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located in Italy, a part of Bitten | The Rivalry Reborn, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Today was a day like any other for the Alpha.

He was out roaming around camp until three or four last night, even though those weren't his hours for watch. It was simply because Lykos could not sleep. That wasn't anything new though, and his wolves knew not to question his admittedly odd sleeping schedule. As long as he still got things done and was in the right mind, they knew he would be able to go on, even with his lack of sleep. Because even though he hadn't collapsed in his bed until four thirty, Lykos was still up at seven, ready and rearing to go once again. Six hours he had gotten in the last forty eight. After showering all the grime off of him from running around in the woods last night, Lykos had settled on the comfy porch chair he had insisted they get last year with a book and a Gatorade. He nodded in the direction of the wolves that came in not long longer, and then again at the wolves that left a few minutes after. It was the pack switching shifts. He always had someone running perimeter, if not two or three wolves. Usually he joined them like he had last night. Today something told him to stay where he was.

Lykos had heard of the death of yet another vampire. And like always, he questioned his pack. None of them admitted to being the one to kill the blood drinker, and he had no reason to not trust them. His pack had never done anything to make him lose faith in their word. Lykos hardly ever even used his Alpha voice, even though he knew it would make them do what he wanted, it also caused them slight pain and discomfort. It was easier to just deal with the occasional not wanting to and fights, especially when he wanted his pack to trust him. He didn't want to be a boss to them, he wanted to be a leader.

Like most male wolves, Lykos only had a pair of loose black sweatpants on as he lounged on the porch. And while he wasn't overly muscled, it was pretty obvious to most that he wasn't someone to mess with. Back to the point though, it wasn't like he was half-naked for no reason. It was ten times easier for most wolves to wear as little clothes as possible, because there was no telling when you would have to shift, and Lykos for one did not want to ruin his clothes. Sweatpants also stood a better chance at not being torn to shreds, especially when they were loose, like the ones he wore. The Alpha was pulled from his thoughts when one of wolves on watch used the pack bond to get his attention. "Vampires. There's... maybe four at most. They're in a car." Lykos frowned at first, putting his book to the side and standing up. He moved to the porch stairs but did not descend, instead leaning against the wooden post. "Everyone up. The bloodsuckers have arrived. Be ready, but do not attack without my word." There was a very faint use of Alpha command from Lykos as he spoke to his whole pack through the bond. He had to make sure they listened, this was serious. An easy smile was on his face as he waited for the vampires to make an appearance.