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Snippet #2535156

located in Finite Realm, a part of The Order of the Seven Seals, one of the many universes on RPG.

Finite Realm

This is the universe as we know it, bound by limits and rules that weren't meant to be broken. But that isn't to say they're not.


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Character Portrait: Xi
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2 Months Ago

Xi stood, staring into the eyes of Vul, a good friend of his that Xi often spared with. Each held a firm grasp on their wooden training swords as they circled each other. Now he is not my friend. Now he is who I must spar. Xi thought as Vul rushed him on two legs. Xi dropped to all fours, shooting between the legs of Vul and throwing his tail. With his tail in the air, Vul tumbled slightly, barely getting his shield up in time to block Xi's strike.

Vul then struck Xi in the chest. Reacting without forethought, Xi slammed his now lowered head straight into Vul, causing the two to crash into the walls of the wooden arena. Xi's head rung as he felt the vibration of the crash rippling through his scales, producing a ring that the wrenn referred to as the "Battle Ring."

Being further from the wall, Xi was the first of the two to recover, going for a strike with his sword. Vul slumped down, driving forward with his shield. Reacting to being charged at, Xi rolled out from the shield charge's way, bolting after Vul with his sword out to his side. This caught Vul off guard as Xi struck him with the flat side of the sword, knocking his friend to the ground.

"Good fight." Spoke Xi, reaching his hand out to help Vul back up. "I never get a bad fight outa you." Replied Vul, taking Xi's hand as he pulled himself up. "May your scales shine, hatch-brother." Both of the wrenn spoke with smack of their tails on the ground before walking off to their own places.

Xi headed back to his home among the tree. It was a simple three room bark building with only one window per room. Xi was more than happy to have this nice of a house without even having mated yet. He had the building set up with the kitchen being the room that you enter into it at, with the bedroom entrance to the right, and his collection to the left.

Walking into the kitchen, Xi closed and locked the door, as was normal before he went to clean off his mementos. He put his training sword onto the wall, taking down his regular short-sword and placing it in his hip sheath. Xi then opened the door to see a scaleless, fur-less creature holding Xi's favorite geode of his collection. The creature, with outstanding ability on two feet, leapt out the window. Xi shot out after it, sprinting on all fours across the branch and down the leaves.

The creature then made a jump onto land that Xi knew he couldn't do, however, Xi jumped off the leaves and dived into the small river that followed the root that the creature was running on. Xi followed it, gliding through the water and quickly gaining on the creature before it reached ground that Xi couldn't swim along. The wrenn then launched himself out of the water after the thieving creature.

Xi chased the creature through the dirt portion, only about a mile in length, of the ground of Vianthorus. This creature fled to an abandoned swarm's tree. A tree that stood as a reminder to the wrenn that the winged ones could launch another crusade at any time. The creature then shot through a door, Xi following suit.

Xi stood on two legs with great surprise. He was in a hall unlike any that he had ever seen before. Xi took a deep breath in through his mouth, tasting the cool, calm air that remained rather scentless. He could hear small sounds and feel the clashing of swords in the distance.

Present Day

Xi lay in the center of a forest on the world of Terronia. This was one of his favorite places in the seven worlds to be, as the forests reminded him of the swarm that he could not yet return to. Terronia also had the upside of a lack of empyreans, the beings he had once called winged people.

To Xi's side, a river flowed gently, the vibrations from the water's movement sounding extremely calming through the dirt. The trees created enough shade for Xi to be at the perfect relaxing temperature, and the subtle sound of animals scurrying through the trees.

Xi sat up. It was time to practice again. He crossed his legs and left his tail straight, acting to help balance Xi in an upright position. Xi closed one hand into a fist, grabbing it with the other as he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. His unnaturally metallic shine grew to that of looking like he was made of freshly polished metal. Around him, the grass began to slowly grow, almost three inches, a few buds on the trees became leaves, and several flowers came to an early bloom.

Xi constantly practiced his botanokinesis, seeing it as being useless in combat. He wanted it to be useful in combat, more than any of the abilities that the order had trained him in. This, however, was not something that Xi wanted to rush. He had learned that magic is something to take in moderation and with great care, a lesson he had learned when he nearly knocked himself out throwing lightning bolts at a training dummy a week, or so, ago.

Xi opened his eyes, peeking around at the changes, feeling the longer grass, taking in a mouthful of air and smelling the freshly bloomed flowers. Xi then when to shout in happiness, his tongue flailing out of his mouth. He pushed it back into his mouth with his hand, taking a deep sigh at knowing what he did. Oh well, he would just have to say away from those who he communed with.

I'm gettin hungry. Xi thought. His head bolted around as his hands had their palms pressed to the ground. He could feel several squirrels, but none were on the ground... yet. Then one bolted down a tree, chasing after a nut that had fallen. Xi began to become more again as the squirrel floated into the air, slowly drifting towards him. The squirrel, after a minute or so, was now in Xi's grasp, who promptly stabbed the claw on his pointer finger into the head of the squirrel, quickly killing the small mammal. With it now dead, Xi swallowed his meal whole.

As Xi noticed that the sound from the river no longer traversing through the dirt, he became distracted by the color of some of the fresh blooms. Then by the feel of foot steps. Then the bright light. Then the reflection from the light of his scales showing on the trees.

"Focus and speak." Came a loud voice from the being as it watched Xi. Hearing this voice, Xi turned to the being before him, going to say something as his tongue shot sideways out of his mouth. The figure then did what seemed like a wave to Xi, who could feel his ability to focus return to him.

"Listen, young Archite. The time for you to show your greatest abilities is coming soon. You will be faced with a foe the likes that you have never seen before. I need you to aid those who protect all my creations." Idros spoke as Xi finally understood what was speaking to him. "I will." Xi replied smacking his tail off the ground. When his tail had reached back to its normal position, Xi could feel the sound of the water again.