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located in Dameria, a part of Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Soran Feliy Reigailia Character Portrait: Tristan Belvedere Character Portrait: Rethyn Jadgarus Character Portrait: Sina Virye
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Near the end of the Second Week

Soran was excited. Just one more day. One more day and he could see Tristan again... well... normally anyway. He had the entire two weeks to plan how he was going to spend that day. With so many ideas roaming around in his head, little fantasies of what he was going to do with the red haired boy when the following day came... He was in a daze as he sat there in the front yard, staring off into the trees. He didn't hear a word Deriea said as she was talking to them. No, he was hearing... other things in his own mind. His cheeks were a faint dusting of red as he sat there, cross legged and in his own little world.

That was until Deriea bent down in front of him and flicked his forehead rather hard. Soran fell backwards, his hands shooting up to his burning head as he winced and hollered out an 'ow' very loudly, "Deriea!!" he moaned in pain.

"Get your head out of the clouds, little mortal. This is important!" the Goddess snapped, clearly very angry with him.

He rubbed his head as he slowly sat up, pouting at her, "Sorry..." he mumbled.

Rolling her eyes she huffed as she straightened and crossed her arms, "If I didn't know any better I would think you'd been deprived of something. What is this to you? A freaking ferry ride? Pay attention and stop drooling. Humans are so weird. If you're going to day dream about your lover this entire time, then why don't you two go get a room and satisfy that urge of yours."

Soran's face turned a brilliant red as he sat there, his green gaze opening very wide and his mouth almost literally hitting the ground in his shock. Deriea certainly had no problems with announcing anything to the entire world. His heart seemed to stop and he found that it was quite hard to breathe. Shaking his head furiously he said, "No! No! I'm okay! I'll pay attention, I'm sorry!" the little blonde Seer didn't even want to look over at Tristan.

Both Rethyn and Sina turned to Soran but didn't speak as they weren't suppose to interupt Deriea. However, as Rethyn turned back to face the goddess and listen to her words Sina did not. Giving Soran a little pat on the shoulder she felt the stress coming from Soran as she caught him several times staring at Tristan. In her mind it was adorable that the two of them were missing eachother so much. With a little smile playing her lips she couldn't wait until they were together again to drop her plan upon them. She knew they'd be the perfect two to go along with it.

Kilia clasped her hands over her mouth as she tried her best not to laugh. She did feel sorry for the pair though. Being separated for so long... It must have been really hard. Honestly, she couldn't really imagine. As she watched Soran rub at his head, the pouting look on his face, she could only think one thing. He was adorable. No wonder Tristan was in love with him. She giggled and with that earned a rather chilling look from Deriea. Quickly covering her laughter, she looked away and settled herself with a quick glance up to the Goddess.

"I swear," Deriea said softly. She was obviously a slight bit irritated, "Pay attention. Eveylyn and Oni have moved, or rather... they're on the move and it's not going to be pretty. For these past two weeks I have put you all through rigorous training. I've done all that I can to get you into a somewhat decent fighting group. The rest is up to you all. You're to learn how to work with each other as you go along, but now that your skills have improved, some more than others," she said with a grin, "I think you can handle taking on the responsibilities that comes with being a Seer and Guardian."

Kneeling down, Deriea looked between all of them, "What your parents did before you is what you're going to start doing tomorrow night. Intervene in the war between the Gods. You're going to start putting them down. And since I've already explained that you cannot kill a God no matter how hard you may try, I will be with you. Cryio cannot kill another God because he's the God of.. well.. Life. You can't kill if you create life, it taints your hands, so you only have me. But that'll make him more useful to you, Kilia," Deriea's gaze settled on the pink haired Seer, "His protection spells are second to none. We can't risk having you possessed, but if it does happen, he can most definitely fix that for you... not that it'll be pleasant, mind you. But in any case, for the most part, no God is going to nab you with Cryio around."

Looking away from her, she set her gaze on Tristan and Soran, "You two, on the other hand, better keep your own protection spells up at all times when you're out there. And both of your Guardian's better be on the ball. If your Seer is possessed, don't waste time. Remove it as quickly as you can. You know how to do it by now, so don't dilly dally. You're going to be in the middle of an all out war, the last thing you need is a God taking over one of you and making it three times as hard. Understood?"

"Understood." Rethyn repeated the second part of what Deriea said. As he said it he took a moment to quickly glance over to Tristan before looking back to the goddess. The training had made him grow in terms of his abilities, his stamina had reached levels he didn't know as his teleportation range grew and so did too his strength in it. He could cloak further and move around faster than he ever could before. As the one guardian who's abilities provided mobility and utility over raw power, he knew that he had grown stronger. He may of lost his blade out in the woods during the last battle, but he had begun practicing with his knife once more. He knew he would have to go looking for the sword when he was allowed to, but for now he was more than content practicing the art he learned in his previous life.

Tristan was blushing as well, but he keep his gaze on the goddess. She had to be so loud with that statement didn't she. At least for the last couple of weeks he had been playing catch up, not only with her but his dad had keep him busy as well. He would often have to crawl to his own bed, which in a way kept him exhausted enough for him to actually get some form of sleep. He had to wonder a couple of things though with her announcement. Did that mean they were going to leave their house in the mountain and move back to the city.

Sitting on the other side of the group next to his guardian, Tristan's answer to having a separation with Soran was distance, not so much as to make the other feel like he was avoiding him. He would still talk to the other, but closeness was to much of a temptation to break the rules.

Deriea looked at all of them with a stern glint in her eyes. It was odd to see her so serious, aside from training of course, but even then she usually had her smirk going and teasing was always a given especially when she was throwing out insults to get them to work harder. For a moment, she looked... worried? Sad? Afraid? It was hard to tell because she covered it up rather quickly. Her gaze settled on Tristan, "Open your magic system. Can you bring out a map of the entire area please, I will show you what you're going to be doing starting tomorrow night. This house is your base of operations, so don't worry you're not moving into the chaos, you're just going out into for brief periods of time to get an upper hand in this war."

Tristan nodded and did as she asked, pulling up the map of the area they were in, there weren't to many populated places around. The town that was the closest was now empty, which was sad in a way. So he waited to see where she wanted to look first.

Deriea tapped her finger against her lip as she surveyed the area. Most the area was either in ruins or were abandoned due to the fighting getting too close. Her finger pointed to an area that was actually fairly close to where the main university was, "Here, zoom in here," she said to him.

Tristan did as she asked, zooming into the area that she pointed at.

"You may recognize it. The financial district that runs just parallel to the university you mortals are so found of filling up with souls every day. Why you would even go and sit in those chairs to listen to one single person day after day for hours on end is beyond me," she sighed and shook her head, "Anyway. Stray gods are roaming around this area and it's your job to get rid of them. Now, since we're not doing this like it used to be done years ago, it'll be a bit different," her gaze settled on Tristan again, "That nice little box contraption we've been working on the past few weeks... that's going to come in handy here. Remember, you can't trap a god in it unless it's been weakened enough to the point that it can't escape. So make sure you beat the hell out of the damned god or goddess before you go trying to encase it. Last thing I need is for you all to be attacked suddenly because the God recovered fast enough to do so," she rolled her eyes a bit.

"The box, if I recall, can hold up to three gods all at once inside of it. So, you're job is to go find yourselves three minor... let me repeat, minor gods. I swear if one of you goes after a major God I will kill you myself. Wound it so that it can't move, trap it, and bring it back to me so I can kill them permanently. It's the only way we're going to make a difference with this war. Otherwise, they'll just keep coming back in a few years and we're back at square one," she turned to Soran, "You are their eyes. Find a good spot to get in position with that nice sniper rifle of yours and direct them with the communication system you developed."

Deriea looked to Sina, "Patrol whatever building he's going to be on top of, keep anything that isn't yourself or your teammates away from him. Simple enough right?" To Rethyn, "Stay with Tristan, you two are going to be on the ground with Kilia who is going to protect you," She grinned a bit, "You guys are going to do the heavy lifting this time. Of course, with the bit of help you'll get from blondie over there. For the most part, you're the stars of this next round. Questions?"

Tristan glanced at Rethyn for a second, and hoped that they were ready for the task she was about to send them on. "So how do suggest we draw out these gods...or are they just going to come up and introduce themselves."

Deriea grinned at him, "They are scavenging. They're probably lower ranks to either Eveylyn or Oni and were left behind for the scraps. Don't worry about drawing them out, little mortal. The three of you Seer's are throwing around enough power as it is right now to attract a half a dozen Gods to you if I threw you out in the middle of a desert. And before you ask, the barrier and Cryio's protection spells are what's keeping this place relatively safe. I say relatively because if Oni really really wanted to, he'd come find you and it wouldn't be hard for him to do. So be thankful the ass is busy elsewhere."

Yeah that was what he thought she was going to say...damn. So what was to say that a half-dozen gods weren't going to be around the area. He shook his head slightly, he was thinking to much, if they carefully planned things out maybe that wouldn't happen. He had in mind that they had to be in and out as fast as they could.

The word scavenging didn't really sit well with him either, it reminded him of every zombie movie he had ever seen. He was scared, he had to admit that much to himself. He glanced in Soran's direction now, it was just to calm him a little.

"Alright, if there are no questions other than that, you guys are free to go. Tomorrow night. Meet here. We'll go over final preparations. Save your energy," she gave a meaningful look to Soran whose face grew bright red as he quickly looked away and didn't say anything. Only then did Deriea's harsh demeanor drop and she laughed. Soran frowned. Was it ever going to be the next day? He shot a quick, sultry glance over to Tristan... he couldn't wait.

Following Day : Day of the Raid

Freedom... at last! Soran thought as he glanced himself over in the mirror again. His heart was beating rapidly and he was up early, unusual for the little blonde. Running his fingers through his hair yet again, he fanned out the bangs that were slightly spikey. He'd pulled back some of the blonde strands with a clip, the hair fanning out. In his ears were his earrings again, visible once more since his long strands of yellow covered them up usually. He grinned a bit as covering his hands were the gloves that he'd worn many nights ago that had seemed to really win Tristan over. Loose fitted jeans and a nice black shirt, this one with buttons. Of course he'd been fussing over it for the past half hour. Some opened... or buttoned up? He couldn't decide. Finally he came to a comprimise and undid only a few of them, just enough to see his pale skin underneath, but not enough to give away anything.

Rocking back and forth on his heels, he eyed his appearance one last time -he swore it was the last time... jeez, almost worse than a girl-. He had a present for Tristan too. Picking up the flower that he'd created on his magic system he twirled it around in his fingers. As it went, the red petals opened up and glowed a bit, exuding a nice scent as well. If all went well, it would really get the red head going. After all, he'd been working on that particular present for quite a while. He quickly stopped twisting it in his fingers... breathing in the floral scent was starting to make him a little bit crazy. Biting his lower lip he opened the door of his room and just about ran down the hall.

It was still rather early, the sun was up, but usually people weren't moving around until about eight or nine am, it was six on the dot. Damn my excitement... he cursed and wondered if Tristan would even be awake as he hovered outside the door that the red head had been confined too. He put the flower under his nose and closed his eyes. Taking a breath, he reached up and knocked as he tucked the flower behind his back. He was already grinning as he waited.

Being at it was 6 in the morning, and with nerves and worries sort of knawing at him, Tristan had a very sleepless night. He had been up since a few hours before, and in a fruitless effort to keep his mind off thing, went to let some steam off in the training room. He got back upstairs and showered, thinking he might as well give up on the idea of sleep. He walked silently back down to the room he had been in and saw the blonde standing there. His got this grin on his face, cause he couldn't help but think how cute the boy was.

Not to mention that he must have been really eager as well...

Tristan walked up behind the other, "I don't think he heard you, try knocking louder."

Soran let out a gasp and whirled around. He backed away as well without thinking and hit the door. Trapped... was his first thought and his face ignited into a brilliant red color, the heat of it hurting his cheeks as he stared up at the red haired Seer. When his heart settled, he gave a laugh and then grinned at the boy. His eyes had their usual wicked light in them as he let them dance across Tristan's frame. He pulled his lower lip into his mouth and gave an approving little hum that he made sure Tristan could hear. His eyes traveled all the way down, and then all the way back up, very slowly.

"I have something for you," Soran said, the words probably having more than one meaning.

Tristan couldn't help but to grin slightly bigger as he noticed the others gaze. Yet he quirked an eyebrow as the other said he had something for him. He took a minute though before asking what it was to take in the others appearence. He had to admit, the other looked really hot, he even had those gloves on that Tristan thought were super sexy.

"What is it," he finally asked.

Soran noted the gaze and his face heated against his will. Keeping his grin, though, he pulled the flower from behind his back and twisted it around gently in front of Tristan's face, not too close but not too far either. The petals spread, a faint golden glow flooding the metallic looking treasure as the floral scent wafted lazily through the air between them, "For you. I think I made it better this time. It'll last longer, and you know... whenever you're... in the mood you can always just let me know," he teased, tilting his head back a bit, "Though I seem to recall you saying you were... always in the mood. Does that go for now too, baby? Because right now, you're really flipping sexy. And you smell amazing, and I really wish you'd just come over here and kiss me already."

Tristan couldn't help but to blush, and it wasn't even because of the flower. "I...," he cleared his throat. "Its beautiful," Tristan said, liking the scent the flower was giving off. He had to chuckle though at the blond seers next words. "You know...I don't seem to be the only one in the mood at the moment," he said as he stepped closer to the boy. The other had trapped himself between the door and Tristan, yet Tristan knew if he started kissing the other now, he wouldn't be able to stop. "I'll kiss you, just go inside first,"

Soran shifted his body around, his gaze dropping before he tilted his head down and gave a wicked little grin as he looked up at Tristan through his lashes, "And if I just stand here?" he challenged.

"There are still other people in this house Soran," Tristan said softly, "and if I kiss you right now, out here in this hallway, I am not going to stop with just the unless that is your kind of thing, I suggest going inside." Tristan didn't step any closer, or he would be in the zone of no return. He licked his lips as they had gone dry.

Soran lost all train of thought, Damn... was his only thought as his lips parted to allow a soft gasp through, his grin fading instantly. He hated when Tristan did that, but at the same time it made his heart beat fly erratcally and he sort of loved that feeling. Reaching back, his fingers groped around for the handle of the door before he found it because as it stood, he couldn't quite get his gaze to leave his boyfriends violet eyes that had that intense look to them once again. The one that drove his blood to heating rapidly and his face to grow a deep red. The door popped and creaked open. Soran took a step backwards into the room.

As the door opened and Soran took a step backwards, Tristan followed him, and would do so until they were both inside before closing the door and locking it. Tristan didn't waste another second with thinking, he closed the gap between them and pulled the other toward him in a kiss. He hoped it conveyed the longing, lust and love he had for the other.

The door closed gently, but it was the lock that made Soran's heart jump to the back of his throat as it was thrown, preventing anyone from coming in, and with Tristan's large frame between him and the door... He was officially trapped. But he liked that idea. In seconds, he was wrapped up in a tight embrace that he eagerly returned. Having not been able to touch the taller boy for two weeks straight had killed him... well figuratively anyway. His mouth was captured just as he hoped and he returned the kiss with his own intensity. It took mere seconds before he was finding it hard to breath properly. He pulled away, still pecking away at Tristan's lips though, "So... hot... damn it..." he panted, "I've really missed this," he said meaning the kisses. It was, after all, his favorite thing to do, "You're an amazing kisser, have I told you that yet?" he said, his gaze locked on the boys lips as he waited to be kissed again.

Tristan chuckled again, "You know I am only half of the kiss, you are pretty amazing yourself in that area." He again went in for a kiss, as if to prove his point. This time he pulled back, "I've just missed you, holding you, touching you." Tristan kissed the other again, and began to walk him backwards toward the bed.

He moved with Tristan, slowly working their way to the bed, locked in a heated kiss. He had his arms wrapped around Tristan's shoulders, but he was straining to hold him there. He was too tall, "Too tall," he uttered as he pulled back just enough. Locking his arms, he gave a little jump and pulled himself up using Tristan's shoulders and promptly wrapped his legs around the boys hips. with a grin, he settled there and hooked his legs so that he wasn't going anywhere, "Hmm... much better," he said as he leaned over and began biting the boys ear and neck and the soft spot between the shoulder and throat.

Tristan only mumbled incoherently as the boy wrapped himself around him with his legs, it made those last few steps rather interesting. Finally as they reached the bed, he stopped, he couldn't think straight enough to want to do anything but enjoy the other's bites on his ear and neck.

Finally when he realized that he was going to have to move, he turned and sat on the bed himself, with Soran still wrapped around him.

"Mm," Soran hummed a bit as he pulled away, leaning back just enough, "This is new. How about like this? Because then... I could," he leaned forward and began whispering into Tristan's ear all the thoughts he'd been putting together for the past few weeks. As he did that, his fingers traced circles around the boys shoulder, the other hand tangling up in his red hair. When he finished with the first portion of his thoughts, he leaned in, nibbled the ear and pecked a kiss on his cheek, "How bout that?"

Tristan chuckled, "I am willing...if you are able." He grinned at the other with a blush on his face. So the boy really had been thinking for the last two weeks.

"Oh... baby," he uttered, breathing the words in Tristan's ear now, "I'm able. Question is, are you ready? Think you can keep up?" he teased as he shifted around so that he was on his knees on the bed, lifted up a bit higher than Tristan, he had a different look now, the grin was gone, replaced by a sultry one, his green gaze languid as he looked down at the red haired Seer.

"Just watch me," he said as pulled the other down toward him for a kiss.

Rethyn had skipped out on the patrol of that night as he chose to rest instead. Rising much earlier than usual, Rethyn had stepped outside to watch the sun rise while practicing stretches. After an hour or so he went inside as he prepared himself a light meal of a single egg and two slices of bread. However with a little guilt eating at him he made a few extra hard-boiled eggs and placed them into the fridge for the others if the would want them when they rose or when they would return.

It wasn't long before Sina strolled into the kitchen and grasped at one of the eggs from the fridge. Giving Rethyn a small bit of thanks she had on a pair of headphones of which the volume was too high as Rethyn heard every beat. Making no comment to her, Rethyn had begun to clean up the pot he used as he thought the day out. He knew he had Tristan covered as well as protection from his Seer. After their "talk" Rethyn had begun to try to look upon his Seer more as a friend than someone he had to protect. At first he found it hard for himself as Tristan hadn't exactly gotten the best treatment from him at the start, but over time he'd tried talking to his Seer more around dinner. It was sad to consider, but the punishment of Soran and Tristan's actions had made it easier.

Frowning Rethyn knew he would have to make up for what he did to Soran too. As he stared blankly into the sink the high pitch voice of Sina caught him off-guard.

"Eh Blue-eyes, why're you staring off into the sink?"

"Please no..." Rethyn thought to himself before speaking with a sigh. "Because I'm thinking Sina."

"Well no shit you are, what about?" Sina retorted with a light chuckle. "Wanna tell me? I bet'ca I could help you out."

"Would I be insulting you if I said you couldn't?" Rethyn said back as he glanced over to the girl.

"We'll never know unless you say it Rethyn." Sina challenged.

"I need to give back to the others...I haven't exactly been the best person." Rethyn said before pausing. "So unless you have an idea that'll actually work..."

"Actually you and I have something in common Blue-eyes." Sina said as a little grin grew upon her face. "Mmmn...Come and see me when the day is done I'll fill you in on the plan."

Rethyn raised an eyebrow as he was about to ask her why she wouldn't just tell him now. But as she skipped away he sighed as clearly she wanted in the talking mood for it. Finishing up with the pot Rethyn quickly placed it away before heading to the living room. Once he reached there he took a seat in his favorite seat as he awaited for the others. By the door he had already placed his scavenged armor vest and his boots.