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located in Our World, a part of Crowns, Empires and Swords, one of the many universes on RPG.

Our World



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Character Portrait: Captian Robyn Sheva of The Harbinger Character Portrait: Queen Tenanye Ananse Character Portrait: Amelia Targaryen Character Portrait: Jon Stark Character Portrait: Clara 'Scarlet'  Stark Character Portrait: Roth Ursuul Character Portrait: Robb Stark Character Portrait: Arya Stark
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"Sitting a vast field of green, Robyn looked out into the distance watching the sea that seemed just out of her reach. "You should go now?" called a small voice from behind her, she turned to see a dark skinned, curly haired girl standing there, looking down at her "You really should." she said factually. "I know, I've been trying." Robyn said. " Not hard enough." She said plainly. Robyn sighed. "Why not?" said the girl. "I don't know." She said. " Yes, you do. Why haven't you gone yet?" the girl asked.
Robyn sighed.
"I am afraid."
"'Of What?"
"Because I love him"
"Why are you afraid to?"
"Because I don't know how..."
The girl then took a seat beside her and gave a rye smile. "You're afraid to love...Really?"
"You know I don't remember asking your opinion..."

"Mine is the only opinion that matters...mine and....his." She said and it was then that Robb's smile flash across her thoughts. That wolfish grin that warmed her blood and calmed her spirit all at once. Gods she loved him but she was afraid, She wasn't a normal woman, she wasn't taught how to do any of this, how to give her heart away, and even though she did, she didn't know how to get him to keep it. She's always been a fleeting thing, a novelty, she was afraid that one day, the novelty will wear off and then what.
"You won't know until you try." said the girl.
"I don't like to fail."
"Then don't...You didn't fail me."
"I failed you worst of all."
"No you haven't, Remember what you wanted to be."
"You've found it, now all you have to do is go."
"How can you be so sure...?"
"Because he's waiting for you." The girl then stood up and starting walking off.
"You haven't failed me yet..." She said and Robyn watched her before looking out at the sea again. Finally, she stood up and started walking toward the water, before long she stood at the edge, where a large cliff stood, towering over the water below.
When the seas grow rough, come to me, I am your harbor."

Robyn took a breath and closed her eyes, and let herself fall.
"I'm coming..."

With a loud gasp, Robyn's eyes opened and she sprang to a sitting position, her head swam and she could barely breath but she calmed when her eyes locked with his. She had no words but her eyes said it all.

Clara sat at the dining table with the rest of her family, Roth, Queen Tenanye, Queen Amelia and Da'Karro, yet her mind went to Robyn and Robb and subsequently, Casey. He wasn't at dinner and she hadn't seen him since they arrived. Her eyes flickered to Queen Tenanye, as suddenly, she seemed to have a hard time breathing. She stood up sharply. " Sumimasen." She said quickly before exiting the room, Clara stood up and nodded to Jon, letting him know she was leaving after her.

"Milday?" Clara asked after catching up with her. "Casey's gone." She said breathing heavily. "How do you know?"

"I felt it, He moved so quickly." She said holding her chest and Clara frowned sadly. " Why would he leave, the Captian's back..."
"That's exactly why..." Tenanye said and took a deep breath, finally calming down. Clara frowned and shook her head. "Well, Let's finish dinner, we'll figure something out afterwards." She said and Tenanye nodded. She had to get it together, yes, her progeny left suddenly, breaking their connection like severing a tightly pulled rope, but she had to keep her composure, soon the King of Drake would be arriving and she couldn't be distracted by this. She and Clara reentered the dining hall and took their respective seats, she nodded a small apology and got to her dinner.