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located in Finite Realm, a part of The Order of the Seven Seals, one of the many universes on RPG.

Finite Realm

This is the universe as we know it, bound by limits and rules that weren't meant to be broken. But that isn't to say they're not.


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Character Portrait: Azael Character Portrait: Auroriianos
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Hall of Silence

The Elders were left shaken in the wake of Idros; Erobus especially daunted by his presence. There was a great sense of worry and concern in the old man’s eyes as he sat, tugging on his long white beard. Just as distraught as Erobus, the remaining three Elders only gravely looked to one another, seeking answers to questions they were all too afraid to ask. “Find them.” Erobus croaked, rising up from the table hunched over, his features contorted as the room quickly went dark around him.

“The Archites are out there, right now, and we have not a moment to spare. There are a great and many unfortunate things in our future, and they may be all that stand in the way.” The hall echoing with the sound of Erobus’s staff clinking off the floor below, Elder Nicolai, always the first to retaliate, abruptly lashed out in frustration. “And how do you suppose we do that? Even our reach has its limits old man.”

Closing his eyes, Erobus swiftly succumbed to meditation, whispering incantations under his breath and losing himself in the process. An eerie silence followed before Erobus finally collapsed, breaking the trance. Elder Arteimos and Shialla both rushing to his side, Erobus desperately clung to them, struggling to find the right words. “Lalia… Diana… Ahulaani, Biasinge… Xi.” Gazing at Arteimos, “Auroiianos… Azael. Scour the seven worlds if you must, but bring them to me!”


On the Planet Atrulyn, Inside the Capitol City of Ridic

You could hear the sound of the dragons roar triumphing over the grandeur of the City of Ridic, the crown jewel of the Empyrean Empire. Tucked in the heart of the Cirid Mountains and surrounded by lush green rolling hills and dark blue waters, there was a serene and almost soothing silence about Ridic unlike the likes you’d find anywhere else. There were no crowded streets or any of the usual hustle and bustle found in most other cities; only peace, prosperity, and a calming air of security.

The Knights of Erais, the highest privileged order in all of Atrulyn, guarded every gate, and manned every corner and street in Ridic. They held the keys to every door, and embodied everything that was good and just about the Empyrean. Upholding order and justice, they protected the cultural heritage of Ridic, ensuring a strong sense of community amongst its citizens. Azael had strived his entire life to be like them and only now did he finally realize that destiny had bigger plans in store.

Standing on a bridge overlooking the city and watching the rush of water that cascaded over the rocks into the river below, he sighed in reluctance as he looked over at Auroiianos. “Only now do I see how short life is. But a memory that lasts no longer than the length of a breath. This is the moment that will define the rest of our lives.” Pausing, “what do we do now?” Azael only wished he knew what he was meant to do. There were seven of them out there, humanities last shining star of hope.

"I get it," Auroriianos stated with a sigh, "it is so hard to find a place to start, and then it’s even harder to get on the right track. My goal of becoming the greatest is something that will require consistency," Auroriianos stated before a messenger walked up to them, Auroriianos giving the man a nasty look. He knew this messenger, someone his father had close associations with.

“Sir Azael, Lord Auroiianos. I am here on behalf of Headmaster Erobus who has ordered your immediate presence. If you would accompany me…” An envoy, sent by The Order. Did they already know? Could it be possible that Erobus had already uncovered the identities of all the Archites? It hardly came as a surprise considering he was by far the most powerful Magi alive; his knowledge of the arcane arts eclipsing that of any known to come before him. “What is this concerning, messenger?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know sir. But I was told to inform you that it was urgent.” Before Azael could say another word, Auroiianos quickly cut in. "Then what use are you messenger? Inform them of our imminent arrival.” There were secret tunnels hidden underneath the bridge, amidst the rocks and behind the waterfall. The only way to get there was to fly, and even then, you’d find yourself in a long dark corridor that stretched on for miles, full of dead ends and little to no chance of escape for those who didn’t already know their way.

That was where the Spirtual Barrier on Atrulyn rested. Diving off the bridge and extending his wings, he stopped just above the surface of the river, his wings beating against the water and causing it to ripple. “I’ll see you on the other side, Auro.” Bending the space around him to form a small barrier to keep him from getting wet, he thrust himself headfirst into the rushing torrent, reemerging on the other side unscathed.

The darkness was unsettling at best to Azael, as was the long walk to his destination. It was too narrow to fly in the cavern, and powerful incantations had been cast to null most magic. Normally this would discourage any who happened across the caves, warding off the faint of heart. There had to be silence as Azael paced, counting each of his steps very particularly. After long there was a light that could just barely be made out resonating up ahead.

In an enormous chamber, the Spirtual Barrier appeared as a large cluster of lights, small specks that floated freely around the room. Many might dismiss such as being insignificant, but Azael knew this was the birthplace of creation. Inside the cluster was a revolving vortex, and for those who could harness it, a portal that connected the seven worlds. The Order specifically had found further use of its mysteries though, a bridge between the worlds and to the Hall of Silence.

Nobody knew the actual location to the Hall of Silence, only that it was a part of a separate dimension in space that had been created sometime during the reign of the original Archites. As Azael stepped into the spiraling flow of raw energy, he disappeared, his body quickly pulled through space at speeds faster than that of light. By the time he could blink, he’d already been standing in the Hall of Silence, and it didn’t take long for other members of The Order to begin gathering around him.

“Sir Azael! Elder Arteimos has asked for you to meet him in his chambers.” Another petty messenger. One thing with The Order was that there was always middle men doing the Elders work for them. “He has asked that you also bring along Auroiianos.” Funny that the messenger wasn’t given any further instruction in concerns towards Auroiianos being Arteimos’s son. The relationship between a father and his son was truly a confusing one.