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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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The warm shower had felt amazing on her sore muscles. After having lost count on the amount of times she’d hit the ground rather hard in one sitting, she was surprised she was still able to move like a normal person. Then again, she never wanted to get caught nor have the questions asked by her family that she would refuse to answer for their sakes. The less they knew the more protected they would be and one day she was going to be able to protect them no matter what came at them. She was determined to make it happen and not to fail.

Lillya sat in the middle of the room, crossed legged. Her eyes were closed as she took a few deep breaths. She had to make sure she was calm, even though Caleb had been training her to make them quick and under pressure. Her home barriers meant she could take her time and do what needed to be done. Her nightly routine never changed. She always reinforced her shields and tried to push them further and further. One day she knew she would have the entire house and yard protected, but she wasn’t nearly strong enough yet. Her trainer was trying to change all of that. He’d pushed her barriers to where they were now.

As the eleven year old breathed out she could feel her energy levels rising. She could feel her powers growing. She could see the green color as it surrounded her. A small smile formed on her lips as she made them circle around the entire room, above and under as well as throughout the space. Then she started pushing it out as much as she could. She could see it all in her mind just how far the barrier was stretching. She had it almost a third of the way into the hallway.

When Lily felt her powers had reached their max, she allowed the barrier energy to swirl around until it grew into a bright white to let her know it was done, which was her problem with creating the barriers in a hurry. She was never sure if they were done or not, never fully sure if they were completed or just there to look pretty.

Only she could see them. And none of her siblings ever seemed to notice that they’d walked into her barriers before. If they did, they had never said anything. Which was fine with her as it meant other witches or the ones that hunted them wouldn’t know about them either.

With a deep breath, she allowed her power levels to come back to her. Her heart rate had increased. She was even more tired after the day she’d had, but every day was getting better. As she stood up the door opened. She turned half expecting to see her roommate. Only it wasn’t Max. It was Carrie.

Max isn’t home yet… This could be really bad. Maybe I should tell Juniper… No, no, he’s fine. He’s got to be. Still she couldn’t shake the thoughts that something bad had happened or was going to happen. But she had to chalk those fears up to their parents’ death.

Lillya waved to her older sister, the only one who seemed to understand her as she started to leave. She was used to it. They tended to do that to each other. Nothing really said nothing ever really needed to be. It was like a visual confirmation that the other was there, alive and everything was good. No need to add anything extra.

But when her sister turned back towards her, she knew it meant she needed something. The question came and the girl wanted to smile to herself. She was right. But Ara’s signature…

Wait… I think I do. Ara has to sign my binder everyday for my progress in school. Not like I ever get into trouble but still… I wonder if he just initials it or if it’s his whole name? I can check. Mine or Jordan’s will have it. Why does Carrie need it?

Lily went over to her book bag and pulled out the binder she was required to have on her at all times during school. She opened it up and looked down through it. There were quite a few initials, but on one of the pages about her refusal to speak at all now was his signature. A paper that came right after the deaths of their parents. With a shake of her head, she held up the binder to her sister, her brows furrowed in confusion, her silent way of asking why.