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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jordan Daniels Character Portrait: Juniper Daniels
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Jordan sat with her back against the rough bark of the tall ash tree. She listened to the hooting of the owls with her eyes closed, imagining herself soaring among them. A Barred Owl sat on her knee, tickling her nose with his feathers. Opening her eyes, Jordan stroked the owl's wing. He visited quite often and was used to her. Settling comfortably against the tree, the small girl looked up at the sky. The owl fluttered off as Jordan sat up with a start. She should have been home a while ago. Easily dropping off the ledge she had been sitting on, Jordan ran back towards the home that the Daniel children shared. Ara would take some calming, but she doubted any of the rest would care or be worried.

Slipping in through the front door, Jordan didn't see anyone, not even her big brothers. Juniper had been here, she could tell by the plant soil on the table. Otherwise, Jordan didn't know where her siblings were. They can take care of themselves, Jordan thought. She cheerily skipped to Juniper's room. She didn't hear any odd noises, so Juniper was probably doing her meditation. Jordan knocked, but walked in without any answer.

Jordan was met with both heat and humidity as the door opened. Stepping inside, the small girl admired the life in the room, like a tiny forest. It got her every time. "Juniper?" she called softly, scanning the room for her sister. "It's me, Jordan. Can you come back to Earth?" Jordan teased, sitting next to the red-headed older girl. She stroked the leaves of a nearby flower. Juniper probably knew the name, family, and mood of this plant. Settling into the warmth, Jordan fought a battle to stay awake. Yawning, she leaned in towards Juniper and smiled softly.