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Snippet #2532222

located in The Forest Asylum, a part of Forest Asylum, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Forest Asylum

Welcome to the Forest Asylum.


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"Great, now we're all besties, can we get going? Staying in one place and making lots of noise is probably a bad idea, you know."

Some guy who decided to make his big reveal showed up.
"Yeah, sure, pretend you didn't basically just rephrase what I just said." Walter rolled his eyes at the wannabe ninja. His words falling on deaf ears they idly started in a direction, the lot of them walking on to their destination. He wasn't much too worried about the new guy but if this stranger was too much an issue he'd just split paths with the group and do his own thing. After all, none of them were all too attached to just say bye and forget each other even existed. At least, that's how he saw it. He worked best on his own skills and he wasn't gonna let the brooding edgy kid cramp his style.

As they were about to get anywhere there was mortal combat going down not too far ahead. Clearing out from the foliage he could see some random girl fighting a screwed up looking kangaroo thing. Before he could put his two cents in on the subject the only other guy in the group rushed to her aid. A shame really. He analyzed the situation at a lightning fast pace. I wish we'd of shown up a bit later so it'd already of finished her off before that putz finished off whatever the heck that dumb looking wrinkly thing is. Two birds, one stone and I wouldn't of even had to have lifted a finger. Oh well, guess not all wishes come true. He saw an opportunity to cut down on competition slip past. Yeah, this guy was probably gonna cramp his style. In any case he did away with the pitiful creature fast enough. Oh look, ice powers, guy thinks he's a ninja, whatever. Basically summed up his recollection of the fight.

As the creatures intestines spilt to the floor, the animal itself collapsing over the pile of it's own guts gurgling a wounded cry in it's own defeat, he just strolled up to the sad soon to be dead thing. He wasn't even phased by the brutal gore caused by the animal's wound. Meh. I'm a modern gamer, I've seen worse and rendered nearly as well as this. Can't say I'm not already desensitized to this stuff. He wasn't going to let a little bloodshed break his stride anytime soon.

"You... You know each other, I assume?" Cynthia asked the most redundant question ever considering the guy knew the girls name. He just rolled his eyes, starting on this thing's tusk since they looked much too useful to waste.

He started by cutting away the excess which was between him and the piece of it's face he actually wanted. Nothing of his was getting bloody since any time blood came in contact with his stuff it turned to water. That made dirty work far more tolerable. Eventually he found the base of the tusk itself. After a bit of chipping he eventually pried the ivory prize from it's mouth. With some time and effort he now had a little something to help out. Now to check one important detail.

Yup, it's hollow... mostly. He was happy to see this beast's tusk was the hollow type but it still had some unpleasant stuff like nerves and stuff which he could honestly do without. He scooped up some of the beasts own blood from it's torso which ran free with the stuff with it's own horn. Once in the horn the blood quickly became a potent drain cleaner AKA sulfuric acid which he gently swirled around inside. The inside of the horn burned and hissed like someone was cooking steaks inside it. After a short while when the loud sound of acid eating flesh became a bit quieter he figured he'd turn this stuff into something else before it started to eat through the tusk as well. Quickly any and all acid within the horn turned into harmless water.

He dumped the fluid out over the now dead creatures face, the water and what little was left of the inside contents of the horn spilling into it's ugly dark brown fur. Now he had exactly what he wanted: a practical cup for holding fluids. Now, time to get myself a proper drink to celebrate my own ingenuity. He was fairly certain he missed most if not all of what the others were talking about but he didn't exactly care either. Extra luggage was extra luggage, no putting a good spin on that inconvenient truth. He figured the sooner they figure out what the heck was going on the sooner he can get out and back to what he did best: Make loads of money off suckers.