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Snippet #2549921

located in Shermen House Bed & Breakfast, a part of The Wichita Falls Murders, one of the many universes on RPG.

Shermen House Bed & Breakfast

The drafty old house makes no attempts to hide its gloomy vibe and grim past. Still, the rooms are cheap and the short ribs are pretty good.


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Character Portrait: Miriam Shermen Character Portrait: Zachary Benett Character Portrait: Penny Sherman
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Miriam was just emerging from the kitchen, her hands laden down with dishes. She'd have to make two trips... Ah, but it was something to do at least, to keep her from having a nervous fit when those college students showed up.

"There's bacon, eggs, potatoes, and coffee or tea, as you like it." she said, mustering up a smile for the young peoples' benefit, though the plates were quite heavy, she hated the idea of looking inept in her own place of business.

The red-headed girl spoke up as Miriam was laying the plates, "My name is Penny, miss. Penny Sherman."

Miriam, who at the moment was rearranging the cream and sugar on the table, slowly raised her head to face the girl.

"Penny Sherman?" It could have been a coincidence, sure enough, after all it wasn't a very uncommon name, or anything like that. But the way Penny said it, pointedly and with meaning, suggested that Penny knew and wanted Miriam to know.

"My, my," Miriam said at last, not quite sure what else to say, "You'll forgive me, I hope, I supposed to know you?" She'd never met any younger members of the family. She knew that some of her younger brothers and sisters had had children, Willa being one of them of course...but she'd never bothered herself to know their names, and she'd never heard anything about them.