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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Maxwell Daniels Character Portrait: Ara Daniels
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Max was only slightly irritated. Ary was in his "Not going to listen to reason easily mode", combined with the fact he wasnt aware it wasnt even 8PM. SOmething Max would have to remind him of. "Ary, its not even 8PM yet. I never snuck out, because I hadn't even gotten home yet". He did smile when Ary yelled at the guy.

In truth, there was another reason Max had been avoiding the return home. In their backyard was a tall tree with a treehouse in it. He and dad had built that treehouse together, with only minor magic involved. ANd it was visible coming home. If anyone ever asked him if he wanted it taken down or concealed though, he would outright refuse, and get pissed at you. Max was stubborn like that. Their dad had jokingly promised Max they would put a TV up there. If it goes, he cant keep his promise.

But Max knew that would never happen. He more then anyone else. He got into the car, and looked out the window. Something was bothering him, but whatever that thing was he wasn't speaking it. It was likely something related to their parents though. In truth, it was something only he knew.

The Witch Hunter had killed his parents by ramming a car into theirs and smashing them off the road, before putting two bullets in each of their heads. What Max had never told people was that he had been in the car too. They had picked him up from Paintball with some friends. However, when the car crashed into the side of the road, he had managed to get out quickly and run.

He saw them get shot. And he just ran home, pretended like he never saw it, and claimed they never showed up to pick him up. He was scared about what people might think, if they knew he just left them there and ran. Max almost never ran. He was too stubborn.

Seeing the cops again reminded him of that day. He looked back at Ary and forced a smile. An ill-concieved smile that was about the worst attempt to cover up what he really felt, but it was still there. "And I know that Ary. Why do you think I didn't? I am not stupid".