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Snippet #2550556

located in The Kingdom of Valexia, a part of Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Kingdom of Valexia

The sights and sounds of bustling Valexia are enough to overload one's senses.


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Character Portrait: Mariette Renard Character Portrait: Locke Taurin Character Portrait: Crixus Atani
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Mariette Renard

“Keep quiet and don’t make a scene and I’ll get you out of here alive. Just play along I’m here to help.”

The stranger’s words echoed in her ear. Eyes suddenly wide, Mariette could feel her skin turn to ice. Trembling fingers clutched even tighter around her satchel.

Before she could make sense of the situation, she felt the man’s grip on her arm. Firm but not overpowering. Leading her through the rowdy tavern patrons and to the back of the room, he brought the confused girl to an open table. He motioned for her to have a seat. Unsure of what to do, Mariette’s gaze shifted about the room. It appeared that most of the patrons were staring at her. Did she truly look that suspicious? Turning back toward the stranger before her, she chose her actions carefully. Hesitantly she sat down.

“I’m sorry, sir, but…” she leaned in and spoke slowly, “I’m afraid you are mistaken. I do not seem to know you. If you’ll please excuse me…”

She managed a polite, albeit uncomfortable smile. Now to just get out of this place.

’How foolish of me. Thinking I could remain inconspicuous among so many people.’

With that, Mariette pushed her chair back and began to stand up. It was then that the tavern erupted.

“I said move!” One of the large men in the tavern was yelling.

Turning around, the girl saw the source of the altercation. It was a man. A thin, rather sickly looking man dressed in black. Dark bangs hid most of his face from view but from his clumsy actions it was obvious he was intoxicated. Suddenly, one of the men pushed him, sending the drunk crashing into a table. The clatter of silverware and breaking glass sounded above the already noisy room.

’Wh-what the!?’

As if by some testosterone-laden domino effect, the entire tavern erupted into a brawl. Drinks and food went flying, spilling onto the floor and on the other patrons. Mariette watched in horror, backed up against the wall and mentally kicking herself for choosing a place called The Rusty Timepiece as her safe haven. Whipping her head back around to the mysterious stranger from earlier, she saw his eyes narrow. In one fluid motion he darted forward, grabbing her arm once more and moved. The girl let out a yelp that went unheard amidst the commotion. Swiftly, the stranger crept around the far side of the scuffle toward the door.

’He’s getting me out of here?’

She didn’t know why, nor did she know where they were going, but at this point, Mariette decided anywhere was better than The Rusty Timepiece. Unseen, they managed to exit the tavern. The stranger paused for a moment, not letting up on the firm grip on her arm, before choosing a direction and running for it.

Mariette cast one final glance behind her and saw the black clad man being struck over the head by someone. His body went limp and fell in the street.

“H-hey! That man!” She called out instinctively. The stranger did not seem to care, however, as his grip merely tightened and his pace quickened down the dark alleyways of Valexia.