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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Juniper Daniels Character Portrait: Lillya Daniels
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The little nods to her questions came in quick succession, though there was a pause somewhere between her gift and the unpacking of their groceries. Juniper quietly reflected on her younger sister, though the movements of the other girl seemed to relax a lot more once their conversation had come to a halt. With the food put away and the task completed, Lillya had let herself out of the kitchen, leaving Juniper alone again and with her own thoughts. Hmm... it was so hard to figure out what pleased that little one. She had thought her joke funny--it had been funny, right? She shook her head, who was she going to question, herself? Of course it had been funny, but seeing as how her younger sister hadn't smiled in a handful of years, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that the joke hadn't invoked any laughter.

Now that she was finally alone, she could take out her bong and get to smoking some weed. With a bit of a sigh, Juniper recycled the bags, eying the pothos that was on the table. It was difficult to communicate to others what she saw when she looked at flora. To others, she was certain that all they saw was greenery. But in her eyes, there was always a little wisp floating around the plant--and that wisp was what she associated the plants' spirit with. That was what she spoke to. In a way, all living things had a little wisp floating about them--she liked to think that perhaps this was akin to a soul. But she didn't possess the talent to see the wisps of other people, only plants had this kind of energy to her. Though she had to wonder if the wisp was just the reaction of her magic with the plant life itself.

Being a witch was complicated. From day one, the rules and what was "normal" in this type of lifestyle always seemed to be in flux. In fact, she had to think that there was no normal--all of her family members had different talents, and none of those matched up with the skill set their parents possessed. But if there was one rule that never changed, one rule that they always had to abide by... be careful of witch hunters. Never trust a hunter, they would always try and get under your skin. And then kill you. The thought sent a shiver up her spine, but not one of pure fear. No, the thought always gave her uncharacteristic anger. Juniper was a calm girl, she'd known that for years. But if one thing could set her off pretty fast, it was a threat to her family. Hm, that reminded her of... Ary didn't like talking about it and she was pretty sure Carrie had been too young to remember the incident properly.

The second oldest Daniels shook her head, wrinkling her nose a little. Those were some negative memories, and that kind of energy wouldn't sit well with her aura. She couldn't let her new darling be exposed to such things, after all! Lips upturned in her usual smile, she coddled her pothos close to her chest as she left the table, moving towards the stairs up towards her room. Carrie hadn't come down to greet her yet, come to think of it, neither had Max. She half-suspected her youngest sibling was asleep by now--either that or probably watching some owls roosting elsewhere. And even Carrie was one thing, Carrie generally zoned into her own thing but Max usually was the first person she saw when she came home. Why wasn't he coming down? Did she have a reason to be worried?

Wait, come to think of it. Ary's car wasn't in the driveway. Did something happen? Hmmm.... No, if Ary was involved, it was fine--Max had probably lost track of the time when he was out taking photographs--he was such a diligent worker! Yes, that was probably it. And Ary, being a good brother, had gone to pick him up. Mmm, no reason to worry at all. She hummed to herself, going up the stairs to the third floor--Juniper had chosen her room to be the attic long ago. The heat rose the most there, and she had insisted the window panels be changed so that her plants could thrive in a makeshift green house. So it came as no surprise that when she entered into her room, it was a little stifling. But it didn't bother her at all.

Walking into Juniper's room was something like a jungle. She kept a variety of plants.... everywhere. Her personal favorite hung from the ceiling, a venus fly trap that refused to be stationary, so she had grown some vines around its' roots. To this day, it stayed rooted at the ceiling, several of the seedlings staring down at her, waiting for their next prey. Well, not all of them. Two of the traps were sealed--looks like somebody here already found some food. She managed to push her way through the vine covered lump that was near her doorway for some reason (were her plants moving around) and settled on to her bed, which was half leaves at this point due to all the over-growth.

Mm, maybe she had time for a quick meditation session before Ary returned home. With a content sigh, she closed her eyes, letting herself be overwhelmed by the scent of flowers, roots, and fresh soil as she slipped into her own mind.