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Snippet #2535295

located in Finite Realm, a part of The Order of the Seven Seals, one of the many universes on RPG.

Finite Realm

This is the universe as we know it, bound by limits and rules that weren't meant to be broken. But that isn't to say they're not.


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Character Portrait: Mystra Ahulaani
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•?((¯°·._.• MŸŚȚŖÄ ÄȞŮĻÄŅŅÏ •._.·°¯))؟•

On the planet Terronia, deep in the Forest of Songs.

Tiny screeches rang like along with the approaching noon. The insects were alive and had been shouting out their praises in the deepest nooks of the forest where only the smallest of creatures could enter. As she walked and heard the singing, the songs reminded her of the old memories of herself as a foxling, deeply entranced with the mysteries of where the songs had been coming from.

She searched and searched until the days ended to no avail until the very moment when her mother informed her that these insects were as tiny as specks of dust and could not be seen. Looking up to her Mystra asked why they were so small to which her mother gently intoned, "They're small so that no beasts may find and swallow them. If they were swallowed then their songs couldn't be heard."

At that moment she realized that the insects would forever remain a mystery and the only evidence she would have of their existence was in their songs. Even now fully grown, her strong ears listenend to the slight distancing of reverbs and the subtle changes in the number of halts after each screech. This signaled the change in song where the insects would abruptly either quicken their bellows or gradually slow them down. No matter what they had been singing about, the song of the insects always gave her a feeling of clarity and peace.

Evidently enough, it wasn't just the songs of these creatures that paved the way to her never ending curiosity. Walking along the grassy path she decided to plot herself down next to her favorite tree, her tail coming around her knees to form a nest. It was said to be one of the oldest throughout all of Terronia and she had fallen in love with it's heavily serrated edges and oddly twisting branches. It was also one of the largest trees and one could even see it's head brushing out of the forest top from miles away.

Sitting there she could always feel is it's energy pouring into her almost as if it had been welcoming her each time she came for a visit. It was the same tree that offered it's leaves for shelter during the mightiest downpour she had ever experienced. Grazing her finger along the trunk she could still remember herself laying there as child, cold and frightened unable to fathom what had transpired only moments ago. Thinking about that terrible night she could almost feel the blade penetrate her abdomen yet again and with it the painful cries of her kin being slaughtered. The scar still so fresh to this day remains hidden under a dark red sash tied around her waist.

Nothing would hurt an innocent child more then to have those who they loved taken from them, and just as quick as lightning comes and goes, so were her parents lives stolen in less then an instant. Suddenly as if her senses had fallen and she thought she could see the form of someone else, she raised her hand in attempt to grasp something, a strong shoulder or a friendly hand as it were. Something in her mind told her someone was there. The winds howled as a cool breeze winged her palm and she felt the horrible realization of being, yet again, abandoned by another...

Watch for splinters, a voice suddenly whispered. The insects became silent.

Mystra quickly reeled her hand and jolted at the thought of the tree actually speaking to her. Checking to see that she hadn't accidentally gotten a splinter she quickly began to survey the tree, for what she didn't know but be any sign of it having suddenly come to life.

"Do not fear me foxling," the voice said it's voice echoing through the forest, "I've come to seek your aid."

Anxiously she raised herself, her large ears began to twitch as if meaning to brush off a coat of snow that had just fallen. Her eyes watched the old tree in heightened alertness. Her tongue remained lodged behind the bars of her teeth and with it she lost the ability to speak.

"Trouble speaking I presume?, " the mysterious voice intoned, "perhaps turning around and seeing me would help, though my dear, I'm not sure if talking to a tree would prove of much use."

As if to become entranced by what the voice had told her Mystra slowly began to turn herself. Slowly but surely, her pupils sharpened as the sphere of light came into her face. First it grazed her cheeks, than her nose, her eyes and finally her lips.

"Do not be afraid. I've come to tell you that the world you love is in absolute peril. It's in dire need of your protection."
Having said this Mystra found herself still as if time had frozen her. Bewildered and confused, there was nothing she could say.

"Do not worry foxling, for I have faith in you. In time you will achieve your true power and with it the strength to guard all things in existence."

Suddenly a loud bang thundered in to her ears. As if it were a warning shot Mystra quickly summoned a ball of fire ready to defend herself. The flames churned granting a dark silhouette on the side of her face, the embers gleamed on her fangs no longer hidden. It was a few seconds before she realized it was only a pair of rambunctious forest oxen locking horns with each other. Heart still pacing, Mystra found herself at trouble with catching her breath. Why the animals had been fighting held no interest to Mystra. It was simply natural for the animals in the wild to often come to a sudden disagreement.

Turning herself around she realized that the light had gone. Her sharp eyes looked towards the sky at the hope of seeing it just before it disappeared. With the flame in her hand gone now she probed the sky, the oxen still at war behind her. She sensed it was gone for good but couldn't help to sniff the air hoping to find any lingering traces.

Pollen, berries, dew and ofcourse the animals were all that she could smell. Yet again something in her life had transpired in the blink of an eye. Only this time the sky was clear with the light of day and her kin weren't being slaughtered. The plant life wasn't stained with blood and she wasn't huddled under a tree frightened for her life. It was somewhat amusing to her but she found herself wanting to find this light, to reveal what it was and what kind of secrets it was holding from her.