeated, he looked up through the darkness, "So...that means you died." Tristan really put that thought together going on context clues from others. He sort of wondered why he thought to put those clues and Rethyn together. Maybe it was like that from the beginning, Tristan could see something was different about this whole thing. Truthfully, he always had a hard time putting it all together. Yet, it was all a connection, or rather feeling connected to Rethyn that he was able to move on.

"Yeah, I died fifteen years ago. Your previous Guardian and my sister before her death tried to revive me. I recently found out it only partially worked. I never had a magic system in life nor even looked the way I do now." Rethyn looked at Tristan with steady eyes as he watched the boy try to put the bits and pieces together. It wouldn't take long, his Seer was quite bright.

Tristan looked at him and then turned away in deep thought, some things made sense even more now, yet there was other things still confusing him. "So...your powers they come from a god," it was the only explanation that made any sense. Even though he really couldn't comprenhend the whys just yet.

Rethyn nodded to his Seer. "That's right, I was mixed with a God's essence to help my revival," Rethyn stopped for a moment as he choked a little on admitting he was the horrid creation that he was. Breaking his gaze from Tristan he tried again to continue but stopped as he again felt sick. After what seemed to be a long moment of silence he said quietly. "I sometimes still wish I had my mask."

Tristan didn't ask the why to that comment, he already sort of knew. "May I ask a question," he stopped because he really didn't want to be insulting in this, "You said Kazar only tried...was it because of her death..that you came back." Of course he sort of thought he knew that answer...the way things happened between that morning and that night. His own reaction to Rethyn and thinking that he was a ghost or something probably was the best indication that they were connected.

"The way it was told to me was that even with her death it only brought me halfway there. The other half was because of-"

"Me." The voice pulsed through the room at a whisper. Rethyn's eyes went wide as his gaze darted from just off Tristan to the other wall of the training room to the left of the both of them.

Fixing his tie a little, the suited man leaned against the wall as his red eyes were upon Tristan. He face held the crocked smile of which would make skin crawl as he looked over the Seer. With a little whistle at Tristan he looked back to Rethyn as he said with a silther.

"So this is the guy you're always guardin'?"

The whisper that came into the room sent a shiver of fear through Tristan, he spun around with his fingers already near his pad. It was a knee-jerk sort of reaction, yet he hesisted with the others comment. Now with the appearence of this figure, this started to become clearer and Tristan wasn't going to bother with being polite, "So your the guy who makes it hard for him to sleep."

"Congrats...aren't you the perceptive one." Chimmed Death as he breifly looked over his nails.

Tristan narrowed his eyes, he wasn't really feeling up for anyone's crap at the moment...even Death's (which really was a guess who this guy was, of course a grim reaper costume would have been cooler). "No...not usually, and you interrupted us, so do you mind bothering someone else, maybe Elvis needs some company."

With a light chuckle Death spoke calmly and lightly as he replied with. "I'll remember to tell your pasted away relatives that one while I dig my fingers through their eye sockets and make them think about your demise when I am done up here." Regaining himself, Death politely coughed with a hand over his mouth before speaking to Tristan with high energy. "Now now, I am not here to interrupt, I am here to clarify for my little wraith here."

Rethyn had frozen up as his gaze to Death was that of fear. Tristan did not know what he was doing, Rethyn chuckled at Valyn even when he knew he wasn't going to stand a chance against the god. He would never in either his life or afterlife though make such comments to this God. In silence, Rethyn's eyes darted back and forth between the two. He wished he had his blade, but it was still out of the barrier where he had lost it during the last battle.

Tristan had gone slightly pale at the mention of his passed away relatives, none of which, save for maybe his grandmother, he really cared for, they were probably already thinking of his demise in the first place. Of course that probably had to do with the fact that he was only four at the time, and the fairness of them dying over him. "Clarify," he repeated and questioned and sort of commanded at the same time. What else was there to clarify, he glanced in the direction of his guardian, and noticed the fear in the others eyes.

And hell, that make him even angrier, yet he was trying so hard right now to control it.

"Hey! Careful now, you look as if your hair was about to catch fire. Oh! I know...low shot your hair is red. However, I won't make the joke your kind doesn't have a soul. Because it's true you do have one and like everyone else in this house I have plans for you...But I digress. My little wraith here was talking about what the extra soul in your body tried to do. To make it simple for you she sucked at it, and as amusing as it was to watch her fail at reviving the dead I chose to help. However, I got what I wanted too! She got her brother back, I got a child in a way. It's like a double win, except she's dead and trapped inside of you." Death shrugged his shoulders as he mockingly said "Ops."

Tristan took a deep breath, and moved his hand away from his pad, "You I really don't want to die, especially if I got to listen to your bad jokes all day. You got plans, fine, we all got to go someday anyways. Right now though if all you are going to do is try to piss me off, you've got another thing coming. I don't care, well not about your part anyways, the other thing in this room I do care about is him."

Chuckling at Tristan, Death replied with mockingly. "I may tell bad jokes, but you my friend tell horrid lies. The fact my son believe you really care for him as a being is a joke. I've taken interest in the place, I've watched all of you. And I know that's a lie." Shaking his head and chuckling quietly he pointed at Tristan as he said. "You say you care about him, but I was the one to tell him you think of him as a pet. Think about it. You never talk to him unless you need something. A couple weeks back you hardly talked to him until your lover was in danger. That was when he became someone...just a tool for you to rescue someone you actually care about."

Tristan glared...yet he didn't say anything, he actually could not deny anything the other was saying. Well he didn't think Rethyn a pet, but arguing about that one point wasn't worth losing the whole argument over. He did care though, it was that he didn't show it so openly with the guardian. He felt extemely guilty about that though, he had it settled that he would try harder. Finally he looked away from the suited man standing there and down toward the floor.

Cackling, Death's eyes bore into Tristan as he let the words slid across the room to Tristan. "So, anymore questions? If you don't have any I'll just tell you how much I loved watching your boyfriend cry from his nightmares and how those gods carved up his face...Though it wasn't very professional. My guys could of done it better..."

Without warning, Tristan had his spell pad up, his fingers quickly finding something to hit this god with, "you know what...fuck you," Tristan pulled a glass ball, he knew actually what it did and threw it at the god standing there, if it actually hit him it would turn into liquid form and surround the god in water.


As if it were Rethyn, Death laughed as he teleported away to avoid the glass ball. As the ball struck the wall where death once was it surrounded the area in trapping water with nobody inside. As the paralizying fear left Rethyn's eyes he rose to his feet and begun to leave the room in silence. With quick and short breaths he planned on heading straight for his room. Even with Kilia's protection spell he couldn't escape Death's grasp. That scared him more than anything, even with the visions gone he still had someone pulling the string and causing true nightmares.

Tristan should have known that he wasn't going to hit anything, "Rethyn," he said, "your just going to walk away." Damn...Tristan might of not really understood the whole thing, but he didn't think Rethyn was a coward.

Pausing at the doorway, Rethyn merely said the words "What." to Tristan. In his eyes there was nothing left to say. He had a feeling Tristan wanted more, but the Seer just didn't get it. Getting control of his breath he let out a small sigh.

Tristan really wanted to be a little selfish, perhaps a little mean, especially after all he got was a what. "I don't get it, I understand that much, I don't get this whole thing, but god I have a hard time watching you walk away from it."

Leaning a hand against the wall, Rethyn felt his stomach lurch as he held down a bit of vomit. It took him a long moment to speak as he tried to regain himself. "You want me to stand there and wait for him to come back? T-Tristian...If there's one thing about him you'd best figure out it's that he'll only come to you when he knows he can get away with it."

Tristan shook his head, and walked toward the guardian, "you misunderstand, I don't like the fact that now it feels like you are running. I know you feel like he has all the control." Tristan didn't know what else to add, if anything now he really felt as if everything he would say to the other was going to be perceived as as lie.

He really wanted to ask that question...does Rethyn believe Death and what he said about Tristan.

"So what if I am running." Rethyn said with a growl. "You catch a glimsp of what I delt with for fifteen years and you're telling me I am running away. You weren't there, you don't know a thing about it."

"No, I wasn't there, and no I don't know a thing about when is it going to be enough for you." Tristan said. "Or is it better that he just comes along and pisses people off, and drives them to the edge." Tristan was losing his point though.

Snapping Rethyn turned around as he made fists at his sides. "I don't know!" He roared. "I've been driven to the edge so many times I am numb!" Breathing heavily he looked to Tristan with emotion shaking at the corner of his eyes.

Tristan let the other yell at him, now at least he understood that emotion. "Then come up with a way to fight off the fear, because the one thing none of us can afford to do right now is to be afraid. I mean come on, when he starts being serious in his plans are you going to run away then too. Are you going to let him hurt the people around you. Despite what he says, and whether you believe it or not, I do at least have your back, I am not going to let you do this alone...because when you did that the other night, you totally freaked me out, I thought I lost you, and not you as a guardian, but you as a person. I never at one point thought about us...the only thing I couldn't get out of my head was what happened to you."

Tristan stopped for a second, "I am sorry for the last months, I haven't been there, and I should have. I should have tried harder and made you feel more important to me. I messed up there ok, and if anything would like to start over with you. If we can't communicate, then being any sort of team is going to be rather hard."

Rethyn had heard this kind of speech before and at first seemed to shut down as he begun to shy away from Tristan. He had turned his back to him and moved further down the hall until with the last bit of Tristan's words he stopped. Bringing in a deep breath he let it out before looking away from the ground and turning back towards his Seer. "I understand Tristan, I really do. I just need time to work on this alright? Undoing fifteen years isn't something I can just throw away..." He caught himself as he was about to ramble and closed his mouth as he replayed everything through his mind one last time before he spoke the words.

"Thank you."

Tristan didn't say anymore, he just nodded at Rethyn. He didn't think there was anything else to say at that moment. "You don't have to thank me."

Walking down the hallway over his shoulder, Rethyn replied. "I do."