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Vincent Price

A faint rush of adrenaline rushed through Vincent's veins as the pieces of the chess board began moving once again. A few pieces seemed to be removed from game..unfortunately it seemed to be only temporary. Yet with 'evidence' as clearly demonstrated as this, it would be an extremely difficult trick to pull off and disprove such 'facts'. A smug smirk appeared on Vincent's face as he witnessed Satan shoot down Bavol's attempts of appeal for her beloved man-servant..bastard that he was. His plan was going swimmingly, his advantages stacking up around him. It was a very generous gift of Satan to allow Vincent to takeover the expedition to the Human world. His mind was nearly delusional with ideas of weaponry just begging to be unearthed by his hands and to give further punishment to Seve, who would be deemed his personal pack mule for the duration of the trip.

Her smirk turned into that a Cheshire-like smile as another of his little pawns strode in form of the dutiful Alvina who stated her purpose as well as the progress of her own personal projects within his Library. ~I had better check on Seve's poor hands when I return..would hate for those delicate hands to blister too much~ Vincent thought with amusement as Alvina stated she had made preparations for the continuous tracking of the traitors opposing Satan, such a dedicated pawn she was. Quirking an eyebrow up as Vincent watched his right-handed woman attempt to provoke the clearly distressed and fragile Princess of Air, before speaking up "Now, now Alvina let's not distress the Princess as I am sure her mind is already clouded with grief of her mistakes in choosing an treacherous knave for a bodyguard". Running a hand through his hair in a relaxed manner as his mood was quite jubilant given the circumstances.

Turning his attention to the unsettled Bavol as his voice purred "Yes, my dear I would truly listen to Satan and do remember who you will attempting to challenge". His voice began to drip with sarcasm "Now, I feel so horrible for leaving you so..unprotected without that traitor, I would be more than pleased to lend you dearest Alvina at least temporarily. As I am sure you know I truly hate having to get my hands dirty when it comes to simple reconnaissance in the Human world. " That was the charm of having one as useful as Alvina who carried out his whims with ease. Such a useful tool.

Turning his attention to Alvina with a sharp turn "You are to follow myself into the Human world in order to find the cause of the power surge. Now I would prefer for this operation to have a delicate handling..meaning avoid the humans at any cost. Do I make myself clear? As for our dear Princess of Air, you are to assist her when you are not assisting myself. If there are any changes in your orders, I will send you a message through Jackal". Bowing to the distressed Princess, his eyes shifted to Satan as he inquired "Is there anything else I can assist you with sir? I am sure we will able to effectively wipe out those that oppose your just rule..". Now if only Chikyuu were to stay in the dungeons out of his way.