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located in Our World, a part of Crowns, Empires and Swords, one of the many universes on RPG.

Our World



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Character Portrait: Captian Robyn Sheva of The Harbinger Character Portrait: Amelia Targaryen Character Portrait: Jon Stark Character Portrait: Robb Stark
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Dusk turned to night and as the moon stood it's vigil over The North a king and queen walked the halls of New Castle. Jon walked with purpose, the good fortune of Robb's return with Robyn Sheva inspired him. He was going to discuss with Roth tonight the taking of Winterfell. He felt the time had come. They had been raiding and liberating small settlements, villages and slave camps for weeks now and haven't lost a battle yet. With their strong momentum and superior numbers they should be able to free Winterfell from the yolk of Wanhopes rule easily. Jon yearned for that castle, to see it's old grey stone and squat but homey towers. The way the walls seemed to radiate heat during frigid nights due to the hot spring water running through the structure like veins carrying blood through a body. The way the gods wood seemed to whisper to you on quiet mornings. Jon wanted to smell meals cooking in the kitchens again, and hear laughter as children played. He wanted home.

Amelia's hand reached out and took his as he walked and Jon smiled. As long as he had her, he'd always be home he thought. He kissed her softly before they turned the corner and nearly walked into one of the maesters that had been sent to tend to Robyn Sheva.

"Maester Karlon? How is the captain?"

Jon asked in concern. The old maester bowed his head, looking weary after his long hours of work.

"She is stable, now. She had a hard rode ahead of her and I, in earnest, was not certain she would survive the journey but she pulled through the worst of it. That woman is strong."

"Yes, she is."

Amelia said proudly. She remembered well the powerful, pirate captain aboard the Harbinger battling it out during the storm to bring them into safe harbor. She weathered that storm and she weathered this one. Amelia made a mental note to say a prayer to the Mother, Maiden and the Warrior in thanks later.

The maester took his leave and left Jon and Amelia alone in the long hall.

"Amelia, Roth and the other lords should be assembling in the hall for supper. Would you attend them? I want to see how the captain is fairing."

Amelia looked a tad taken aback by the request, even a little uncertain which was rare for her.

"Jon, I'm a foreigner. I'm not sure I-"

She began before Jon cut her off, taking her hands in his.

"You're their queen, or soon enough you will be."

Amelia looked into those deep, black eyes of the man who'd won her heart and a smile crept across her face.


Jon kissed her and bid his farewell before heading off to visit Captain Sheva leaving Amelia Targaryen to address the court of The North.


Robb was at her bedside, still in his armor, still with caked on mud from the road and blood from the Dread Fort. He hadn't taken the time to change, he hadn't wanted to leave Robyn for that long. She was sleeping soundly now. She so rarely slept. She thought he never noticed but he did. She rested, she closed her eyes and let her mind slow but she rarely slept. Too on edge, to defensive. That was one of the many reasons that night they spent together in the hot springs was so special to Robb. She had given herself to him wholly. She had surrendered and allowed herself to be completely vulnerable because she knew he was there. It was the greatest gift he had ever received.

There was a soft knock at the door and Robb rose, expecting to see one of the maesters or even Clara. Instead it was Jon standing in the hall looking concerned for the both of them.

"How is she?"

Jon asked.


Robb replied before he turned to head back into the room. He reclaimed his seat at her side and Jon took up a chair beside him.

"Maester Karlon says she's through the worst of it."

Jon offered. Robb just nodded, not saying a word. He was still upset with Jon as he was with the rest of the damned court and her so called friends who abandoned her. Jon picked up on the tension and looked at the cousin he saw as a brother.

"I thought I was the brooding one."

He said, only half joking. Robb growled under his breath.

"I'm not brooding."

"No? What do you call it? Pouting?"

Robb turned to glare at Jon who stared back at his cousin, unafraid of his wrath.

"You thought she was dead. You all did."

Jon nodded.

"Aye, I did. I had every reason to believe that. You yourself found a body, charred beyond recognition, covered in her coat. What was I supposed to think?"

Jon shot back at Robb, not about to be made to feel guilty for merely believing what the facts before him told him.

"You've known her longer than I have. You really think a couple of Khalidorian spell throwers could kill Captain Robyn Sheva?"

Robb snarled bitterly. Jon's face grew dark with loss and anger.

"I don't know Robb... They killed both my parents and my sister and my brothers. What do you think? Do you think they could take something from you that you love? Do you think they could do the one thing you thought could never happen?"

Robb's anger met Jon's loss and in that moment, anger blinked first. Robb turned away, ashamed of himself and his thinking that Jon didn't understand. If anyone knew just what Khalidor was capable of it was Jon. He was right. He did have every reason to believe she was dead. No one else had the connection to her he did. No one felt about Robyn the way Robb did. It shouldn't have been a surprise that when the evidence, when the facts, when the whole damned world told him she was gone that he stood alone knowing the truth.

"Sorry Jon...

Robb said leaning forward, tiredly. Jon chuckled and leaned forward as well.

"It's fine, lets just not start hugging alright?"

Jon joked and Robb, even in his mood, couldn't help but snicker.

"You look like shit by the way."

Jon added and Robb broke out into laughter.