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located in Finite Realm, a part of The Order of the Seven Seals, one of the many universes on RPG.

Finite Realm

This is the universe as we know it, bound by limits and rules that weren't meant to be broken. But that isn't to say they're not.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Azael Character Portrait: Xi Character Portrait: Mystra Ahulaani Character Portrait: Auroriianos
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Xi had been focusing on Azael, not knowing or caring who he really was. All he knew was that the winged people brought only horror's to Vianthorus, he had never really bothered to get close to any of them. The ancient carvings of the dead swarms show of reason-less attacks on their trees by the winged people, with only extermination in mind. What the wrenn didn't know was just how much the winged people changed.

As Xi had been holding his stance, many had been walking around. Most went ignored, but Xi kept track of those who moved around his sides and close to him in any direction. He had even managed to ignore the sharp, unpleasant sound that Mystra made.

During his focus, Xi noted a messenger talking to the winged man, and the man who came in with the winged man. They didn't seem to be dangerous to Xi specifically, but they worked with the winged man, so they could easily have been predators or prey. Then the man with the winged man told the messenger something that Xi couldn't decipher over the sounds of the hall. That was when the messenger began to move towards Xi, who just kept staring.

As he got closer, Xi held his stance, not loosening a single muscle. The messenger kept getting closer, becoming more and more of a possible threat. When he had gotten within a few feet, Xi let out a distinct sound. A deep sound. A sound that he used his whole body to insure how deep it was. A sound that could be felt within a small area around the wrenn. Their form of a territorial announcement.

The messenger, not expecting it what-so-ever, fell onto his back after a short stumbling in reverse. After a moment to compile himself, he stood up again, taking a moment to thing. It was obvious that Xi didn't want to budge, but the messenger didn't know why. Why would he have taken to cornering himself and drawing blade in the Hall of Silence? What purpose could it serve? Was it just some animistic reaction that kept some people doubting how much wrenn weren't beasts?

Deciding that the only way to calm the wrenn down was to get close, the messenger started nearing Xi once again. This time, however, he approached slightly off from center, closer to the shield that Xi was holding. It would give him more time to react if the wrenn decided to attack, and would hopefully be taken as a sign that he is not trying to attack.

Xi on the other hand, kept his eyes on Azael, but still followed the vibrations from the messenger. He knew exactly where the man was, and where he was going. Taking another step back, Xi's tail touched the was. He was now truly in the corner. He was fearful, and, because of fear, slightly aggressive. This man that was approaching him was unarmed, as far as Xi could tell. He knew what the man was sent to do, calm him down. Still, he was standing his ground.

The messenger reached Xi without getting attacked. That was good. He then stood for a second, wondering how he would calm down the wrenn. "What's wrong?" The messenger asked, getting no response. He then followed Xi's gaze, seeing Azael. Something about him must have set Xi off. The messenger looked at the wrenn, saying "You better get used to him. I have a feeling you will be working with him for a while." This got a reaction.

Xi came to when the messenger said "Get used to him." Something about that phrase shot through Xi's mind like an arrow through the sky. He slowly loosened. The winged man had yet to attack, or even pay attention, to Xi. Slowly he sheathed his sword, his gaze still fixed on Azael. The messenger then spoke again, this time saying "The elders wish for your presence."