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located in Earth, a part of A Gift or a Curse?, one of the many universes on RPG.




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(Tagged Carrie to see if we can lure Children back. If I dont hear anything soon....meh, I will figure something out. Probably will involve duct tape and foam swords)(added a bit extra just for the fun of it)

Max couldn't really tell from Juni's face, but he had a feeling they were probably curious about what happened. Or maybe that was just him wanting to explain things again so they realized he wasn't even guilty of what he was falsely charged with. But, he would rather not do that in earshot of Ary and risk getting him angrier. Or at least, he thought Ary was still angry. He wasnt going to risk finding out.

"We could order a pizza!" Max suggested. "Then no one has to bother cooking! Of course, I could just charm the kitchen appliances to cook for us whenever no one was around. That would be a lot easier".

He doubted that he would get them to agree to that any time soon. His parents never budged on the topic. Something about "the smell of cooking when its done by a person". Whatever that meant. He put his hand back on his pocket, but he felt something missing. He quickly grabbed everything out of the pocket, and went through each item to see if he was right. He knew he had it earlier today. It was his grandfather's coin. Apparently, his grandfather had been working on a powerful charm on the coin right before he died, and Max had been trying to figure out what it was.

And now, it had just randomly disappeared from his pocket. And he knew exactly who was responsible.


The cop flipped the strange coin in the air. It had all sorts of weird symbols on it. Maybe he could somehow convince anyone that kid had gone insane, if he had more occult items like this. He flipped it again, and he swear he thought he saw a flash of light emanate from it. He disregarded it, and put the coin in his pocket. He thought he saw it glow again, but he figured it was just him stressing out over that kid.

He would need to get revenge on that kid for the meddling he was doing. He didn't care how.