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located in Justicar Base Camp, a part of Pandemonium's Gate, one of the many universes on RPG.

Justicar Base Camp

The camp where the Justicars stay, hidden from the demons on the border of Pandemonium.


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Character Portrait: Akuma Sayako Character Portrait: Phoenix Mortre
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Akuma lay on the ground and grinned a wolfish smile, revealing all four rows of pointed white teeth. The Rat was quick on her toes, she'd give her that but her attacks were wild and unfocused, making them far less effective. Akuma didn't even bother getting up from the dirt, this demon really didn't understand her at all. She twirled the dagger between her fingers while her other hand firmly gripped another kunai. She had several of them hidden all over her body. This little demon just didn't understand what was in store for her, her naivety made Akuma laugh, and she never laughed.

"You just don't understand, do you Rat? You think I'm done playing games? I haven't even started yet. You think my title is misplaced? Just remember it was given to me for a reason, look at that tree over there and tell me what you see." The tree in question had the a kunai embedded in it. The same kunai that had cut the Rat's neck just moments ago. The bark around the kunai was turning black with rot and the poison was spreading every second. The blood that still remained on the blade was thick and clotted and the green from the poison mixed with the red and turned it a deathly brown.

"You see what's happening to that tree? It's going to happen to you if you don't get some help soon, and I don't think there's a soul out there, demon or human, that would be willing to help you. So you see, I've already won this fight. You can still try and attack me with your little scratches and bites but in the end you will die and nothing can change that. However, I just may be able to save you. I doubt you'll take my offer but I'll never know unless I try. I will heal you, take all of the poison right out of your little body and make you healthy again and all you have to do, is sign on the dotted line."

Death snapped her fingers and a rolled up piece of parchment and a pen appeared in a puff of smoke. She pointed towards Rat and the paper unrolled itself and levitated towards her. On top in large letters it read 'CONTRACT' and below that were the terms of her agreement. It said 'If I Akuma Sayako save you The Rat from certain death then you The Rat must assist the humans in winning the war. You The Rat do no have to answer to anyone but me Akuma and you will be under my protection against any and all humans. You The Rat are not allowed to kill any humans unless they pose a direct threat to your life and I am not around. Once the war is over you will be free of this contract and allowed to do as you please to both humans and demons. At the bottom of the contract it said 'SIGN HERE' ___________________________

"One last thing Rat, there's no ink in that pen but just dip the tip in that cut on your neck and you can sign with that. Sign with that infected, poisonous blood of yours. You'd better make a choice quick because by my count it looks like you don't have much time left. Your nervous system will start to shut down soon and you'll go blind shortly after that so you might want to hurry this along."