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located in Justicar Base Camp, a part of Pandemonium's Gate, one of the many universes on RPG.

Justicar Base Camp

The camp where the Justicars stay, hidden from the demons on the border of Pandemonium.


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Character Portrait: Akuma Sayako Character Portrait: Phoenix Mortre
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The Rat didn't move as the paper floated to her. Sign? she thought. She had never learned to read or write and at this moment reading would have been impossible as she was only seeing vague outlines of everything around her. She was left not knowing what to do. She could feel the poison now, after the adrenalin had pumped for the fight it had only increased the poison's decent further into her body. She could feel her limbs starting to shake and twitch out of her control. Her decision, as she couldn't read the contract at all, was a rash decision. All that went into her thinking was she didn't want to die yet, she could figure out the contract rules later.

"...and you'll go blind shortly after that so you might want to hurry this along."

"Too late for that," Phoenix said. She wiped two of her fingers, hand shaking, and brushed it across the bottom though it wasn't necessarily on the line it was the best she could do. Phoenix knew there would be a double standard that would pop up eventually, but for now she was a safe. Demon's who made contracts always kept their word, not to say they weren't a manipulative bunch and they always chose their wording well, but whatever was in the contract would be kept. It was demon's like the Rat who never ran straight. Their decisions would typically be made on whims and they could change sides with the snap of a fingers even if they had promised. However, Phoenix, once she knew what the contract said, knew she would have to follow this one either that or this woman would kill her. The small demon had to always think about her survival, it was a constant. If she made one enemy "happy", or not wanting to kill her, she would keep it that way as long as she possibly could.

"Seeing as she is blind right now, the Rat wonders if you could read her what was written on it?" ]Phoenix asked. Her body changing it's mood. She had gone from rigid and ready to fight to the death to more relaxed. Instead of in a position that would lunge her again at the Angel she now sat cross-legged on the ground, leaning on her arm which were placed in the center of the circle her legs made. Though she was finding it hard to hold this position as her limbs were now starting to jerk even more from the poison's attack on her nervous system.