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Snippet #2544149

located in Trinity, a part of The Tale of Three Worlds- Before the Storm, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Dravon Morsano Character Portrait: Keyra Character Portrait: Elruin Halfin Character Portrait: Sevral Character Portrait: Enuren
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Dravon sighed a breath of relief as he heard a set of voices come back from around him, the others were still alive and he intended to keep it that way. Even though the fallen machine crashed into its landing with a tremendous force, he was unsure if the impact had truly killed the creature that stood before them.

He looked up to see several figures casting their gaze down on him and the others, someone was looking down from the hole left in the ceiling. "Ahoy.. is everyone alright down there?" A voice shot down at them and Dravon waved back, only to clench his side when a quick bolt of pain shot through. He had broken something inside of himself and it was taking him some time to pinpoint what exactly it was. Not to mention the tension of pain in his arm and shoulder were still mounting, but he forced himself to stand.

"We need a way out, get a crew to bring us up.. and make it quick. We have injured down here.." A hiss of pain left his lips as he realized that he could not properly stand with the pain in his side still growing.

Only a moment was allowed to pass before the air became very still, so still in fact someone could hear the air of the tunnels move overhead and once again a tense feeling ran up Dravon's spine. This came not long before something slammed into his back and sent him careening towards the rear wall, landing with a thud and rushing all the air from his lungs.

Catching his breath he looked back and noticed the creature, once again taking to its feet. Its body was horribly mangled from the abuse of the last few minutes and he could see the crystal eye now exposed once again, as half its body began to pull itself back together.

It was indeed in a more terrible state now as well, the outside casing of the eye was cracked and disturbed. Small vents of the same yellow glow could be seen spewing from within the orbs contents and its body worked to cover the apparent weakness back up.

He reached back and took hold of the scythe once again, hoping to catch the monster in a moment of lapse. Only to be caught off guard as the creature sprawled too its forearms and rushed the small group. Tendrils of dark mass spewed from its wrecked form and it flung them about with reckless abandon, snatching up all it could manage. Keyra, Sevral and Dravon were the ones to feel its grip, while the others were swatted away with an intense attempted of effort on the creatures part and it held the three aloft before its gaping chest.

"I will not be denied my return.. your strength and that of your companions will aid me in my revenge.." A long thin tendril sprung from the intact side of its chest as Dravon struggled with the encasing appendages around his neck and leg. Just to see the tendrils tip grow long and flat, like that of a blade and then start to glow with the red hot light of a forge.

It donned on him then, that this was its method of taking power and making pawns. It planned to take his life along with his strength and in return leave this thing that would make his body nothing more then a wretched husk. He had to act or his fate that that of his companions would be shared with the rest of Creeds in light of future events.

He could feel the heat of the impending blade and event though what would come of his actions, he was forced to act. Dravon's body tensed and then so did the creatures, his body began to pulse that same pale color of sapphire blue as his body arched a large streak of electricity to the floor. Then the others felt the quick pulse of Dravon's actions as the monster did, a vastly repeating charge of electrical current being fed directly into the creatures form.

The pulsing intensified for several short moments until Dravon saw his chance, in the form of the creature tensing up and dropping Keyra and Sevral both. He drew up both his arms and lined them up with the creatures chest as it held him aloft twitching with each passing second. It drew back with the red hot tendril just in time to meet with Dravon's attack. A sharp focused streak of white hot lightning, arching from between his arms and emitting from his chest.

What came next was nearly too fast to register, the blast of light tore through its body and showered the area behind in molten embers and shattered refuse, followed by a deafening blast. More or less sounding like a massive powder keg had been set off in the presence of the others. The eye was struck in the process and as the creature released Keyra and Several, Making Dravon the last of the group to fall from its clutches.

No one is entirely sure what happened next, but as its body fell too the floor and Dravon followed. A massive burst of energy erupted from its form as the eye finally shattered.

What came then was silence, for everyone.
No one could tell now what was going on, the quiet of being out and alone seemed to draw on forever. However all is not gone, there exist now before view a vast throne room. Covered in dark metals and golden leaf flaking all around. Maybe it was Dravon who was first to notice that this was no longer the waking world, though no one could really hear the world or see beyond what was before them. He could however sense their presence somehow and new that they were close and most likely witnessing what he was seeing as well.

In the middle of the throne room sat a large daunting figure, regal and adorned with dark black leather. It was a man of advanced years but sized to colossal proportions. He sat on the throne with a strange air of contempt about him, before his eyes shot up and looked at the group. "You may have beaten me.. but that was only one conduit into this world.. you may be able to slow my return, but defeating me is beyond you." It was then that Dravon noticed this was the creature before and that its resemblance too the crystalline features were struck true. Above his head floated the same form of crown however this one was not dull or tarnished from age.

The world began to grow dark as he could see the same black liquid from before emanate from the base of the throne and begin to crawl up the crowned lord, entrapping his body as he barely attempted to fight back against its advances."Death to all that serve the foul queen.." Were the last things spoken by him, before all light and existence faded from that place and Dravon awoke.

His body ached still, but his wounds were tended and wrapped. He sat now in a bed somewhere above ground, evident by the sign on sunlight coming from a window across the room. Too his surprise Sevral and Elruin were here as well, laying in their own beds. He sits up to feel that his clothes had been changed and now he wears white linen clothes worn by those in the care of healers.

He thinks too himself that they must be in a ward of some kind on Creeds and he sits up, sliding his feet off the bed. "Elruin.. Sevral.. wake up." He tries to right himself, only to feel the heavy pain in his side and finds his left arm in a sling.

* * * *

Meanwhile Enuren and Keyra are being cared for across the hall in this strange building, in their own room. A woman in a white nurses attire tends Keyra's wing as she sleeps and Enuren's face is being washed. These woman are covered from head to waist in a dense white smock that prevents them from being identified easily. But they still tend too their duties rather delicately.