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located in The Kingdom of Valexia, a part of Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Kingdom of Valexia

The sights and sounds of bustling Valexia are enough to overload one's senses.


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Character Portrait: Mariette Renard
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The sacred Mirror of Akyel. For eons it has served as a silent reminder of the will to live that dwells inside every creature. A holy relic that tantalizes the inhabitants of Ter'Ciel with tales of salvation, of a world without pain, without bloodshed. A selfish world where only those whom are judged worthy of life on the planet shall prosper. But this world has no such judge. There is no being that dictates which souls are granted salvation and which are not. And thus, as the mirror once helped rid Ter'Ciel of an unspeakable poison, it has now become a poison itself. A pawn in an arrogant game where humans play for keeps. This is the world of Ter'Ciel.

This is the world we live in.

Mariette Renard

Just as it had done since Ter'Ciel's first day, sweeping across mountains and rivers and forests, the sun was begining to bathe Harlemont in radiant shades of gold. Slowly but surely the noble rays made their way across cobbled streets, up stone walls, and over vast rooftops. Finally, the sun's light reached the tower, lighting it up like a torch set against the pastel sky.

The Temple of Akyel. Nestled into the side of a great hill, it loomed over the city, unmoving and silent. Commanding yet humble. There, residing in its sacred halls since Lahara, handmaiden to the hero Akyel, enshrined it within, the sacred mirror lay. A testament to the great deeds of legend.

Stretching high above the holy city, the tower appeared silent. Beautiful even. Ancient architecture stood steadfast, patrolled by stone gargoyles. Inside, marble floors still shined despite the unstoppable passage of time. Ancient tapestries hung on walls that, if able to speak, would whisper of rich tradition. With large, cathedral-style windows, polished woodwork, and religious paraphenalia placed throughout, it would appear that nothing was amiss. But as the sun continued its trek across the morning sky, its light crept upon and illuminated the altar. The empty altar.

Such a beautiful sunrise...

Mariette could not bear witness to the morning's ritual today. She could not, as she had so many times before, watch the day break while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of citrus tea. It was always the perfect way for her to clear her mind. But the girl's mind was anything but clear right now.

Wiping away the first sign of a tear, the young lady steeled herself. Feet planted firmly on the cobblestone, she willed them to move. One step. And another. And another. Soon she was moving, her footsteps being met by those of the crowds beginning to form around her. Another day had come for the kingdom of Valexia and soon the Iron City, as some would call it, was bustling with life. Venders opened their stalls, housewives began their chores, the Knights began their patrols.

'Oh, God. The Knights...!'

Would they find her? Had word already reached this far? As much as she dreaded to think it, it was likely that most of Caldaria had become privy to what had happened. It had been a week after all...

Mariette's trembling fingers tightened around her satchel. She had to move. She had to get as far away from Harlemont as possible, and although she was miles away already, the walls of Valexia did little to put her at ease. And again she assured herself...

'You're fine. Everything is fine. This isn't wrong. They're the ones who are wrong! Nobody knows it was me who' -

"Hey! Move it!"

Mariette was jolted from her thoughts by a gruff voice. Whipping around, she came face to face with a large, black horse.


Instinctively she cried out, shielding her face and stepping backward. The poor, startled creature bucked, standing on its hind legs as the cart it had been pulling overturned. With a soul-crushing racket, fruit spilled out into the street like blood from a fresh wound. As Mariette felt hundreds of eyes upon her, her face grew hot.

"Ahh...I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Awkwardly stuck between the instinct to help and the want to flee, the girl hesitated for a moment longer before turning and running down a nearby alleyway. The winding paths led her down a few stone steps, around a corner, up a few more steps, and through a courtyard before she finally stopped to get her bearings.

This city was so huge! Of course she knew that already. Valexia was the largest city on the Caldarian continent. That was what prompted her decision to flee to here. Still, nothing could have prepared her for the sheer number of buildings and people of the Iron City. It was unlike Harlemont in nearly every sense of the word. And while it was certainly overwhelming, large places make for small targets...or so she figured.

Looking left and right, Mariette noticed what appeared to be steps leading down into a basement tavern. The old wooden sign outside the door seemed so out of place compared to the more modern, flashy sights of the main district. She guessed that even here in Valexia modernization didn't happen everywhere overnight.

The Rusty Timepiece.

A curious name for a tavern. Then again, Mariette had never really been to a tavern before. They were typically places where all sorts of people came to rest and socialize, right?

'I bet I could listen in and see if anyone's talking about what happened in Harlemont.'

It was as good an idea as any, she figured. And with that, the girl took a deep breath, held it, and pushed open the door.