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Snippet #2549291

located in Current Day in a way Fantasy Ghouls., a part of A Tokyo Ghoul Based Role play, one of the many universes on RPG.

Current Day in a way Fantasy Ghouls.



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Character Portrait: James Goldsworth
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Night time in the streets of [city name]. Two CCG agents could be seen wondering across the area, conversing about the reason they are in such a location...

"I don't get it, why would Gasmask be hanging around here? There isn't even many hidden places to hunt." One of the agents questioned, he seemed young and was obviously new,
"I don't know either. The informants said that some shady guy which closely matches Gasmask's person was walking around here... He may not be around now, but this could be a potential hunting ground for him. Since his travels are random and he usually hunts in high populated areas, it's possible that he's still around." The other, an older guy, replied.
"I wish he would just pop up. I wanna hurry up and kill the bastard, since he managed to kill several of my co-workers. Oh yeah, how does he fight?"
"Why are you asking me?"
"You're the only survivor after fighting him..."
"There are others who've survived idiot. You should've done your research..."

"Weeeeell~! Looky here~! I found a two doves hangin' around~." A strange, sanity-less voice appeared from behind the agents who quickly turned around to see who it was.
What they saw was a strange man crouching on top of a wall. He was wearing a grey and black suit-like armour and a black gas mask which covered the bottom half of his face. The grey hair contrasted with the bright red eyes of the ghoul, allowing them to seem like glowing.
"Gasmask!" The older CCG exclaimed, quickly opening his suitcase to wield a battleaxe quinque. Causing the younger CCG to fumble around with his own suitcase to wield a small single handed spear.
"Woa woa~!" Gasmask called out, holding his arms up as jumped down from the wall. "You always ge' all 'ostile n' shit over seein' me. Bit offending actually."
"What do you expect? You're a mass murderer." The older CCG replied, as he lowered his head to view Gasmask, but he wasn't there, "What!"
Suddenly, arms were placed over the two CCG's shoulders, pulling them close to the owner of the arms, Gasmask. "More like someone who excels in natural selection." He spoke out, "Why don't we be all, less 'ostile? Let's go ge' a coffee or somthin' and have a talk over i'."
"No," The younger CCG spoke through gritted teeth. His voice filled with anger as he struck his quinque towards Gasmask's chest. SNAP!
The CCG dropped to the ground, his head twisted backwards. "Well~. You guys really are annoyin'." Gasmask sighed, a bit annoyed. "I guess yer next."

A while later, Gasmask could be seen wondering through a single alleyway. Still wearing his gas mask while dragging the two CCG members. One's head was twisted around, the other one was mutilated beyond recognition. "I better finish these guys off, doves never taste good anyway..." He sighed to himself as he looked up towards the slowly rising sun, "Maybe I should pay a visit t' Cafe Tori. Maybe I could see the owner!" He smiled, giving off a little giggle, "I'd love t' see 'er again."