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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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When Carrie snuck back into her room she had picked up a pencil and started to doodle in her drawingpad. The drawings on the pad varied from chibis of her siblings to little stickmen doing backflips. As the pencil sketched across the paper, she heard more doors open and close. And running water which indicated someone was taking a shower. Carrie thought it was weird someone was showering so late, but then again she showered in the mornings. The pencil stopped moving, causing her to zone back into what she was doing. She had been doing that a lot lately. The picture she had drawn was unfinished but she knew what it was. It was dark and sinister looking, and Carrie knew that it had to be a Hunter. Her blue-green eyes had never laid eyes upon one in real life, or at least that she remembered, but she knew the drawing resembled one.

Rolling off her bed, she got up. The drawingpad and pencil stayed on the bed, as she headed back to her computer. Carrie's life was an endless cycle, and she knew this. Wake up, go to school, draw, go on her computer, draw, go back on the computer, and then go to sleep. Sometimes the last part was replaced with playing cello, but other than that it was the same. She also knew that she should break that cycle. Like that was ever going to happen.

With her mouse, Carrie pulled up a program for writing documents. She had been meaning to do this for a while now, write a letter that is. She started it off with "Dear Mrs. Smith,". The letter took Carrie very little time to write. It was short, but it got to the point. It explained that Carrie no longer is to attend regular meetings with the person who was to retrieve it, her couselour. When the highschool girl's couselour caught wind of the death of her parents, Mrs. Smith had pulled Carrie out of class to talk to her. The counselour had then asked her to stay after school that day, and the next day after that, and the next. Something about understanding her loss and wanting to help her to get through it.

The letter was also a response to another letter that had been from Mrs. Smith and addressed for the teen's older brother, and now parental gaurdian, Ara. Her brother had yet to see it though, and Carrie wasn't planning to let him see it. You see, the mistake she had made was giving the letter to Carrie instead of skipping the medium and handing it to him in person or better yet, sending him an email. The counselour's letter talked about the meetings, and what she had gathered from them. The letter included numbers for therapists, and informative sites about passive agressive teens. Carrie also thought the letter and it's writer were crap and that Ary shouldn't have to worry about it. That's why she hadn't shown it to him.

Anyways, it sucked up thirty minutes of her time after school everyday. Those thirty minutes were also filled with tears from her over-emotional counselour which annoyed Carrie further. Thus Carrie made the plan to write up a letter explaining that she no longer had to attend those waste of time meetings and her 'problems' were already being solved. The letter ended with "Sincerely, Ara Daniels." Before printing it out, she quickly scanned it for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Once she hit print, she headed out to the printer which unfortunately for Carrie was not located in her room.

On her way out, she passed towards one of her siblings' room. Popping her head in, she saw only Lillya whose damp curls indicated she had been the one to take the shower only minutes before. Carrie was surprised to see Max wasn't home yet. She shook her head, and silently prayed to a god she didn't believe in to make sure the thirteen year old got in some deep doo doo.

"Hey." Carrie greeted her younger sister. Her body turned to leave again but she stopped when something crossed her mind, "Do you know what Ary's signature looks like?" She turned back to look at Lilly. To make the letter look more authentic, she would need a handwritten signature, and Carrie had to admit, she couldn't remember what his looked like. In fact, she had no idea what any of her other siblings signatures looked like.