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located in California, a part of Summer of Change, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Before Alexandra could respond, Jack slipped past her and headed back to his room. He tossed the dime bag onto his bed and pulled off his t-shirt, dropping it onto the floor as he glanced at his reflection in the mirror. Not too bad, he thought as he flexed, admiring the results of his daily workouts. He turned to his closet, considering putting on a wet suit and going surfing before his door opened and Sarah walked in.

It was obvious very unusual, especially considering their exchange earlier that morning, but as soon as she opened her mouth, it was clear on why she came to him. She wanted alcohol but there was no way he'd get her whiskey.

"Surprise, surprise. Sober Sarah wants the only guy in this house whose cool enough to buy her alcohol to do her a favor," he said, turning to face her with a smirk. "There's no way that I'm getting nailed for buying you whiskey. That shit will fuck you up and since you're an alcohol virgin, you're not gonna even like whiskey. What about beer or those bitch drinks like Mike's Hard or Smirnoff Ice?" He asked, glancing down at his phone and scrolling through his Twitter feed for a moment before glancing back up at her. "If you're set on hard liquor, you can ask Ella if she'll share this with you," he said, rummaging through the back of his closet for a moment before appearing with a pink bottle of raspberry Svedka vodka. Supposedly Ella had seen it at one of the parties she had attended a few weeks earlier and thought it was "pretty", so she had to have it for the summer. Jack had agreed to buy it for her after having a particularly bad argument with his father about how he had to "get his life together" and "be more like Jason". He didn't want Ella to get drunk enough to hurt herself, only to a point where she'd be a problem for Jason.

Jack wasn't sure if he shouldn't have mentioned that he had been buying alcohol for Ella to Sarah, but he knew that she didn't get along well with Lyla, so she probably wouldn't mention it to her. Although Lyla also drank underage, Jack knew that she didn't approve of Ella following in her footsteps so he played dumb whenever Lyla talked about Ella getting alcohol for the parties that she and her friends went to. "Don't mention this to Lyla," he said, grabbing a sweatshirt from his closet and wrapping it around the bottle and handing it to Sarah, knowing that it would be a good enough cover up to transport the bottle a few feet away to her own room, in the unlikely chance that she would run into Alexandra or Jason. "Save some of it for Saturday, though. We're hosting... a few people... for 4th of July, but keep that on the down low."

He could hear Will shouting about the nannies being there and grinned when his younger brother described them as being hot. "Well, that's my cue," he said as he headed towards the door. "By the way, tell your make out partner that he can take his pot back," he said, tilting his head towards where it lay on his bed before passing Sarah and going downstairs.

Will was right, the two girls that were standing in front of him surely were hot. It didn't surprise Jack that Jason was already there, ready to show off and act like he was the head of the house. "I'm Jack," he said, flashing them a smile before Ella piped up about wanting to go swimming. Madison offered to take her once she met the rest of the kids, and although Jack wouldn't be the one to object to seeing her in a bikini, he turned to Ella and said, "I think Sarah wanted to ask you about something she wanted to borrow from you. Clothes or something. She's upstairs." He figured that it would be better to let Sarah portion out Ella's part of the vodka now, when Jason was busy assisting the nannies, than to try to do it later once everything calmed down. He just hoped that Ella would go along with it.